Cloaked Love, a Starcraft 2 romance

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(F*ck!) take out my pistol and !@#$ it in case things get messy.
08/18/2011 09:15 AMPosted by Thundercrash
You may want to edit that Jake. Pretty well everybody reacts to a bolt of energy shooting out of someone's hand.

edit which post?
Moirana groaned as the pain subsided. Her vision tunneled as she glanced over at the broken monitor. Reaching up, she pulled the knife out of the sparking wreck.

"Sorry about that. I have no idea what's going on. How did I get on this ship?"
"Well, one minute I'm just having fun playing poker with my buddies, the next I feel a shockwave and the psionics in the area of your bedroom goes off the charts. so I'd assume you teleported onto the ship."
Moirana pondered that.

"That's weird. The last place I was was on Mar Sara. This Protoss was asking me about...."

She pauses. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to mention Gabriel.

"...somebody I know."
"Well, I hope that somebody you know isn't the person I'm thinking about right now, but what did that person do to make a Protoss pissed about him... or her..."
Moirana stared at the Marine, her mind buzzing with warning.

"And who are you thinking of!"

She watched him double over in pain as images flashed through her mind. Messages exchanged with Gabriel. This, Jason, knew Gabriel.

Crap. Oh, crap. This was getting too crazy. Ripping the bandages off her head, she ran out of the wing and hurried down to the hanger. She could always think more clearly in her Banshee.
08/18/2011 09:34 AMPosted by Thundercrash
Messages exchanged with Gabriel

OOC: well, it was actually Marcus who exchanged messages with Gabrial, although Jason did see Gabriel jump out the window and know's about the messages exchanged. neither Marcus or Jason know his name, however.
Given that Moirana doesn't have really good control over her powers, all she saw was that Jason knew about messages with Gabriel. She didn't see who sent them. And as for him not knowing Gabriel's name, doesn't matter, she made the connection herself.
*Jay wakes to the first drops of rain hitting her face. She stirrs, then sits up, then grimacing from the pain in her leg, then looks around, noticing she is outside and Mark is lying next to her, unconcious.*
"He must have dragged me out,"

*Jay looks at him, then notices he also has her backpack in his hand. She frees it from his grasp, and takes out the medkit. She uses what is left of its contents to set her leg, then tries to stand up. She can barely stand by herself. She mutters to herself and sits back down, next to Mark and looks at him. He reminded her so much of Shadow, her boyfriend. Memories of him flood back into her mind, then trail until their end, when Gabriel killed him. By that time, the spectre had been actively tracking her more than usual. He found out where her usual safehouse was, and waited there for her. Sadly, Shadow shared the safehouse with Jay, and when he went there after a very intense mission, Gabriel was more than ready to attack. After realizing it wasn't even Jay,he finished the job anyways, and left him there to rot on the floor. Jay found him there a few days later. She cried for hours.*

Jay looked at Mark's face. He had the same dark brown eyes, and even his jetblack hair. Jay shakes this thought out of her mind.
As I regain my concousness, I realize the pilot has left and cursed myself for letting that slip. The pilot is a potential psionic, is possibly related with the Spectre that almost killed Marcus, and I suggest in my choice of words that I know of said spectre? And I even forgot to bring my knife with me! I'm starting to get lazy. I've spent too much time off the battlefield...

in case you are wondering why he included forgetting his knife in his list of mistakes, here's a part of my charactor's history:

and a knife made from a raw metal chunk he found in a workshop for war machines on a forge world. he has noted many things about said knife. for instance, psionics have been unable to read his thoughts while he has the knife nearby him (or anyone else near the knife, for that matter)
Interesting. This knife wouldn't happen to be made of the same type of metal as Moirana's would it?
No, it isn't, but the metal was meant to be used for a prototype war machine to be used on the front lines of an ice world noted for it's abundent psionics.
Moirana sat in the cockpit of her Banshee. Breathing deeply, she ran her hands over the controls, not activating anything, just letting the familiar configurations soothe her roiling emotions. Given all of the crazy things that were happening to her, being agitated would not be a good thing.

How did Jason know Gabriel? Who else was interested in her? Did all of this have to do with Gabriel? How many enemies did that man have? She understood that being a Spectre was dangerous, but really, how many people can one man piss off?

A pounding sound reached her ears. Looking out of the cockpit, she spotted Jason looking around the hanger. Crouching back in the seat, she frantically looked around. She had get off this ship. She had a rather poor idea of how she had managed get here, and wasn't really sure she could pull it off again. Glancing to her left, she saw one of the new Vikings standing by the wall. If she could get to it....
After checking the left part of the hanger, I decide to start with the banshees on the right side. I start walking toward Moriana's banshee. (I don't know it's hers, it's just coinsidence)
Moirana leaped from the Banshee cockpit down to the deck. If she didn't move now, she probably wouldn't get another chance. Racing across the hanger floor, she heard Jason give chase. Fifty feet separated her from possible freedom. Ducking under the wing of a Medivac, she pulled an all out sprint.

Fifteen feet away, she stumbled as another wave of pain rolled through her mind. Black bolts erupted from her already torn flight suit, flipping ships and vehicles around. Screaming and mayhem filled her ears, then drowned out by a pounding roar. As her consciousness rapidly faded, one last thought drifted by.

Maybe I'll pass out before I hit the ground.

Not so lucky.
*Jay begins to worry after an hour. How long could he stay unconcious? She couldn't make it anywhere without his help, for her leg limited her. She lets her gaze fall on his face again. Maybe just a peek at this thoughts would tell her when he'd awaken. Jay closes her eyes, they reopen a minute later, glowing lightblue. It was difficult to search another psionic being's mind, but if Jay was good at anything, it was her ability to channel her powers. She searched his mind, looking for his conciousness, hopeing she could wake him. She couldn't go to deep though, otherwise she may get loss in his thoughts...*

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