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08/23/2011 09:26 AMPosted by LeKroger
I look for Flinn in the protoss base. I find him and explain to him what I was informed during the transmission from the Dominion. "What do you think?" I ask him.

OOC: What transmission?
08/16/2011 12:54 PMPosted by LeKroger
One last time i try to contact the Dominion. I am greeted by a families voice. It is the emperor. He asks if we have what we were seeking on the Armigo. I inform him one of our ghosts has the information knowing that it was a spectre and a lie. He congratulates me and says there was a ship heading to our location to pick us up. The ships name is familiar, The Battle Warden. It is one that has a shady back ground. I've heard that squads pick up by it were never heard from again. I didn't like the sound of that what ever it was the he wanted off of the science vessel he didn't want anyone else to know about.

OCC it was on page 4
I finish blasting rock away from the Thor.
A ship ascends from the forest, resembles an oversized drop pod, with the addition of rocket boosters and warp engines. Aximus looks back and realizes that Skull is gone. He turns to X:
"Where is Skull? Where is Spectre 15? What is that ship?"
The raven makes a soft buzzing noise. "That ship is designated Warp Pod 1. It is a small warp ship, designed like a warp-capable drop pod. Capable of delivering reinforcements quickly to a planet from a great distance."
"The Spectre has left us!"
Skull looks at the data module in his hand. According to Spectre 15, it has information that could benefit the campaign against Mengsk. Apparently the data module has the digital keys to the old confederate military networks, many of which are now used by Mengsk. With those digital keys, they could listen to Dominion comm chatter, have access to their battle plans, and possibly even track Mengsk's movements.

"Man, Tosh is gonna love this." Of course, Tosh will be less than pleased to hear that Spectre 15 stayed behind. Skull isn't sure why, but he thinks all Spectres are crazy anyways.
"... So be it. (Nuparu) your Thor is clear of the rubble."

I walk back to he nexus to see about getting more sentries.
"Well, I wouldn't be surprised that the science vessal we came to had stuff that he didn't want anyone to know about, but we need to some other form of transport out of here. The last thing I want to do is to die from whatever the hell will kill us on that ship...
"That is what i was thinking. Maybe the spectre can help us out getting to a safe place."
The ship should be arriving soon I remind myself. My armor has a homing beacon installed in it, as many officers had. I need to disable it if I don't want them to find me as quickly.
"Flinn how are your electronically skills?"
Good enough to break or program most stuff. what do you need me to do?
"Got a homing beacon installed in my suit. When i first became an officer i thought it would be a good idea in case I get lost or the need to find me fast. Now I don't need them to find me." I finish with a chuckle. "The device is on the back of my suit right in between the thrusters. If we can disable that we should be able to get away unless any of the others have a beacon as well."
"I could simply shoot the tracker."
"Dude. it's probably dug in good into the system, so you would likely fry several other things as well, and considering your weakest weapon is a Guass Rifle, and the thing is very close to the thrusters and the generator inside, you might cause his suit to blow up. Now let me get my tools..."
I wait while Flinn gets his tools. This tracker was the only thing left that is keeping me in the Dominion. While I wait i take my combat knife and start to scrap the Dominion Emblem off of my shoulder plate.
Mike looks at the immortal.

"Damn. Thanks. Hell, it's ragnarok time."
"...?..." Terrans and there obscure references.
This rp died.... :( Hope you all had fun.
I had fun.

Final log.

The zerg are coming in at us from all directions. The sentries and photon cannons are keeping them back. I received word from the fleet that they have escaped successfully. My sacrifice has not been in vain. Many ptotoss lives have been saved, and that makes my sacrifice worth it all. The terrans do not think all hope is lost, we may yet meet the ship sent to receive data and kill us. If we survive the zerg onslaught that long I will take over the ship myself. I owe these terrans for staying with me. I am immortal, but this may be my last battle. I know that I will fight to the end. There is one thing I know to be true above all else.


End Log.

I did enjoy it as well.

Report of Armigo recovery crew.

Last know log of Lieutenant Hawk found by Dominion crew of The Battle Warden on a hostile protoss planet. No traces of him or the soldiers were found.
"Well i guess this is my last audio log as a soldier and officer for the Dominion. Me and the remaining men from my squad have defected. If anyone from the Dominion finds this and listens i suggest that you don't try to find me or the data recovered from the Armigo. The spectre had sent it with a reaper to the Raiders. Me and Aximus the protoss Immortal have fought to the end with the zerg. We now make our way for some other planet.

End log

Crew of The Battle Warden tried to track leutenant Hawk with no success. Search continues to this day.
End Report.
OOC: Does it have to end?

Spectre 15:

The thrusters of the warp pod fade to a speck of light, and then disappear. I look up at my fading escape plan, then down at the dark oblong stone in my hand. The data from the Amerigo had been right, but this was all I found. I hope it's worth it.

Why did I stay behind? I'm still not sure. Something in me did not want to leave my allies--friends?--behind. I've changed a lot since I crashed on that moon. Somehow my desire for power and revenge has faded.
If I find nothing else on this world, hopefully I'll find peace. Or at least an honorable death.

I head towards the sound of the fighting. I want to be there for this last battle.

OOC: It would be awesome if you could make a sequel to this (if there's enough interest). I still think there's more that could be done with my character and the story as a whole.
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