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Well guys I normally play on SEA server but I will be shifting soon in NA region so I guess I will be playing more frequently on NA...

I have a site running on SEA server and we also have a channel call PRACBUD where all low level players joins to practice. Now I want to do the same on NA server but I need some player who are motivated to join and run this kind of stuff... from my experience on SEA server it works really fine...

So if you guys are interested we can start a channel call PRACBUD on NA server …later if we grow and response is good I will link it to my exciting site under sub domain name. We can organize low-level tournaments (1v1 and team game) every weekend, people who are interest in casting games in these tournament can practice their casting skill and we can post these videos on our site and on YOUTUBE channel. Players from bronze to gold can participate and if we get higher level players we can also organize another tournaments for them separately... so if any of you is interested reply on the post... if you look my profile I'm bronze too.. but Silver in SEA server...

knight is that you u bastard :p
Like and requested for sticky! Hope you have a lot of success!
I'd be interested in this. As a bronze I'm finding it hard finding practice partners. Would be nice for some people who are having trouble getting out of bronze/silver/gold
I'm gold, i'm happy to help anyone! Although, my connection is kinda bad sometimes, being on the other side of the world makes the connection not that great...
Agreed, to much QQing, trolling, and BM on these forums.
1. I have joined on SEA.
2. I will join on NA
3. Yey i like the idea of new casters (such as oneself here)

Thanks for your... initiative (i guess) :)

Enjoy! (and let us enjoy!)
hey knig.... ummm i mean samurai guess who :)

name gives it away
I would like to be part of this as well ^^
I would like to take part.

I am always happy to join up with others to practice. So far I have had a lot of folks hit me up to help out a bronze and this sounds like fun.

the more people that get involved the better XD
What's SEA?
South East Asia
Doshingham #913 if you want to play together ^.^
hey knig.... ummm i mean samurai guess who :)

name gives it away

Hey Kryc... ummm I mean Krycek guess who? =)

amazing stuff.. finally u guys broke the silence... i had no replies on this post for like 2 full days... lol... PRACBUD channel has been created on NA.. just type in and join the channel... i will add up all u guys...
wow sixen added our channel PRACBUD ........nice

checkout the name in the list :-)
Switching to NA from SEA? Get ready for uber lag on your units responding to commands :\

Anyway I'd be interested in finding a few practice partners, I haven't been playing much in the last few months so my play has slipped, so I might see if I could get a few games here and there?

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