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Seth's ship came out of jump in time to see tosh's ship crash on the planet below. He had the pilot prepare to set the ship down on the far edge of the clearing, as to avoid unwanted atention.
*Jay ponders this for a moment*

"Hm, do you think you could stand up, and perhaps follow me to the armory? Maybe i could just find a suit down there for you to wear. Cause i think i'll be needing my energy more so for something else besides just teleporting us places. You won't believe how much it takes to drag you along with me."
She pushes herself up further, then falls back down as a fresh wave pain rolls in, black sparks flickering through her hair.

"You know what, I think I'm good for now."
*Jay frowns.*

"I'd just go down there by myself and get you one, but idk if i want to leave you here like this..."
"Sir, we are detecting dominion forces on the planet's surface. They seem to be trying to attack the ships we have been following."
Since the Dominion also was now after his hide, it might be a good idea to get out of here. But he was short on allies, and perhaps these people need some help...
"Everyone to there battlestations. Prepare to fire on anything that belongs to the Dominion,"
said Seth over the PA system. The he told the pilot to cancel the landing and keep in the air.
To his communications sergant, "See if you can't get me on the comm with those rebels."
Moirana rolls her eyes. "I've had people I have never met before trying to find me and kill me all day. I've teleported from one end of the sector to another. I've been unintentionally trashing ships, and I only discovered a couple hours ago that I have psionic powers. All because I wanted to see this guy I liked face to face. I think I'll be fine for a few minutes."

She frowns, the buzzing sensation that was getting rapidly familiar returning. "Or not. We've got company."
*Jay senses it too*

"Wow, your pretty good at this crap already BansheeGirl."

*Jay presses a button on a panel, and Qwerty the Automatron pops out of a nearby port.*

"Okay Qwerty, i suggest you set up the inner defense system. But if Mark or that Spectre come back, i suggest you let them in, or they may get a little pissed....

*Qwerty nods and makes beeping sounds and starts blinking.*

"Security system online, MockingJay."
"Tell the gunners weapons are free."
Moirana scowls at Jay.

"I told to stop calling me BansheeGirl. If you're going to call me anything, I do have a name. And why should I trust you, anyway."
*Jay shrugs*

"I haven't killed you yet, haven't i? And as for you name, what is it then? Cause obviously idk."
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The gun Seth's ship had been stolen of of an aging Dominion battlecruiser. It was the kind not ment for killing other large ships but rather for use against fighters, with a rate of fire that made most modern machine guns embarrassed. But all these dominion blokes had was fighters. Seth smiled.
She winces as bigger blast of pain shoots through her mind, larger sparks crackling around her.

"Moirana. And if that was supposed to reassure me, then you suck at bedside."

She starts, memories flashing forward. "Wait, you're her. The girl whose boyfriend..."

She whips her knife out of the sheath.
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OOC: Jay, you might as well talk in full words. Given that for these characters, this is reality, internet shorts would sound pretty stupid.
*Jay sighs*

"I don't have time for this !@#$ Bansheegirl. By the moment, i have no intent of attempting to killl you. A-it would piss off the Spectre and B-He'd prolly kill Mark for revenege, and i have no intent of going through that crap again." *Jay's eyes flicker as she realizes she had feelings for Mark.*

*Jay begins trembling at the thought of Shadow.*

"PLus, its prolly not the best idea to mention him..."
Seth smiled as the gun opened fire. Its range wasn't as good as the vikings missiles, but he had a way of dealing with that.
Moirana bit back a retort as more pain blasted through. "Sorry, all this stuff is, stressful, to say the least. You wouldn't happen to have anything that could stop this pain, would you? It gets worse every time."

"And what kind of a name is MockingJay? Tell me you made that up yourself."
The gun continued to mow the vikings down, althought a few had wised up and fired. Time to show these fighter jocks who really held the cards.

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*Jay shakes her head*

"No, apparently i earned that name at the academy. I don't really remember my old name anymore."

*Jay looks at the ceiling*

"...i could try something..."

*She looks at Moirana again, her eyes glowing.*

"Maybe i could help you channel it. The worst that could happen is that you could blow me to bits, but hey, what could possibley go wrong..."

*Jay's hand begins to glow, and she places it on her forehead*

"Maybe i can dull it....perhaps to a headache now and then..."

*Jay focuses her energy to Moirana."

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