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About around the time SC2 came out a year ago, i found this very interesting series about the protoss. It revolved around this now-shamed high templar who refused to archon warp with a dark templar to save his people, and thus all his people fell to the zerg. He himself became a zerg and is now telling you the story of his shame. It had something to do with four chief high templar, each one corresponding to a cardinal direction, and one of them decided to separate from the union for some purpose...? I'm not really sure it's been a while.
Anyway, I kind of forgot about the series after I was only a couple of episodes in and since then i've been completely unable to find it. If any of you in this great community have any idea of what i'm talking about and hopefully know the name of the series, I would greatly appreciate some direction.
What was it: book series, internet video series?

Sorry, never heard about what you're talking about.
it was called something like the lost templar archives

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