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Three more collosi followed by several 20 some stalkers running out of the forest, blinking to chase the marine.
Colossi at the crash site?

We are no where close to there. Except for the zerg celebrit.
I can psionically crush the minds of the stalkers when they get in range, but the Colossus are your problem.
(@zanon: don't you need to see your warp point? How did you warp on top of me if you didn't know where I was?)

Well, I guess the protoss aren't friendly. "I'll take the Colossi. I'll need cover from the stalkers, however." Aximus steps forward and opens fire. "X, take out any observers you detect." X follows at a distance. Suddenly, a launcher pops out, and a rocket leaves a trail of smoke to the observer, which becomes debris. I cloak and move forward past the stalkers to the first colossus. I draw my C-10 canister rifle, already loaded with an EMP round, and fire, taking down it's shields. A psionic lash destoys one of it's legs, and it crashes to the ground, crushing several stalkers. I do the same to the second colossus, this time lashing it's power core. It goes down in a fiery explosion.

I look back and see that Aximus is being heavily focus fired by stalkers, I make a hand motion seen only by X and the raven deploys auto turrets to draw fire. Meanwhile, the last two colossus turn towards me. Obviously there were more observers. I load a lockdown missile in each of my rifles, and fire, disabling both of them. X fires an emp shockwave missile that takes down both shields. I reach the colossi. I plant a charge on one leg of each, and run to escape as both come crashing down to earth.

I decloak near Aximus, who has finished off the stalkers. "So who's next?"
Sentry: He creates a large hologram of a Protoss HighArch,

HighArch: "Filthy Terran scum shall not desecrate these sacred and holy lands... he will come for you soon..." The transmission ends and the sentry 'hovers' away.
I do not open fire when the specter requests. I instead march forward. I will not kill a protoss unless forced to. I continue to move forward.
"I am High Templar Aximus. Colossi override directive: power down."
The colossi shuts down.
"Stalkers, state your business in this area, and give me the name of your commander."

(as a High Templar I outrank everyone on the battle field.)

Sorry for messing with your plan Archangel.
I shall send a Changeling to see the Hierarch's fortress. If need be we must not hesitate to destroy these Protoss. Hopefully they will have hostility towards us when they find out we are harboring Protoss ourselves.
@zanon: I already killed all of the colossi, and most of the stalkers are dead as well. Also, these protoss have been corrupted by the dark voice (read yodaguy's first post), so they won't respond to your command. However, your post would still make sense, as the colossi whose legs I destroyed, may be partially operational, even though they are not functional.

Aximus is arguing with the one colossus that had managed to keep it's main computer online. I've done my job here. As I slip away, I hear a marine say "Hey, what happened to that ghost?"
I supress the urge to scramble his innards. Project Shadow Blade, where the spectres come from, was extremely top secret, so very few know the difference.

Going back to the ship, I cannibalize a few parts to create a subspace communicator. I type in a few coordinates, and on the holoprojector appear the chilling eyes of Gabriel Tosh. "Good to hear from you brother. Have you accomplished your mission?"
"Yes. I have found a weapon with which to destroy Mengsk. I hold up my data module. "What is in here is possibly the greatest find since the discovery of the zerg."
Tosh leans forward. "Looking forward to it. I have accomplished my mission as well. Your brothers will be awaiting your arrival."
I hesitate. "Actually, I'm in need of transportation. could you send the warp pod?"
Tosh sighs. "You are a deadly soldier, but have crashed more ships than anyone else I know."
"Are you sending it or not?"
"It will come."
"Good. Oh, and I'll want some backup. Could you send a few of those reapers you're so fond of?" Seeing the look on his face, I add, "trust me, it will be worth it." I flip off the comm.
X heads back to the main group, and I disappear into the jungle. (I'm just assuming it's a jungle planet.)
Terran encryption is so simple. The protoss have been using subspace for hundreds of years. I know that Gabriel Tosh is with Raynor's Raiders. I do not know what the mission is. It makes the trust hard to maintain.

I reprogram the colossi threat recognition program. They stand on there three legs and move to either side of the where we are.
(seriously? Those colossi should be completely unable to walk, and even if they could, how could they get themselves upright again?)

A patrol of hostile protoss goes missing. A second patrol of protoss is sent to investigate, and also goes missing. An observer sent to investigate suddenly loses contact.
Marine: "Glad I set up that jammer.... But we haven't seen any toss since the Collosus..."
Feeling useless because of no armament I was at least able to be a distraction to the attacking protoss. After the battle i scavenge for weapons. I manage to find a functional gauss rifle and grenades as well as ammo. "Well Aximus looks like most the survivors were killed. Since these are your people I will not kill them unless I have to."
"Men regroup on me maintain com silence until further notice." I order
(assuming the dark voice has them)

"Do not bother terran. These protoss have been robbed of enlightenment, they surrendered themselves to the oblivion that awaits. They call it a higher power, but in truth it is contamination of the Kala. Spare none."
He said he destroyed one leg each. you only need three for a stable platform.

Kind of like how a human can stand on one leg. But if you cut a leg off they fall over.
"Understood. Men any protoss with the markings like the ones that had attacked us are to be shot on sight. Shoot to kill try to conserve ammo we are limited on supplies and probably wont get any more for a while."
I try to contact command but not luck. We must be out of range of any dominon satellite or ship.
Pilot Duid: He cooks some Karak over a firepit and the Marines tell random stories making time go, as nothing has happened in a bit.

I'm now lost. :/
(@Zanon: fine, but you also have to assume that the colossi were damaged by the fall.)
(Also, can someone give this protoss tribe a name? So we can distingish between allied and enemy protoss more easily)
(Also, can anyone explain why my bold/italic/quote won't work?)

"Greetings, Commander Hawk"
Marine exhibits emotion: surprise.
"Were you unaware of my presence?"
The Marine looks around. "What happened to your ghost buddy?"
"That information is classified. This unit has scouted the area. The protoss have been mobilizing ground forces. Your forces are severely outnumbered. Air power is minimal but sensors read that stargates are online, so we should expect air power as well. Conclusion: Your forces will not survive a direct confrontation with the protoss in the state they are in, even with the additional colossi."
"I figured we were out numbered. I never planed on using direct confrontation with these protoss. Even if all the men were full strength and I had more to work with direct attack or defense is a reckless move. Thank you though for the reading on the stargates."
Great now the protoss are massing air forces. Our anti air weapons a almost none we might have one S.A.M. but that wont do much because of the shields. The woods are fairly dense and we might be able to use that for cover from the air ships. We might be able to utilize the thick under growth for ambushing and traps.
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Other Notes: Intelligent. Speaks many languages. Likes to read.

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