To anyone who recieves this message...

Joeyray's Bar
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To: The unnamed spectre whose name I don't have suggestions for...
From: SoontobeDeadnotSleeping

Hello. I've been a longtime reader of your fascinating story, but clearly, this is my first time writing. In response to your initial post, I would like to provide some advice (although be aware that I lack romantic experience).

I think that you should try to "show her the way", I guess, show her the true spectre that you are. Does she even know that you like her? Maybe even write a song about how you see her every day, but you can never talk to her (for many reasons). Make sure it involves freezing time.

Oh yeah, I know this guy who knows that pilot. They call him The Hammer. Don't let him take her. Kill him if you want.

...and please tell me someone here has seen Dr. Horrible.
I would sugget asking her to dinner.

Also, try to kill me, and I'll step on your neck.

Combat Engineer Derrick Irongrinder
*Sits in the bar, in her usual back corner booth, sitting to the left, munching on some jellybeans*

Damn, looks like i missed your date with your so-called BansheeGirl, huh Spectre? I hope you had fun. *sighs, looking to her right, where Shadow would be sitting* ....I miss him....

-Hey, what about Luna for the Banshee's name, :3-

I was going to see how it went, but it seems as if you came a few days earlier than i expected. The now hiding Joey Ray told me you came guys came by and chatted for a while.Did it turn out okay Spectre? *rolls a large rifle round in between her fingers* Btw, i've heard of some of these other peeps you've been stalking, like DoomerX. Maybe I'll go make some new friends.....

-Jay the Lonley Ghost

P.S. I'd take your girlfriend out again, go have some fun at that one planet...Haven? Maybe go bull's eye some helpless zerglings and infested. It'd be fun, violent, and you'd be putting those guys out of their misery.

(Btw, the below is a description of Jay)

Name:Jay *Lastname Unknown*
Codename: The "Mocking"Jay
Psionic Class: Unknown. Claims she was never measured....nor wanted to be
Hair color: Dark Brown
Eye color: Icy Blue
History: Former Dominion Ghost operative recruit. Was kicked out of the Academy for mysteriously making her instructor dissappear. One minute, he's there, insulting her aim, next minute, POOF! Gone without a trace, scientists on campus are still baffled and are unsure of how it was possible. Recently joined Raynor's Raiders (After realizing what a douche their current emporer is), but is trying to complete her training from the handful of ghosts that work for Raynor himself, at least those daring enough to after hearing of her incident at the old Academy.
I would give advice on the matter, because I am a level headed human being and not insane. But my parents are dead.

P.S. My parents are dead.

- Forever yours
This is a message for all you targets of the Spectre

Well, hi, i guess. I'm Jay. I'm one of many targets our spectre friend has. Seems like he has quite a few, huh? At least we all have something in common. I want to meet you guys, and see what your plans are for survival. Looking forward to it.

-Jay the lonely Ghost

P.S. gets a bit boring at Joey Ray's now, all alones....
Journal Entry #23

I followed the Spectre to a interesting place called Joey Ray's Bar down on Mar Sara. I'm currently watching the place, even though he left a couple days scouting drone is still following him, its sad. Just before I put in this entry, someone of interest went into Joey Ray's. If I remember correctly, she (note how I put the emphasis on she and that I can't remember her name) was a ghost recruit back at the Dominion, until she made one of her instructors "disappear". I was quite impressed with it, I don't think even I could of done that with that little training...

-Mark D.
*Jay sighs boredly as she walks away from her borrowed banshee, now kicking absently at some stones on yet another zerg-infested forest-like planet*

Always liked these places. I could go camping here actually, i know this planet quite well by now, and of its zerg inhabitance. Not much here, just a couple confused infested and a few zerglings now and then, sometimes followed by the occasional baneling (The last one burt a damn hole in my boot...). Strange thing how people seem to forget to name these lost planets, the ones zerg took long ago, but now this one seems to have lost itself. If anyone had a decent mind, dude, someone could even try to colonize here....well, if they knew what the hell they'd be doing.

Hoping to hear back from you Spectre on my thoughts of you and your BansheeGirl going out again.

Still haven't encountered any of your targets either Spectre, but i did have a weird feeling i was being watched at Joey Ray's, but i didn't think it was you, or i'd be pretty beaten up by now.

Maybe i'll take that vacation Shadow told me i shoulda took....

-Jay the Lonely Ghost
Journal Entry #24

I'm still watching that girl, I believe her name is Jay, she stopped by some unknown planet, somewhere I'd probably build my new house, because my old one was almost caught. The only reason I'm following Jay, is because my drone is still following the Spectre, and I think this girl knows something about him I don't...I'll have to ask soon, but at the right time.

-Mark D.
....I swear....someone is watching me Spectre....if its you, i'm ready....if its not....this guy's got to learn that my senses are a little more advanced than normal.....
Private Anderson: "Uh, sir? Is that a Spectre?"
Captain Jones: *grabs binoculars* "Well, butter my biscuit. It is!"
Private Anderson: "What should we do, sir?"
Captain Jones: "Watch me. This is how we handle spectres." "HEY YOU LITTLE PIECE OF CHI-"
Private Anderson: "Better you than me, si-"

Private Jackson: Is my helmet fogging up again, or did Captain Jones and our mutual buddy just get shot in the head?
Private Flowers: I dunno, ol' buddy. Sure looks like a gunshot.
Private Jackson: Hey, is that a spectre?
Private Flowers: I'm not sure if that was a smart thing to s-
Private Jackson: Hey buddy... wait...what? HEY YOU LITTLE PIECE OF CHI-

Me: /facepalm
The dark templar uncloaked from the shadows and approached Jay.
"I hear you and I share, certain intrests, Terren."

Hmph, wasn't expecting a high templar here, *looks around >.>.....<.<....*
I thought for sure it was that Spectre....but....he didn't move like when he attacked me before....

*looks up the high templar, cautiously shifting her hand to her side, where she hid her psi-knife*

What do you want?

Depends on what you want. Personally revenge is a factor for me. I hear it is for you as well.
Suprise flashes on my face when I see the Dark Templar, but only for a second, then I smirk...well, nows a better time then any...I walk into the clearing.
Hmph, *looks at the dark templar for a bit, trying to decide whether or not he's friendly then jerks around, senseing someone else approaching* ganged up on me, didn't you? Damn it, *pulls out her psi-knife*
Looks at knife and sighs..."No need for that, unless your planning on skinning this alien, I only want to find out more about this Spectre...and I think you can help."
It seems we all share a common goal. Terrens. Are we in agreement?
Haha, "common goal" think we have a common goal! You idiotic Protoss, even if you were here for the same thing as me, I'd rather talk to the girl, because I know at least she has intelligence...get out of my way, or it won't be pretty...
(Jason Becender)

Well, it turns out the planet we were heading out to had been sucessfully secured, and command has no intentions on figuring out a new battleground for us to be at, so now the spectre has all the time in the world to kill me and my friend. lucky me.

Anyways, I got a message from a ghost named Jay and I've just parked by the bar she specified to meet her at. hope I'm not late...
(Jason Becender)

Well, it turns out the planet we were heading out to had been sucessfully secured, and command has no intentions on figuring out a new battleground for us to be at, so now the spectre has all the time in the world to kill me and my friend. lucky me.

Anyways, I got a message from a ghost named Jay and I've just parked by the bar she specified to meet her at. hope I'm not late...

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