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I have participated in several RP's and thought that I would like to begin my own. Once set up, it will be a semi-closed RP, but I'll explain how that works in a moment. I am looking for three people with exceptional writing skills to help make this entertaining and fun. Each person will command a high ranking official in either the Terran/Protoss/Zerg army. For this recruitment, I will explain the backstory to this RP, and then give information on how to apply.


Many eons ago on the distant planet Ga'zhur, several of the Xel'Naga gathered. They were outcasts; removed from their population due to an unforgivable crime of murdering their own. Deep underneath it's icy surface, these Xel'Naga were driven to madness, drunk with the poisoning desire for revenge. With their limited access to technology, they devised a powerful weapon which would have the power to destroy an entire star system completely, leaving no trace of it behind. They would then be able to destroy the budding Protoss that their brothers were so fond of, and revenge would be sweet.

However, the energy of the device was as poisonous as the Xel'Naga's desire for revenge. Before it could be used, each of the Xel'Naga were enveloped by its overwhelming power, and the device became dormant, within the planet's crust.

Recently, however, it has become active again, calling out, allowing for Terran, Protoss, and Zerg to hear it calling. Each force has sent one of their highest ranking leaders to retrieve the artifact.


This RP will have a winner, depending on the cleverness and intelligence that the writer puts into the RP. I will provide information for what is going on at any given time. I will throw both good luck and bad luck at people to see how they deal with it. In order to apply, please fill out the following information:

Desired Position: Commander(Terran) - Executor(Protoss) - Brood Mother(Zerg)

History of Character: (How you came to be a powerful leader in your respective race.)

Answers to the following questions, so that I can see your writing skill and motivation.

In the following situations, please explain what you would do, and why?

You are fighing an army that is vastly superior to yours. Continued battle will surely end in defeat. Do you:
A. Fight fiercely to the death, taking as many of them as you can?
B. Retreat to save your forces in order to fight another day?
C. Reach into your pocket and pull out a Doomsday weapon you forgot you had until just now, point it at the army, and say 'ZAP!' watching them melt before you?

An enemy surrenders themself to you.Do you:
A. Accept their surrender and take them as prisoners?
B. Decline their surrender and slaughter them as they are weaponless?
C. Throw down your weapons and surrender to them, because they secretly have a Doomsday weapon?

A loved one is the victim of your greatest enemy. Do you:
A. Vow revenge and spend all of your time plotting to kill them?
B. After feeling grief, you try your best to forgive your enemy so that you will not take emotion into your decision making, and therefore be able to fight with a clear mind?
C. LOL JK, mai Doomsday device also can turn dead people into Zombies!

Lastly, I want you to write a small portion of a story. The situation is as follows:

It is the eve before the battle. Your enemies gather their forces outside your stronghold. It will be a truly epic battle, but there will be casualties on each side. What are your thoughts, strategems, ideas, and worries as you approach battle, and what are you doing to prepare?

If you want to paste this template, it might help:

Desired Position :

History of Character :

Answer to Question :




Short Writing Sample:

Lastly, I said this would be a semi-closed RP. The reason being is that if any of the Leaders would like to have people under them become writers as well, they may allow them to do so. I will leave it to their discression. I will let this run for a couple days maximum, or until I find some writers which I really like. Good luck, and I look forward to seeing some interesting writing from you all!
Man, normally I would love to, but I'm kind of busy managing two characters in a separate story.
same (story) lolz
@Thundercrash and Hyperion

Sucks guys, you will be missed. Keep me posted if things free up in the future =)
Take a look if you're interested, always welcome new characters.

Cloaked love, a Starcraft 2 Romance.
Protoss executor

History: I was a high templar during the brood wars. Zerg scrouge took out fleet command and our flag ship was destroyed. I was field promoted to admiral. I continued, and then won the fight against the zerg. I was raised to executor in honor of my victory. I continued to win victory after victory, I was offered a seat on the council several times, but I turned down the offer. I wished to be in battle, not in politics.

    Q1: Option D, Retreat then glass the planet.(B)

    Q2: Option A

    Q3: Option D, cold fury, wait then kill them(Revenge is a dish best served cold)

I sit in my command chair, waiting. The terran fleet was due to arrive soon. Altopon 4 was a protoss planet, it also was full of rich mineral nodes. The terrans had turned their greedy eyes to the planet. I will stop them.
"Terran vessels detected."
I lean forward. "Set void rays to intercept battle cruisers, phoenix are to intercept vikings. Launch interceptors. Charge all phase cannons, shields up. Full forward thrusters on my mark. 3..2..1.. Mark!"

