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Previously... You know the link is very long so I'm just gonna put the thread name, Battle of the Amerigo an Open Rp

The survivors fly in their makeshift ship heading to Korhal until, over Eranii (Protoss Space)
some surviving Zerg scourge attach to the ship and blow up the main engines, it plumits down onto Eranii, crashing badly, but most of the men inside survive, only 1 pilot was killed. The rest of you I suggest make camp, recooperate, hey, maybe the 'toss are friendly.

P.S. I hope all you awesome rpers from Battle of the Amerigo an Open Rp decide to rp in this, which I hope will be just as awesome as the other one.

I signed up last time, and am NOT doing it again.
Fair enough good mate, let's say you were lost here from an earlier failed mission and found us, your Thor is all out of fuel so you can't use it atm.
I know. It'd be ridiculous to start with a 60 ton mech and some infantry. XD

"Woah... what the hell?!"
Bad. Rp no start till tommorow 10:00 Eastern time.
Name: Dark Lord Unuguard
Race: Protoss
Unit: (Think Zeratul Hero Unit)

Backstory: Unuguard was a high ranking officer in the protoss army until he was corrupted by the Voice in the Void. He went crazy, killing first his family, then entire villages. He was sent into exile on the planet Eranii to live amongst the Dark Templar. He quickly rose through the ranks to become the matiarch. He will kill all who disobey him unless you have something of interest or you have what he has been searching for during his breif months when he is sane.
Sweet, now I don't have to play Generic bad guy Zerg!
08/12/2011 11:25 PMPosted by Firebat
Bad. Rp no start till tommorow 10:00 Eastern time.

I have stuff to do then. :/
Character Background

Name: Aximus
Nickname: Army of One
Race: Protoss
Unit: Immortal (modified)

Last Presonal Log: My name is Aximus, I was once a High Templar... I was wounded in the battle against the overmind on Aiur, I was among the last Dragoons to be made on Aiur. I served in many battles during the brood war and survived to see the upgrade of the Dragoon ino the Immortal. I mourned the loss of my ability to destroy mutalisks, and though it is shameing for a protoss to use the tecknology of terrans, I have added Gassues rifles next to my phase disruptors for smaller targets, as well as air, and aquired the hellfire rockets of the golliath. The only Protoss addition to my immortal is another immortal shield genarator. I am the Army of One. I leave for the planet within the hour. May I die with honor, in defence of the Protoss.

I have survived the cleansing of yet another planet. Since my last log I have added a point to point warm system. I also received repairs from an scv. My armor is far more durable now. The marines in the transport seemed terrified of me, only the spector seemed to be willing to aid me in adding armor to my immortal. I do not wish to be humbled by anything less a marauder if my shields come down because of a ghost. We will see what this new planet brings.

Entaro Tassadar

Log ends.
So is this a protoss or Zerg planet?
Im gonna come back, but it involves another overmind... everyone ok with that?
An overmind had control of everything zerg. No exceptions. I would stick with celebrit.

But go ahead, but keep in mind the overmind could not be mobile.
Remember when I said I was a UED experiment? Well there were several lore-wise. What if a lot of them formed together in a final stand against Kerrigan? Remember I got killed in the last one and get reincarnated. I inform you that a new overmind is forming that is different than the others. As it was forming on Zamara, was discovered by a hybrid, was placed in a large stasis cell with multiple captured Protoss High Templar. It was then turned into a Hybrid Overmind, that is such a powerful Psionic Entity, it can control all sentient life forms in the universe, and shall then hybridize all races to create a creature capable of simply destroying the very reality of the universe.
Charater back ground
Name Lieutenant Hawk.
Race: Terran
Class: Marine
"Is this thing on?"
"Yes sir"
"Ok. This is Lieutenant Hawk of the Dominon. We managed to scrap a ship together out of our remaining drop ships that is capable of deep space flight. We have had the help of a protoss Immortal and a rogue spectre. Surprisingly the spectre is very helpful as par what learned about them. Our mission was a success though we still have yet to get home."
Loud explosion in the back ground.
"What was that."
"Zerg sir must have been a few left over scourge that stuck to the hull. We are losing speed fast we need to land."
"Ok go for the nearest hospitable planet. Get me a name and reading of it."
"Sir the nearest planet is Eriali. It protoss occupied."
Another explosion is heard.
"Oh crap sir we just lost the last engine and a stabilizer. I cant control the landing brace for emergency landing. Hang on everyone!"
End Recording
"I'm not sure if we're going to make it, the Amerigo data must be saved!"
I climb on top of my raven and drop out of the cargo hatch.
Ravens technically weren't meant to be ridden. Therefore, there is no seatbelt conveniently located on top of it. I just have to hang on tight as we plummet past the flaming ship. X-1153 struggles to increase thruster power, but his--sorry, its--hover boosters are malfunctioning from the explosion, so now we're both falling like a rock.
I'm sorry, I should introduce myself. I have no name. Mengsk took that from me. All I have is my designation: Spectre 15. I am one of two spectres that have managed to escape capture by dominion ghosts. My flying (and right now falling) companion is an augmented raven, designated X-1153. That raven has saved my life many times.

When I escaped from that moon, I figured my spaceship crashing days were over. Apparently not. I must be bad luck or something.

X manages to activate hover boosters at the last second. I hop off onto the ground, and X almost seemed relieved. "Come on, I'm not that heavy."
I take an inventory of my equipment. I managed to replenish equipment from the base before we took off, as well as some more equipment from my crashed wraith. My arsenal includes an AGR-14 rifle, various lanched grenades (such as ultrasonic pulse, lockdown, and emp) and other non-standard equipment (remote control spider mines, anyone?).

The crash site is a ways from here. I begin walking in the opposite direction. I'm not just going to walk over hand hand them the data. In fact, if the dominion thinks I'll give a crazed dictator access to who knows what kind of advanced technology, they're crazy.
And also dead.

I see a protoss settlement in the distance. I hope they're friendly.
I warp in on top of the specter.
He yells at me to stop that or I'll accidentally crush him some time.
I shake my phase cannon to remove the terran Lieutenant Hawk from it.
He is the only terran, besides perhaps the spector, on that ship I trust, because of this only he was allowed to come with me.

I believe that my exit surprised the pilot. Since the ship was suddenly several tons lighter they didn't hit the ground as hard. Perhaps there are survivors.
"Thank you." I say to Aximus unsure of why he warped himself and I to safety. Maybe he trusts me, from what I've heard trust of a protoss is hard to earn and easy to ruin. I better not do something that will cause him to distrust me.
The sudden warping did not allow me to grab my gear so I am weaponless unless the spectre gives me a weapon. I am not sure he trusts me, I don't blame him. His life was taken from him as was his friends by the Dominion. From his stories I have started to question what i was fighting for. I'll have to put that thought to rest for now. I've got more important things to worry about.
You all see a small larva-like creature creeping out of the hull. You hear it say "Help me out of here. It's Cymonieus. I layed a small spore on one of the Marine's armor, but all of my zerg are dead. I can help take control of a few native species to create a new swarm.
Marine: "We're all dead! Run like hell guys!" You see a scout marine you sent out earlier arunning and screaming out of a nearby patch of trees, two giant orange lasers almost roast him "Collosus! We're all dead! Run!".

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