Has SC2 Improved your "Game" Elsewhere?

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I've noticed I'm a LOT more patient with other games' PVP now.

In WoW Arenas and Battlegrounds I don't get nearly as frustrated at losing as I used to, I think because SC2 tries to get you down around a 50-50 ratio for wins/losses.

I've also noticed my reaction times are better in other games as well.

Anybody else?
It makes me click WWAAAAAAYYYY too much on websites and usually causes firefox to crash
I'm just a relaxed person outside of the game now. When I play relaxing games I end up being really on-edge and condescending...Starcraft chills me down.
Also, sc rages me up outside of game when I lose ZvZs or PvPs
Well other games seem way too slow now :/

Also they take less skill and the pvp is less balanced and dumbed down xD
i'm now much faster with photoshop now that I have played for 3 years!
Playing nes games such as gradius have improved my sc gameplay a lot. I can't tell if sc has since I've being playing casually for almost my whole life lol :D
It has made me a much better halo wars player since I started to play sc2.
Note- I still suck at sc2 but halo wars is a cake walk now.
Halo wars is a joke by RTS standards

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