Cloaked Love, a Starcraft 2 romance

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*He steps off the Vulture and then hides it in the bushes*

"Well, I guess there isn't really a choice, hope onboard."

*Ships door opens up and a ramp is lowered to the ground. Mark walks up the ramp and into the ship heading for the cockpit*
Aldrak knew he would never be able to hunt the spectre. He was an assassin not a tracker. But this 'Miorana' could help him. Thats why he chased her. This added complications yes but he was used to that. There was no use scaring her so he just took her to his warp prism and set up a comfortable arrangement that would suit her. He used her psionic powers to his advantage and tapped into her mind while she was unconscious. As she woke up he politely said in a friendly voice "So 'Iceblade', i hear your a banshee pilot."
*Jay yawns. Those couple hours of sleep at her destroyed home had been broken, her occasionally stirring in her sleep, her eyes opening and closing, to see if her nightmare had made its way into the real world. Jay walks behing Mark, then asks*

"Mark, is there somewhere i could sleep in here?"
*Marks laughs as he points to a small bed at the back of the ship*

"I can see that your tired, thats the only bed on the ship, so I'll sleep up here in the cockpit after I get us into orbit. Oh, if you need any food, it's in the cabinet in front of your bed, there is a sonic shower downstairs and some changes of clothes next to the shower..."

*He then pulls a series of switches and prepares the ship to lift off.*

*Jay walks to the back of the ship, setting down her backpack at the side of the bed. Her pistol is attached to the outside, ready to be used whenever needed. She hops onto it, surprised how comfy it feels and soon falls asleep...*
She opened her eyes. She was in a dark, tomb-like chamber. Mostly empty, a single door marked the opposite wall. She glanced down. A pair of metal bands linked by energy encircled her wrists. Her gun was gone, though thankfully, her knife was still concealed in its thermal sheath on her forearm. She lifted her arms, but found she could only raise them to her waist before they stopped, as though blocked by some invisible barrier. She tried to reach the handle of her knife, but found that her bonds did not allow her that much reach.

A shadowy figure stood in front of her. As she looked on, it resolved itself into the Protoss she had seen back at the Starport.

“Where am I?” Moirana demanded. “Why am I here?”

I seek the one known only as Gabriel. Tell me all that you know of him.

“Who are you?”

I am known as Aldrak. Tell me of the one known as Gabriel.

“Why are you looking for him?”

Suffice to say, he killed someone I knew. For that, I will punish him.

“You mean, you’re going to try and kill him?”

Yes. Tell me all that you know.

A grim expression fixed itself on her face. “What is this thing on my head?”

An image flashed into her mind. She seemed to be standing in front of herself, and she realized with a start that Aldrak was showing her what he was seeing. A gold band encircled her head, culminating in an oval plate over her forehead. Embedded in the plate sat a blue crystal.

The potential of your powers is impressive. I felt it necessary to implant a restraining device, to restrict them during our conversation.

“You stuck this onto my skull! I don’t have any powers!”

You do. They are undeveloped, but are already manifesting. I have seen few pilots, even among my race, as skilled as you. Only one with powers such yours could possess such skill. Now, tell me what you know of the one known as Gabriel.

“Why should I tell you anything! You kidnapped me, stole my gun, and are keeping me locked up!”

It was necessary. I could allow the one known as Gabriel to interfere. And if the other Terrans looking for you had appeared, it would have been......inconvenient.

“Inconvenient! You kidnapped me because it was convenient! Oh, buddy, I am so going to kill you.”

Tell me what you know about the one known as Gabriel.


If you will not comply, I will be forced to take the information I seek through other means.

“You can’t force me to tell you anything.”

Aldrak raised one hand. In that, you are mistaken.

Searing pain blasted through her mind. She could feel him digging through her memories. Desperately, she tried to force him out, but she couldn’t concentrate through the pain. He moved from her past to more recent times.

Something shifted.

A powerful scream tore from her mouth and mind, blasting him out. Pure black bolts of energy erupted from her body, some ricocheting off of the the walls, others simply blasted through, leaving massive holes in their wake. She could feel each one, as though they were an extension of her own body. Three particularly large ones shot towards Aldrak. Shredding his shields, they slammed into his midsection, smashing him through the wall.

Space seemed to bend and contract as her vision blurred. When it cleared, she was laying in her cabin, aboard her squadron’s home ship. She immediately noticed three things.

First, she seemed to be looking out of the floor. Second, a banded section of the walls at floor level looked as though something had punched them outward, beveling them three inches deep. And third, it was as though a filter had been dropped over her eyes. She could see the energy coursing through the power conduits in the walls. She could sense the panicking minds of everyone aboard the battlecruiser. As she turned her head, the bands of ash around her wrists disintegrated, and a wave of exhaustion rolled through her. Her mirror on the wall caught her eye. She squinted, and if she had had the energy, she would have screamed again.

