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(Welcome Sitnduckz.)
Looking at Aximus I wonder if he might have any ideas. I know he can read my thoughts as he is a Templar.
(assuming nuparu wants to join)

"We shall wait for the Thor to land."
(Hawk)"What Thor?"
"The one that took the second drop ship. They took the coat tails of our warp, so it took them longer to get here. We are lucky. Several scv's are on board. They will crash near here.
(Hawk)"How do you know?"
"These protoss have been monitoring their descent, but have not been able to get anything close enough to intercept. The protoss are not incripting their massages."
Raven X-1153:
"A thor would be a valuable strategic asset. However, ambushing will be impractical due to the Thor's severe lack of stealth, and its need for protection against light infantry. We could set up a defensive position, but once the protoss warp in enough air, they will be able to overwhelm any defenses we make, even with a thor. I suggest we attack the protoss base before they are able to warp in air."
Commander Hawk: "Their defenses are too strong. Even with a thor, we still woudn't get through."
X-1153: "I have access to information that you do not. With this added information, my strategic analysis reveals that your forces will be victorious. The protoss defenses will be neutralized before you reach the enemy settlement."
Marine exhibits expression: dubious, but does not argue.
A warp signature is detected in orbit. However, no ship is found.
Raven X-1153 Log: More long-range scouting reveals a zerg presence on the opposite side of the protoss base. Fairly small, and does not seem to attack the protoss unless they venture too close. A large hunter-killer is seen leading zerg packs.
"Offensive it is. Do not destroy the production buildings. I can take control of them after we are victorious."

"We march to victory."

I begin to march, we have no time to waste.
Character Profile

Subject Name: Rasputin
Date of Birth: Some time during Brood-War
Race: Zerg, Hunter-Killer
Alliance: Chaotic-Neutral
Other Notes: Intelligent. Speaks many languages. Likes to read.

Retrieving Profile History... Please wait...

Subject Background:
Subject 243 Rasputin, or "Raz" as he prefers to call himself, was once a normal Hunter-Killer, serving the Swarm. He was charged with a patrol mission along with 2 other Hunter-Killers. Dominion forces intercepted them, killed 2 of the Hunters, then captured Raz for research.
Dominion scientists attempted to "tame" the Hunter, if they where successful, then they could tame entire Zerg armies. They used many types of drugs, Psionic Conditioning, and many other methods. One method, however, worked.
But the results where... unexpected.
The Hunter was not tamed and under Dominion control, instead, he was given free-will, free-thought, he was his own person, free from the Swarm's control. Named Rasputin by the scientists, the Hunter-Killer soon learned to many things, at amazing speeds. He learned how to speak English in the next 5 days, to read in 3, and most amazing, he learned to operate a computer in the next week. He also learned other languages on his own, and developed a intelligent-sounding accent.
After a month, Raz was released to a Zerg hive on a protoss planet (the current one), hoping that he might be able to pass his intellect on too other Zerg creatures.
That plan, failed.
Raz was banished from the hive, and now wanders the forests, to one day find the one thing he never had.

A friend.
The scout marine sees the large oversized red outline of a Hunter Killer, he cocks his rifle and slowly walks over too it, for it's not moving...

"What am I doing.."

He walks over and sees it, he prepares to fire but, something compels him, and he just stares blankly at the zerg.
Well with the information that the raven and Aximus had given me I walk to a spot where I can think over what my options are. I find a small grove where there is only way to get in. I sit down and think on what to do.
You hear Protoss sounds outside, a battle of some sort...
Hearing the sounds of battle I get up an start to move slowly move towards the sounds my weapon armed.
Outside you see Carriers, Scouts, Phoenix's, Void Rays, Arbiters, and hundreds of zealots and Dragoons, Stalkers blinking, High Templars Storming, Dark Templars slicing up Zealots, a war bewtween protoss... Yellow and Blue Protoss fighting... may the Conclave have to come to destroy this Heretic Ridden planet?
Seeing this battle I stay hidden not knowing if the newly arrived protoss are hostile towards me.
Suddenly, from the trees out of nowhere, Hundreds of thousands of Zerglings leap off of a nearby hill into the mess, obviously smart enough to take advantage of the fact they're fighting eachother.The Conclave and Dark Templar clan keep fighting eachother, while killing zerg.
Great more zerg i think to myself. I start back to the main group. On the way back I double back a couple different times as well as take an indirect route just to make sure I wasn't followed.
Upon arrival I inform Aximus of the battle I saw while it was still fresh in my mind.
With this new information I decided that we will attack their base though we should do so through a weaker point in their defenses.
The heretical protoss will be distracted by the other protoss and zerg as they pose more of a threat to them than me and my men.
Psi Blades flicker to light surrounding you in one big circle... Uh Oh...
Random marine over hunter killer is killed by a stalker that blinks near him. It explodes when my phase cannons hit it. I walk right past the hunter killer. Since it did not move it does not register as a threat (Basically I didn't see it). I stop on a hill so I command the high ground. I am less than 8 feet from the hunter killer. My shields stop many incoming lances, and I take down many stalkers. The sound of a crash in the distance signals the arrival of the Thor.
Yes, now.

Everything sees a huge gas cloud appear, as a medivac is seen crashing into orbit.

And... the hatch opens, revealing a severely damaged Thor walking out. It is seen that it has holes all over it, and no ammunition.
It's not easy trying to sneak through a protoss base, even with cloaking. Especially if the base is filled with invisible protoss sni-ahem, detectors. Fortunately, due to psionic interference, observers can't scan inside the nexus itself. The centerpiece of the nexus is the khaydarin crystal.
Pylons draw power from a psionic energy matrix. The nexus provides the link to this matrix. While destroying the nexus will not depower the pylons, there is something else I can do. I reach out with my mind and connect with the crystal. The crystal flares as i pour energy into it. Finally, it flashes as a psionic pulse emeanates from the crystal. The nexus being disrupted, the pylons temporarily lose power, and consequently, so do the photon cannons.
They'd better move fast, they have about 45 seconds until the pylons power back up.
Great surrounded by protoss what is left of my squadron and I are out numbered. I notice the markings on their armor are not the same as the ones that attacked us earlier. Unsure as to whether or not they would kill us I am not sure whether or not to try to reason with them. Aximus was already gone from the camp.
Suddenly, G-4 clusterbombs fall from above, minicharges spreading under most of the zealots. The zealots that survive the explosion have their shields taken down. Four reapers jetpack down from the trees, dual pistols firing rapidly. The remaining protoss retreat into the forest.
X-1153: "Reaper team epsilon. Your timing is impeccable."
I destroy the pylons that power the point defenses. Then march forward, to the nexus.

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