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Welcome! This is a guide to the forums, for new-comers and forum veterans alike. I hope some part of it or another will be helpful for everyone!

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please post! Among some things you can do to help:

    Suggest threads\links for the “Helpful Links and Information” index

    Post frequently asked questions for the FAQ at the end

    If you are familiar with sub-forums, post the post commonly misplaced thread topics so I can make note of them under Navigation

    In general, let me know what you think

So without further ado:




  • Site Features

  • Forum Lingo

  • Post Formatting

  • Navigation: Where should my thread go?

Creating Good Posts

  • Disapproved Posts

  • Encouraging Helpful Replies

Further Information

  • Helpful Links and Information

  • FAQ

*Hint: If you want to get to a particular section quickly, use your browser’s Search function (Usually CTRL + F) and enter in the section names listed in the Table of Contents


I advise skim reading this post - if you don't know how, look up a guide for it. The basic idea is to quickly read parts of the post and look for relevant\interesting\important information and bolded text\titles and stop to thread at sections of interest. Reading the whole thing can be lengthly and waste time in some cases, but feel free to read the entire thread!

Read these if you haven't already:

The Code of Conduct or Rules:
Most of it is common sense, but this is a very readable document that is extremely easy to skim.

Forum Guidelines:
Lists a lot of common things that are “Frowned Upon” – sort of an extension of the CoC

And at least pay attention to ALL forum stickies! They are there for a reason! If nothing else, check for new ones and read their titles in case they are important or answer questions you might have.

Other than that, I hope this guide is helpful and enjoy your stay!

    First Section: Navigation

      Subsection: Site Features

The Starcraft 2 site is packed with useful features. To make sure you get the best out of your stay at the forums, I will give you a tour of all the site offers. Navigation Bar can be found at the most top-right of the page. From this tab you can access your account and issue help tickets. When a Blizzard replies to a Help Ticket, it will show up here.

Search Starcraft II bar is just below - a very powerful tool. As a test, search for “account” - a summary will appear, showing you grouped results from all parts of the site! Clicking on a group – such as “Forums” or Blog Articles” will allow you to sort the results by Relevance, Date, and Popularity. Want to narrow down the results even more? Visit any of the sub forums and a search bar will appear above the main body that allows you to search only that area. Before creating a thread, always search for another thread that answers your question!

Site Navigation Bar is just below that – with your Player Information to the right. Clicking your name will allow you to view your profile, see your character code, and check your post history.

Post History is another very useful tool. It allows you to view all of your posts so you can count how many you've made or return to old posts.

Here is a summary of each page on the navigation bar. (It would take too long to them in detail)

    The Home page: Contains the Blizzard Blog. Check here for the latest news in the Starcraft Community, Blizzard Updates, and Polls.

    Game tab: You can view Grandmasters for all regions, the HotS preview, and view Blizzard Mod’s and Map Tutorials - In addition to game information and lore.

    The Community page: Links you to Starcraft’s official Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. You can also find fan-art, contests, Blizzard casts, newsletters and eSports news here.

    Media: Contains Videos, Screenshots, Artwork, Wallpapers, Comics, and Audio downloads for ringtones.

    Forums: Brings you to the Forums index.
    Services: Account services, Name Changes, Digital Store, Account Security, Services, and Support – that kind of stuff!

The rest of this guide will be on the Forums page. ( )

Basics of the forum:

On each individual post, you will see these options when you hover over them:

      1. Drop-down arrow next to any players name shows their Character code, profile, and post history. You can also ignore them from this list, blocking all of their posts.

      2. Hover over a post to see Reply, Quote , and Like\Dislike buttons.

      3. If the Like button is hit on a post enough times, the post will be marked as “Highly Liked” and will turn a much brighter blue. Likes also contribute to what posts appear on the Popular Topics list.

      4. The Thumbs Down arrow has several options: Dislike, Trolling, Spam, and Report. The Dislike, Trolling, and Spam options all serve the same function: If done enough times on a post, it will become darkened and eventually “Buried” (Hidden)

      5. Use the Report function for more severe violation of the rules. Each reported case will be reviewed by Blizzard and the appropriate action will be taken. A biohazard symbol will appear above a reported post. Using this function wisely is an excellent way to do your part in assuring the forums are well moderated.

Other features:

The Latest Blizzard Posts feature is available from the forums listing page. This does not display all Blizzard Posts! Before making a post, the Blizzard members on the forum can choose whether they want it to appear in the tracker or not.

Popular Topics list is to the side. This is a list of recent topics that are chosen based off of likes and posts. It’s not entirely clear how this works, as some “Buried” posts and deleted threads show up on this list.

You can switch to Simple and Advanced views by choosing either option just above the search box on a forum section. Advanced mode shows Last Poster, Views, and Replies next to each thread.