The ship shutters slightly as the engines bring it up to speed. The two fleets begin to close. This will be a short battle, the terrans are out numbered. "Frontal assault, we shall come at them dead on, prepare to shift axis of attack 90 degrees down once we have engaged. That will confuse the enemy greatly."

*Side note: Did I explain the change of axis well enough for everyone to understand?*
Desired Position : Brood Mother.

History of Character : Ebon always knew he was...different. From the day he came out of his Prototype Brutalisk morph, Zerg just...understood...that he was different. (He appears as a Hydraling, with the build of a Zergling, claws of a Hydralisk, and the tail of a Hydralisk.) His Queen quickly took a liking to his speed and damage (And conveniently overlooked his fragile body) ) Ebon eventually took over his Hive area, and , with a bit of Kerrigan's help, persuaded the other Queens to allow him to rule a Hive. Since then, his Hive has prospered, until the call of something strange came..

Answer to Question :

1: B

2: A

3: B
(Short Writing)

Ebon "Landed" on the surface of this planet, convinced it was nothing more than an Artifact for Kerrigan. With a long war in sight, he decided it would be best to make many Drones, good for the long run. He prepares multiple Spine/Spore Crawlers, spawns a few Overlords to see where his enemies may be, and settles in for a siege.

We have one problem...Monday through Friday of next week, I am gone. Hopefully, I can appear as a later character.
Desired position: Terran commander (pirate)
History of character: My name is Lucius Jackson. I guess you could say being a pirate runs in the family. My father, Charles Jackson, was the original captain of the Battlecruiser Duke’s Revenge. I spent my childhood on the decks of the battlecruiser, learning all I could about commanding a fleet. It all ended when my father’s first officer decided he wanted to be in command. He killed my father, and would have killed me, but I escaped in a drop pod. I was only 16, but on that day, I became a man.
I quickly rose up in the ranks as a mercenary. I did jobs, made connections. I was known throughout the mercenary community as a ruthless commander. All of it was for one goal: to regain my father’s ship, and have justice for his death. When I finally took control, I found that the man who killed my father was dead, as well as every other captain in a long line of mutinies. I would put an end to that.
I renamed the ship Jackson’s Revenge, and began to build my fleet. Rebel fleets, mercenaries, old UED and Confederate battlecruisers that had survived the brood war; all joined my fleet. You want something done, I’m the guy you go to. It’ll cost you, though.
Answers to questions:
1. B
2. A
3. B

Short writing segment:
“Alert! Protoss ships on approach vector!” A large fleet of protoss ships is on a course to intercept our fleet. I am unfazed. A confident captain means a confident crew. “Launch wraith and Vikings. Load EMP missiles into into ravens. Take down their shields.”
Are the rich minerals on this planet worth the lives that will undoubtedly be lost in this battle? The buyer will pay top dollar for these minerals, no matter how many people die. I wonder how many of my friends will live to fight another battle. There is no more time for thought as the fleet approaches.
"Bring the Revenge up front to draw fire, and activate defensive matrix. The Bastion and Excalibur will back us up with Yamato cannons. Fire EMP missiles now!”
And the battle begins.
Desired position: Zerg Brood Leader

Short history:
Long ago, as the extended zerg armada swirled dormant through the void, A powerful creature was spawned within the world of flesh and bone. A physically repulsive and weak creature, It survived by suckling on the backs of leviathans, a practice that would quickly kill the host creature and leave the brood one creature weaker. This quickly attracted the attention of the overmind, who gave the creature a massive, powerful body as punishment... Before shackling him with thousands of parasites and a strong psychic leash. The creature remained like this until the overmind was annihilated on the surface of aiur. Once unchained, however, The creature devoured the parasites that hung ancient and swollen on his body, and set out into the void, refreshed by its recent feast.
The creature has since named itself Mar, and commands a powerful zerg brood independent from the greater swarm. The beast holds no grudge against his brethren however, and will work cooperatively with them so long as it is advantageous to his brood.
physically Mar looks like a massive, Cthulhu like creature, covered in carapace and stretching over miles and miles. However the creature cannot survive atmospheric flight and so remains in space.

