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Im working on a project that i plan to post here when im done. First however i'd like you guys to vote either Ghost- Male/Female or Dark Templar- Male/Female. And a name. Also if you want a character in the project please put a quick (informative) description below. Thanks in advance.
Ghost male or female. If you are working on the portrait and not the model i am hoping on something like this Maybe you could put a face in there, or if you are dedicated enough, make it like the spectre. After a while, the face mask opens up.
Haha actually what im working on is more of a text adventure of sorts. So sorry for any misunderstandings.
Actually ill use this thread for updates and what not... mwuahahaha
Ghost, female. We need more stories like these.
Ok the character will be a female ghost. Also part one is DONE!! WOOHOO!!! Also is there a character limit on these posts? If so it will make this complicated.

Also i programmed a fiesta into it!
In terms of how many characters within an individual post, I don't think so. I've seen some fairly long ones. In terms of how many posts are allowed in the thread, I think the cut off point is some where between 20 and 30 pages.
Ok amt. of posts wont be a problem just their length.
there is a 256 character limit per individual post and a max of 26 pages per thread.
Dark templar, female
There's already a ton of ghost fanfic
Yea sorry i already got the ghost one in place. Maybe I can do a dark templar one too. And can you really blame them. Ghosts are BA. Also the thread Part One is done is it so check it out.

Seriously check it out toke me like 8 hours (started at 11 just finished DEVOTION FTW!!)

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