    Subsection: Forum Lingo

After investigating the forum features, the next most essential skill for surviving the forums is to know the local language. Blizzard themselves have released two blog posts that explain a lot of Starcraft-related lingo:

Part One:
Part Two:

You can also check out IronMans' Koprulu Dictionary:

In addition, here is a list of commonly used forum lines:

TL;DR or TLDR: This means Too long, Didn’t Read. This is often given as a reply to threads that are long, and thus the poster couldn’t be bothered to read it. Often times you will see a “TL;DR” version of a post. This is a summary of the post for people who find it too long to read.

OP: This means either Original Poster or Over Powered. It is generally easy to tell which it means based on context, for an example “The OP makes a good argument” and “Void Rays are OP”

UP: Under Powered

L2P: Learn to play.

4/10, or other “Ratings”: In context of someone explaining a Strategy or Build Order, this is talking about the supply count. In other cases the person giving this reply is simply rating the thread. (Often meant to insinuate that they think you were making a troll post and are “Rating” your trolling attempt)

/Thread: Often used when quoting another reply or after making a statement, this means that the person posting thinks the purpose of the thread has been completed or fulfilled with his reply.

ITT: In This Thread. Used to generalize the people who’ve commented in the thread. Example: “ ITT: People who QQ about balance.”

QQ: Crying Face. (Also, in Warcraft 3 Alt + QQ was used to exit the game quickly – such as if you were upset.) If you hear someone saying “QQ More!” it essentially means “Cry more!”

IBTL: In before the lock. This generally means that he\she thinks the thread is going to be closed by the moderation team. Another version is "nb4" (in before) the lock.

TIL: Today I Learned.

FTFY: Fixed that for you.

EZ: "Easy" - can be used in a lot of situations - ex: "Protoss was EZ" or to simply indicate it was "EZ" to beat someone.

Invisible Protis Sniper: A forum meme, originating when a forum poster called Dark Templar "Invisible Protis Snipers". Similar to the Candlejack meme, whenever the Protis Sniper is mentioned the everyone is supposed to end their post early with a "-" such as: "Run for your life, the Invisible Protis Sniper is here to kill us a-"

Post Formatting: Most of the formatting for posts is self evident, but Code Blocks, List Item, and Unordered list are not commonly used and can be extremely helpful.

The Pre ([ code][ /code] - code blocks) tag will place the text in a container with a scroll bar (if the text is too long.) This is useful for posting things that would usually take up a lot of space or for creating spoilers so viewers have to scroll down to see the spoiler text.

The Unordered list: [ ul] [/ul] (Using them more than once increases the indentation)

    Item 1

      Item 2

        Item 3:

And List Item: [ li] [/li]

  • Item 1

  • Item 2

  • Item 3

  • Tags can make the text look a lot cleaner as well. They can also be used in combination by using [ li] [/li] on individual items and [ ul] [/ul] on the whole group:

    • Item 1

    • Item 2

    • Item 3
      Subsection: Where should my thread go?

    Creating a thread in the wrong section is one of the most common mistakes. If you post it in the wrong section, the people with the most helpful replies may never see your thread! If you want to get good speedy replies, it’s essential to understand what each sub-forum is for.

    Posting in the first section that sounds like it could be it and leaving a message saying “Please move this thread if it’s in the wrong forum!” isn’t good either - it just makes more work for forum moderators.

    So take the time to familiarize yourself with every forum section. This area will explain what should and should not go in each section. If you still have questions, post them!


    General Discussion:
      Do: Post topics related to Starcraft not covered in the other sub forums
      Don't: Post general "Off-Topic" threads here - Such as topics related to the weather, politics, science, or any other non-Starcraft topics.

    Wings of Liberty – Campaign Discussion:
      Must Read Sticky: Spoiler Alert ( )
      Note: For fan-created fictional Wings of Liberty stories; see Joeyray’s Bar.
      Note: For discussion of the original Starcraft’s story; (or story in various Starcraft Books) see the Story Forum.

    Heart of the Swarm - Campaign Discussion

    Terran Discussion

    Protoss Discussion

    Zerg Discussion

    Multiplayer and eSports
    Discuss the Multiplayer Ladder, Starcraft Tournaments, Starcraft Teams, Starcraft Casters, and Starcraft Fan Sites here. In general, this section is for discussing the competitive side of Starcraft, and the topics surrounding it.

      Must-Ready Sticky: Comprehensive Starcraft II Ladder Guide ( )
      Don't: Report hackers here. Please report any hacking activity to with as much information as possible.
      Don't: Post ladder bugs - submit those in the Bug Report forum!

