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SIde Note: Gah! So many different locations and events. First off, the marine is not killed, the one by the Hunter Killer nobody kills mah Plot Devices, Second, The Reapers would be chopped up by zerglings and Dts supah fast, nobody kills mah PLOT DEVICES! But don't worry I'm not Gonna Kill any of you.

@LeKroger: The 12 Zealots are accompanied by one High Templar, he Psi Cuffs your hands and they arch you behind the battle towards what seems to be a gateway outpost.
Air Unit Above you: "Prismatic Core charging... Prepare to engage on the Immortal destroying our ground forces."

3 Prismatic Beams gloom down on you, burning, destroying your shields even with Hardening, you are quickly able to escape into a nearby cave while your shields recharge.

"He has dissapeared commander... Target is all but Neutralized without his shields."
The Reapers are chopped all but one, who is able to get out three mines, blowing up the unpowered Photon Cannons and the Dark Templars. The Protoss are now aware someone is here. But, you are cloaked until your suit runs out of energy so you should be fine.
@Stinduckz The single marine stares blankly towards you, waiting for you to make a move. He has his finger on the trigger, but doesn't want to fire.
I am furious. I turn to the cave entrance and launch a large burst of hellfire missiles, setting them to auto target. There is no allied air so whatever they find is an enemy. Two of the three go down. I wait for both layers of my shield to power back up.
Marine: "Holy !@#$!" He runs into the cave ducking down as a void ray fires his beam at him, the void ray misses his shot and shoots the entrance above, and it caves in.. you are now trapped in a cave possibly filled with Zerg.

Marine: "Uhh... Sorry?"
Being held prisoner is not exactly what i had planed though that means my men are still alive as am I. I never knew the protoss took prisoners.
High Templar: "Terran, we know this is 'uncommon' in your land... but we request you and your allies aid to help defeat the Heretical Protoss."
I am surprised. Why shackel me and my troops then ask for us to aid them. I would have thought they would have asked back at the camp.
I look at the templar. "Me and my soldiers can aid you. We are limited on supplies though and many are wounded. I will aid you to the best of my ability as these Heretical protoss have killed many of my men. As for the other I have not received and word from them in some time." I reply to him.
He knods and unshakels you, he floats over to a nearby tent and brings out 10 of your troops. They are all well fed (looking) and appear to have been bandaged and cleaned up from their last battle.
I see the men come out of the tent and see them looking better than they were before. I take my gauss rifle and check my ammo. Only 60 rounds left plus maybe an additional 120 that I have in back clips. I have 4 grenades.
I look to my men who have also armed themselfs. They know as well as I do that we are risking our lives for this. Maybe these protoss will aid us in getting home after we aid them. "Men form up on me." I brief them on what is going on and what we will be doing. They accept the words bitterly but they follow me none the less. I feel guilt as I know at least one or two will probably die and we all will probably be wounded.
One last time i try to contact the Dominion. I am greeted by a families voice. It is the emperor. He asks if we have what we were seeking on the Armigo. I inform him one of our ghosts has the information knowing that it was a spectre and a lie. He congratulates me and says there was a ship heading to our location to pick us up. The ships name is familiar, The Battle Warden. It is one that has a shady back ground. I've heard that squads pick up by it were never heard from again. I didn't like the sound of that what ever it was the he wanted off of the science vessel he didn't want anyone else to know about.
Ship? Terran? War? Did I mention there were Phoenixes? The Protoss will most likely kill anything coming from orbit, as most incoming Terrans are usually hostile.
"...." (inside immortal face palm.) Terrans.

I remove a terran laxer drill that I picked up from the reckage of the amerigo. I begin to drill a way out, careful not to bring the cave down on us.
The fish inside your suit also facepalms with his left fin.
The ship is for extraction not a battle its not hostile to the Protoss. Except maybe the Heretical protoss.
OOC: Nuparu, since you have your Thor, mind if I get you into a Fist Fight with an Omegalisk? 60 ton 8 story high Mech vs 100 ton 6 story high Beast.
Raven X-1153 Log: Reaper team epsilon ambushed by dark templar. One reaper survived the attack. The maximum capacity in the warp pod is quite a bit more than 4, so it is possible that Gabriel Tosh sent more troops. However, the reaper, who insists on being called Skull, will not divulge information to anyone other than Spectre 15. I am following what appear to be friendly protoss. This development may result in many more allies.
Note: I--correction, unit--is beginning to personify self. Will investigate further later.
I managed to escape from the nexus. With my nyx-class cloaking system, I can remain cloaked indefinitely, but it doesn't really matter if I'm detected by an observer. However, the protoss have a gap in their security in the mineral fields. I run past probes hard at work. The mining area ends in a tall cliff with few handholds. Apparently, however, they have set observers and zealots to guard the fields. As I run to the cliff, being chased down by zealots, a single reaper flies up. "Grab on!" We both jump off the cliff to safety.
I widen a hole big enough for the terran. I decide to save time and cut the rest to the shape of an immortal.
"See what is going on terran."
God, I forget about this RP for a few days, and now I can't get myself to catch up!

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