The crystal embedded in the circlet in her head had turned pitch black, and her eyes looked a pair of black orbs sitting her head. As she watched, they faded back to normal, though crystal remained unchanged. Smoking rents had been made in parts of her flight suit. She could hear the pounding of CMC boots as the fading minds of a full security team of marines running down the hallway to her cabin. Cool oblivion embraced her mind, as the door crumpled inward. The last thing she saw before collapsing again in unconsciousness was the name plate of the leading marine, reading J. Becender.
Aldrak senses a presence behind him promptly followed by "I see we both have an interest in this vermin that the Dominion calls Spectres. Perhaps I can help. I realize that the proud Protoss don't usually deal in the workings of Terrans, but I believe I can help you. I have a plan. I have the co-ordinates to his communicator. Perhaps you could forge a shadow figure of her to hold hostage while you hold the real one somewhere secure. What do you say?"
*Jay wakes after a while, seeming fully rested even though she had slept maybe a little over an hour. She goes downstairs and takes a much needed shower. Rubble and bits of ash flow down the drain of the shower, and soon she's in new clothes, sitting back on the bed inspecting her ghost uniform. She sighs. It needs to be repaired again. There are many chinks of armor missing, many long carvings from zerglings, which she encoutered on her journeys to the infested zerg planet whose name had been long ago forgotten. Plus, there's that large hole in her boot from baneling acid. The goggle-like visor she loved wearing too needed to be repaired, a large crack running from to and from each corner.*

She mutters to herself. "I could fix the visor, but, the rest would be harder to repair...maybe i should just get a new one alltogether." *She looks absently at her backpack, the handful of credits she took from her personal bank at the ruins of her home tucked away inside*
Gabriel piloted the modified Valkyrie. He had used this ship often to get from planet to planet, job to job. Completely invisible to all but the most recent and specialized sensors, equipment that was almost impossible to get, he had absolute confidence that the only way one of his myriad enemies could find his ship was if they accidentally crashed into it. And he had good reason to be so confident. He kept tabs on all of them, and knew for a fact that the two he was heading towards now did not have the needed stuff to find him.

He was on his way back a remote planet, to wrap up the unfinished business with Jay and Mark. Checking over his ships systems, he primed the weapons systems, recently upgraded with new Ares-class targeting systems, normally equipped to Viking fighters, but he had a talent for splicing things together that were normally incompatible.

As he dropped out of warp-space, his sensors detected a ship on the planet’s surface that was warming up for lift off. Gabriel smiled. So, Mark was trying to run. Gabriel figured that he needed to slow down in life, take the time to enjoy the scenery. Reaching over, he activated the remote charges planted in the engine compartments. Nothing strong enough to cause critical damage to the whole ship, but more than enough too make sure that he wasn’t going to be flying anywhere, anytime soon.

As he prepared to head down to the surface, he suddenly grabbed his head in pain as a powerful mental scream ripped through his mind. Collapsing from the pilot’s chair, he groaned in the aftermath.

What the hell was that? Why did it feel like Moirana? He had suspected that she was psionic, but there was no way she could have that much power. Climbing back into the chair, he glanced down at the planet’s surface. Jay and Mark would have to wait, he had more important things to deal with.
Jason: God damnit, somebody give me a pair of pliers! there's this crystal thing on her head, and it doesn't look like it should be on her!

Marcus: Here's one!

Jason: thanks. *Carefully removes crystal* Put this somewhere safe. We might need it later.

Rook: Yes, sir!

Jason: Marcus, take her to the medical wing. She doesn't look to good.

Marcus: Got it.

Jason: Now what does that leave me... Well, I guess I'll examine the crystal in the lab...
*She shrugs* Anywhere but here obviously. I don't need to be back at base for a while. They gave me a sort of vacation leave for some reason. I guess they figured out i had a spectre chasing me...

*Jay sets her Suit at the side of her bed, frowning as she notices even more damage to the back of her suit, from that fight she had with a random roach.*
*Mark was stepping out of the hallway just as the charges went off throwing him into the chair in the cockpit*

"Dammit...hey Jay, you alright?"

*Stands up and feels back of head...its bleeding*

"Ack, that one is gonna hurt later, if it doesn't already."
oh lol, I accidentaly deleted that post...
SHI-*Jay is cut off from a few boxes of supplies tumbbling onto her. One of them traps her leg*

"Aw crap, mind helping me with this? Its a bit heavy...."
*Mark struggles to move toward Jay tripping on most of the things in his path*

"Damn, I thought you was a ghost...can't you use your mind?"
"I can try, i guess...."

*Jay closes her eyes, then opens them up again, glowing a strong blue color. The box on her leg begins to glow, along with some of the touching boxes, and they float into the air, then stack into neat piles at the end of the room. Jay's eyes flutter, but she retains counciousness.*

"Okay...*gasps in pain, as she realized the box had broken her leg* Oh no......"
"She may not be a Ghost, but there are a few interested in her" Several Ghosts appear, all talking in unison. "You see, that little girl you have there is very important. If you put the girl in a cell and leave her outside and leave, you will not be harmed. Nor will the girl as long as she participates. Perhaps she does not recognize me. The Templar fried her brain pretty good, enough to unlock a few psionic lashes from her mind. Now come with me young one."
*Stares at leg for a moment before heading for the stairs*

"Dang it, I'm gonna head downstairs for something to fix your leg right up..."

*Heads down the stairs to find the whole bottom section is gone and then heads back up the stairs*

"Err...looks like there isn't a downstairs so stand still and let me find where the bone snapped"

*He uses his mind to find the part of here leg-bone that snapped and uses psionic powers to align the leg correctly*

"Ouch...I shouldn't of done that with my head li--"

*Mark's eyes close as he falls to the ground uncouncious*
Chesty, what sort of story line are you aiming for? I kind of need to know for the next time Moirana wakes up.

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