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Life of a scv

Day one: I walked out of the command center today and was instantly told to mine. My first time on the job and I didn’t know what to do. So I poked the blue shards shooting out of the ground. Finally a piece fell from it and hit the ground with a thud. I picked it up and gave it to the people at the command center. I kept doing this until night time.

Day two: Well, the guy next to me was told to go and scout. Poor guy I know he died because he didn’t return and we got bigger meals. I was told to build a command center near yellow shards. When I was done I mined there. It was easier to poke off and lighter to carry back so I’m glad I was put here.

Day three: The main base was attacked. The defenses held but three scv’s, 5 marines, and 2 marauders were killed. Our army is still strong though.

Day four: We attacked today I’d say it was a tie. All that’s left of our army’s are all the scv’s and the buildings and we have 2 marines with red hp. So we need to build fast.

Day five: I didn’t know what we were up against until I saw a probe scouting. Now they know of our second base! I was ordered to kill it. Unfortunately I don’t have weapons. So I jabbed at it with my drill. And I felt something but I didn’t touch it at all!
So I did it a lot and eventually I hit it. It finally was destroyed but a dark blue circle appeared and all scv’s were ordered to attack it. I sure wasn’t the first to hit it because I thought it would have sucked me in. We finally destroyed it. But it was a crystal by the time we were done. Then an alien, with two blades that appeared to be made of energy, stabbed the guy in front of me. We all had to attack him. And again all of our hits were stopped before we could hit him. Finally we got to him and he was dead and we kept on mining.

Day six: we are going on an attack. I was ordered to follow this Thor and repair him in the middle of combat! When we got there they expected us or something. Our surprise attack wasn’t so surprising. And a big alien tank was charging to shoot me and it teleported in front of me. It shot and everything went black and I plopped in the middle of a mineral field and my suit told me congratulations your training is complete.

Is this training two?
Day 7: Back to mining again.

Day 8: No, I didn't mean to drop it, I'll pick it up right no-

Day 9: My head really hurts. Why is there a ship thingy hitting me with a green light?

Day 10: You know what? No! I'm not attacking that giant monster with the blades! Hey, hey, put the gun down, dude, I was only jok-

Day 11: The SCV you are looking for is dead. I'm his twin brother, George.

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