Part One Of The Game Is DONE!!!

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Are you on mac?
If so, this will not work.
go to the windows button and on search at the bottom type notepad. It should come up.

If it doesnt you might not have it but then again idk how your comp works so... and if its mac i doubt youll find it.

You could post a screenshot of your window thingie so i can know exactly what you should do.

If you do happen to find it copy and paste the two posts together. save it as blahblah.bat and play.
color 4
echo you died... thats not a good thing...
pause >nul
set /p input= WOuld you like to restart?Y/N
if %input%==Y goto :start1
if %input==N exit
ehco Fine Then

We have another error. :/
yes i am
Ok fixed it. Death should work now. I should probably skim over the code and make sure it spells out right. Like the death one i missed a percent sign.


Maybe its your computer? Im not really sure what to do now XD The only thing i can think of is that your pasting it wrong. Are you copying only the text and nothing else? (like the name or the like or dislike button. You need to stop it right at the end, if you go one line down it copies the like/dislike buttone code.) And that when your copying the 2nd post your pasteing it on the line below exit.
Wait, I have notepad and i pasted it in thier but it wont work!?
08/18/2011 11:43 AMPosted by Ender
Wait, I have notepad and i pasted it in thier but it wont work!?

Save it as (name).txt
Click the name
rename to (name).bat


The echo was spelled wrong as well.
Hahaaa this is more trouble then its worth XD i think i might just post the text adventure in thread form like Rogtarholy's.
Save it as (name).txtClick the namerename to (name).bat

I did that but it wont work still
Then you might have copied it wrong. Did you make sure to get only the post and not the like/dislike button or the name?
Im thinking of anyway i could make this easier but aside from asking you guys to tell me your email I could mail it to you i got nothing. If anybody knows a website i could upload it too without signing up for anything or downloading stuff that would be great.
Holy crap this is effin sweet. I found notepad and did everything and its awsome. I'm savin the rest of it for tommorrow and cant wait. I am at the part where you fight the pirates after you land.
Thanks :D glad to see you finnaly got it. It is pretty short though (sadly) because it takes forever to code and if i were to make an entire long game it would most likely fill up an entire thread XD
When you finish it leave a comment and ill get started on part 2.
sorry wfawwer my best guess is just your pasting it wrong. Or your not doing it in notepad.
yay i got the betrayal ending =D
it was pretty good, other than short. u r pretty good at this.
I don't get it......what is this suppose to be anyways???
You have to bring up your notepad option, use your search option on the start menu if u cant find it, then copy and paste the wall of text, then save it as any name u want, but make sure to put .bat at the end or it wont work.
Glad to see you liked it chesty :D
Being as no one else has said what they got ill just have to use that ending.

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