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(not a Letter)
[Private FC Becender Cont.]

After being in the waiting room for about 3 hours, one of the doctors came and told me of Marcus's Situation.

Doctor: We've done some procedures, and have concluded that he is likely to survive. We just to do a heart transplant and in a few weeks, He'll be able to go about his normal life, although it might be at least 3 months before he can return to military duties.
Me: That's great!
Doctor: Although, I have been examining the blade you gave me, and the results...
Me:...are what?
Doctor: I've done some research, and there was a file that a professer had made, concerning a top secret ghost expirementation where they were put through even more rigorous training and after some implants and injections, were new and imporved ghosts called 'spectres'. this seems to be a type of knife that they used, called a butterfly knife, God knows why...
Me: well, thanks for the information. I think I'll stay for a few more hours, then I'll be on my way.
Doctor: of course. I shall return to my normal duties, which as of now is helping your comrade. *begins to walk away, then turns around* oh, here's the knife back.
Me: thanks.
Doctor: Well, I will be off now...

As the Doctor walks away, I sit down and start pondering as to how my buddy Marcus would be hunted by an elite ghost operative, and I begin to suspect someone is watching me...
Me2: Alright 3 and 4 we need to kill this 'spectre' to avenge His holiness DoomerX
Me4: Yes. The great and mighty DoomerX must be avenged!

Me2: Alright what message should i send him?
Me4: Remind the enemy that he is both a fggt and a dckweed.
Me3: And that we will pwn his nub%#%azz! HEIL DOOMER!
Me:2 Is that supposed to lower his morale?
Me4: It mostly just pisses him off.

Me2: Right, now we will go kill the murder of the great satan!
Me4: Thats an insult...
I just had sex with the banshee pilot. Turns out she's not a ghost. Or she would have killed me. Or am I already dead?!
*Pht, pht, pht*

Huh. Never had to kill clones before. I think one of them was a little unstable.

Becender, if it feels like you're being watched, don't worry. I'm a little busy now. Of course, I won't say where.

*stares up at the stars in contemplation, a remote detonator in one hand*

Hmm. She's not too fond of New Folsem, too warm for her liking. Joey Ray's isn't a bad idea.

*Twirls hydralisk-fang handled dagger*

Yeah, not bad at all...

...I'm almost happy for you Spectre, but there is still the matter of Shadow....*is in a small armory of a friend oh hers*....I'm still pissed off ......and planning...what would go better with a sniperrifle? A shredder launcher? A shotgun attachment? Oooo, here....*picks up a bayonet* that'll do it, *smirks* But still, Have fun with her while you can....JoeyRay's is a good place to hang, me and Shadow went there a lot.....I...I almost feel bad about planning to kill your girlfriend Spectre, for you too may have this empty feeling afterward.....

-Jay the lonely Ghost

P.S. ....I won't stalk you at JoeyRays, so at least have a sense of safety while your there, and don't freak BansheeGirl out.

P.P.S. ...i was nice and took the offer of the Safehouse, i went there a few days ago already. Was a good workout, until i got an un-needed haircut from that damn buzzsaw trap....

(not a letter)
[PFC Becender]

It's been a month since that spectre attacked my friend Marcus, and he's due to return to military duties next week. I Hey, I told you guys he was a tough basterd. I asked Marcus why he was attacked by the spectre, and he said that he had sent an e-mail to the spectre to give advice on wether or not he should see this girl because the spectre had to kill anyone that saw him. I told him to try not to get killed before we head out, and as I returned home I began to prepare all my weapons and my personal CMC power armor, because I knew that the spectre would eventually come after me as well, since I saw him jumping out the window. Why am I so cautious? Well, let's just say I'm not new to assassination attempts...
I'll make sure to do that Jay. Good luck on your love life.

*message from Thundercrash*

Interesting responses people. I'm thinking about creating a new thread that tells the story of our two lovers actually meeting. Anybody have offers for a title and names?
(Message from Jake)

I think this would be a little comedic, but how about "To Kill, or Not To Kill?"
xD, but its sooo true,
Me5: Excited suggestion- How about we kill this, 'banshee' lady?
Me6: Amused statement: Yes, i have been keeping track of the spectres messages. It appears we are not the only ones who lust for revenge.
Me7:... seriously? Wtf you guys?
Me8: Statement: I believe the meatbag is mocking us!
Me7: Hey were all meat bags!... wait what?
Me5: Order: Ignore him 8, we have work to do.
Me9: Query: Who else wishes to kill the murderer of our master?
Me6: Musing Answer: A 'Jay' character. Her starbook page says shes avery lonely annd heart broke ghost.
Me5: Exuberant Celebration: Wonderful! The heart broke kind are always the easiest to encourage to kill!
Me7: Wow... you guys are idiots... im just gonna watch My little pony while you guys go get yourself killed.
Me6: Order: Move out!