1. B
2. B
3. A

Mar saw through the eyes of its brood the telltale blue lights that marked the landing of protoss atmospheric craft and colonization forces. It quickly relayed orders through its overlords to direct the spawning of drones and defensive tissue within the creep such as spine and spore crawlers. That being done, he orchestrated the spawning of countless zerg creatures, corresponding to specific enemy weapons that were anticipated. if the enemy is of an unusual tribe as is somewhat common with the protoss, the particular units that Mar has spawned may be worthless or less effective then they are needed to be. cautiously, an overseer was sent forward to gather information about the protoss encampment.


I can recommend hellspork. He makes a habit of longer, well thought out posts.
So does archangel, now that I think about it.

By the way hellspork, missing you in The Wrath of the First Born
I've really enjoyed your entries so far, everyone, and I look forward to working with the people I end up choosing. I have just gone through and have written up the initial scenario you will be playing out, and I'll give you a bit of a teaser at the end of this post. I would also like to announce that since we have at least one of every leader, I will be closing this recruitment thread at 8:00PM MST (7:00 PST, 10:00PM EST). If you would like to post your template in order to be considered as part of this RP, please do so before then. I will then create the 'Tears of the Fallen' thread, and we will continue from there.

The story will begin with a scenario for you all to show your decision making and diplomacy skills. The three forces will approach the planet with their fleets in order to first set up an Orbital Base. Three options will be available: an orbiting Space Platform, an abandoned Xel'Naga worldship, and a small moon. There will be advantages and disadvantages for each location, as well as race specific benefits for two of the three options. You will have to negotiate with the other commanders where you will land, and if you decide the same place, then you will need to prepare for battle. Battle will lessen each of your forces, which the other player will be able to use to his advantage.

Good luck, and I'm really excited.
I hope I am the Brood Lord :D
Wait can the 3 guys invite other guys?

The reason being is that if any of the Leaders would like to have people under them become writers as well, they may allow them to do so. I will leave it to their discression.

I don't hold my writing skills very high...I can never seem to write large paragraphs.
Woe is me on the SAT.
My Pirate commander idea is not just for the submission, I also think it would be a cool idea to include in the story.
Thank you so much for your entries everyone. The recruitment is now closed. I will be going through the entries and pick who I thought had the most interesting writing style and creativity. Will post soon.
Zanon - (Currently Nameless) Protoss Executor

Archangel - Terran Commander, Pirate, and Captian Lucius Jackson

Hellspork - Brood Leader Mar

Congratulations to our writers. I was very impressed by their writing and feel they will really help make this RP both enjoyable to write as well as read. The actual RP will be up in a couple minutes, with instructions of how you will proceed. Feel free to ask me questions as well, and I'll be more than happy to answer them!
I have one:
How often do we have to be on? I'm in college, so I can't be on all day, but I'll try to get on at least a couple times a day.
@Archangel: I want this to be well thought out, and prefer quality over quantity. Therefore, I'll get opinions from all of you how much you feel will be able to write while still making the story seem cool. I'm currently thinking about having two-three engagements a day, where I present a situation, the three leaders negotiate with each other, and then I fill in casualties resulting in any battles that take place (to avoid bias). I'm open to ideas of how you guys want to run things too, so let me know.
I thinks it all depends on whether it's leaning more towards competitive text-based game, or cooperatively written fanfic. Most of the RPs I've seen are some combination of the two.
Desired Positon: Zerg Leader
Short History: When Zeratul read the Overmiinds last thoughts and feelings he awakened the dormant spirit of Tassadar. But that was not the only thing that awakened. The cerebrate born to protect Kerrigan was also awakened. He found that many Zerg were feeding on him. Those he easily took control of. Slowly but surely he began to take control of many of the Auir brood. He named it Cetus Brood and he named himself Ladon. when he heard the call of the weapon he decided that he wouldclaim it and use it to protect Kerrigan

1 B
2 A(infestion)
3. A
Upon the behemoth the cerebrate along with prepared for combat. He sensed the Terran fleet. They would be infested. But the protoss who had massacred his entire family, the Overmind, his brother cerebrates and since he couldn't feel her presence, his sister. They would pay for this and Zeratul would have the honor of being killled by him personally.
After all, was he not Ladon, son of the father of monsters?

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