(References= Fun)

Banshee name- Ban Shee
Your guys name- Spec Trey
Hey Doomer. I like this DoomerX #7 guy. We could probably include your clones in the story. But I think we need better names than Ban Shee and Spec Trey.


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(Message from Jake)

I think this would be a little comedic, but how about "To Kill, or Not To Kill?"

Along that line: The love no one saw, but everyone heard.
*Behind You*

Me8: Irritated Declaration- It has been very difficult to track you down, spectre.
Me9: Quick Clarifacation- But now that we have found you we hope that we can facilitate communications.
Me5: Unnecessary Explanation- Once we tracked your coordinates we were able to deploy several clones to this area.
Me6: Probing Query: We are however curios as to why you insist on resisting death.
Me5: Eager Threat- But we are looking forward to extracting that answer. After we put you in torture restraints.
Me9: Mock Explanation- You cannot kill all of us. For there is as many as is needed to avenge our dead master.
Me6: Egotistical Boast- And there are far more of us then any one spectre can kill. Kill us, and more will rise from the corpses.
Me8: Discouraged Statement- Although clones of clones tend to be a little-
Me8: - problematic.
Spectre Journal entry #629

I'm certain that I've killed enough of the DoomerX clones to have eliminated the threat. After the first 12 they started losing intelligence. 25 later and the only people they are a threat to is themselves. Case in point: #38 was eating his own foot while it was still attached. By this point, it's not sealing a security breach, it's putting the poor bastards out of their misery.
Woah, I was just walking around my home on a backwater planet when I say some crazed Spectre killing a load of wierd looking people, looked like he was doing them a favor...Anyway, after I went rogue, the Dominon has only sent five of thier top assassians to try and kill me, that backroom I had installed in my house came in handy...for storing bodies. On the serious hand though, I have sent a Scouting Drone to watch this Spectre, I don't know how long it will live though...a pity to, I spend some good credits on it.

Name: Mark D.
Former Job/Occupation: Dominion Ghost Operative, Psionic Class 7.69
Current Job/Occupation: Mercenary/None
Weapon: Modified C-10 Canister Rifle; Nicknamed: 'The Eye of the World'
Gear: A hybrid of a Ghost/Spectre suit with other various modifications
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black
Status: Single
Current Location: N/A

P.S. I don't leave after-messages...
P.P.S. There is all my information....I can't wait to die, I think it'll be fun.
Alright, seriously. I'm looking for names of our as yet unknown spectre and banshee pilot, plus a title for the new thread. Any ideas will be considered.
The Spectre can be:

1) Rand
2) Perrin
3) Thom
4) Peter
5) Andrew
6) Bonzo
7) Madrid
8) Tam

Err....Thats all I can come up with in like two seconds..

The Banshee pilot could be:

1) Egwene
2) Nynaeve
3) Moiraine

Ok, thats all I have once agian...

I also have nothing about the thread name, sorry D:
Me7: Awwww Pinkie Pie you are so RANDOM!!!
Me7:... Thats nice...
Me1000: Hello fools.
Me7: Wait arn't you supposed to be an idiot.
Me1000: HAHAHAHAHAHAno. You see after all the hours of idiot clones. One eventually spawned a -TACOS- genius.
Me7: You sure your ok?
Me1k: Yes -ANCHILADA- moron. Now if youll -PAPER CLIPS- me, i must go work on fixing the rest of the -HAPPY HOURS-!! clones.
Me7: ok?... well 943 it seems 1k has almost gone full cupcakes.
*glances down at DoomerX #1k. Four psi-bullet wounds mark the clone's knees and wrists*

Tell me something genius. How does it feel being unable to stand or use your hands?

*looks back the field of ashes and charred bodies, the remains of the cloning facility*

It's too bad really. It was a really nice facility you had there.

*turns back to the barely conscious clone*

You know, there is something that I think you clones need to understand. I am very similar to most people. One day, I will die, just like everyone else.

The difference between me and everyone else, is that everyone else dies at their proper time, usually arranged by someone else.

*glances at his chrono-meter*

Three minutes until the D-8 charge implanted in your chest explodes. Or maybe sooner. I'm sure you are aware of how notoriously unstable Deuturium 8 is.

*turns and walks back to the modified Wraith fighter*

What's that? When will I die? When I damn well feel like it.

Moiraine sounds nice. If I get another half-dozen posts I'll decide.

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