    Custom Maps

    Story Forum

    Joeyray’s Bar
    This section is for Stracraft fan fiction. This includes Interactive Adventures, Comics (that tell a story), Short Stories, and Role-play. For Discussing Starcraft’s Official story, see Story Forum or Wings of Liberty – Campaign Discussion. For other stories, see Books and Comics.

    Blizzcon Discussion (Now Read Only)


    Note: The most common mistake for this section is to confuse Technical Support, Bug Report, and Website Feedback. Threads are constantly cross-posted in all of these sections, so please take the time to learn the distinctions.

    Note: None of the support forums are meant for resolving complex issues, due to the nature of the forums. If you have a problem with billing, account management, or any other issue that involves prolonged discussion between you and a member of the Blizzard Support team or exchange of private information, you should directly contact Support via E-mail or Phone. ( )

    Furthermore, you aren't guaranteed a response from Blizzard. Though they do provide help, the advantage of the forums is that anyone can help and its easily searchable. (And it can be much faster) But if you don't get help, submit a help ticket instead - it's not a guarantee to get a Blizzard reply)
    Technical Support\Mac Technical Support
    This is for getting support on running, installing, patching, or connecting to Starcraft. This is for issues related to your hardware or connection.

      Must-Read Sticky: Archers Troubleshooting Thread ( ) (Use Search (Control+F)
      Don't: Post bugs with the game engine, achievements, or services (not caused by connection issues). Post those in Bug Report.
      Don't: Post Website bugs or issues. For any issues related to the website, irregardless of the nature, see Website Feedback.

    Bug Report
      Must-Read Sticky: How to Write a Good Bug Report ( )
      Don't: Post technical issues (issues patching, installing, etc)
      Don't: Post Website bugs or issues. For any issues related to the website, irregardless of the nature, see Website Feedback.

    Website Feedback
      Recommended Thread: Website FAQ/Q&A ( )
      Do: Post bugs, glitches, or technical difficulties with any part of the Starcraft II Community Website and request Website Features.
      Don't: Request help with faulty transactions, billing issues, or other account issues. It is recommended you submit a help ticket, email, or phone Blizzard for these issues.
      Don't: Report bugs or technical issues with the game. (See: Technical Support, Bug Report)

    PTR Discussion
    Discuss changes from the latest Public Test Region.

    PTR Bug Report
    Report any PTR-specific bugs and technical issues here.


    Note: These are all zero tolerance forums. Being ignorant of or purposefully disobeying the intent of these forums, the forum Code of Conduct, and/or these guidelines will be dealt with strictly. (More so then other sections) This is Not an Off-Topic Forum – each section has a specific purpose.

    Games, Gaming and Hardware
    Any topics related to games of any platform, gaming in general and discussion of any gaming equipment\consoles.

    Movies, TV and Entertainment
    Discuss movies, TV shows, and other forms of Entertainment such as Music.

    Books and Comics
    This section is for discussing Books, Manga, Comics, Graphic Novels, and the like.

    Technology and Science
    In this forum, feel free to discuss anything related to technology and science, such as new gadgets and operating systems, or physics, chemistry, and other forms of science and technology.

      Second Section: Creating Good Posts

        Subsection: Disapproved Posts

        This section is about what could result in disciplinary actions, or at least is looked down upon, even if it’s not strictly against the rules or mentioned in the CoC.

    There are some things that, while not strictly against the rules, are frowned upon. There are other things that, in unspoken agreement, are generally not good to do.

    If you read the guidelines sticky, you will already know that these are not encouraged:

    Calling out Blizzard or any Blizzard Employee: Blizzard reads the forums. Your post is not going to get any more attention from Blizzard just because you mention their name in the title.

    Posting fad one-liners: IBTL, TLDR, First, +1 or other such comments that do not contribute to the topic.

    Bumping Threads – especially old ones! If a thread hasn’t been active in more than a couple of weeks, don’t reply – create a new thread on the topic!

    Petitions: Creating or participating in forum petitions is not encouraged. It is much more helpful to Blizzard to leave detailed feedback rather than just stating what side you're on.

    In addition to those, you should avoid:

    Creating a new topic on a Hot Subject: If a certain topic is the center of a lot of discussion, it can be tempting to create an entirely new topic on the subject in an attempt to make sure your voice is heard. Unfortunately this clutters the forums and makes it confusing and difficult to track the topic.

    Posting in a troll thread: Don't do it. Even if you are posting to call out the troll to inform other poster that this is a troll post - If you even so much as *suspect* someone could be trolling, don't post in their thread. Anything that makes the thread more visible (bumps it up) or contributes to the length of the troll thread is just a win for him.

    If you think someone is trolling, click the down arrow and select "Trolling" or for more severe cases, click "Report Post" and select "Trolling"
      Second Section: Creating Good Posts

        Subsection: Encouraging Helpful Replies
        How to make sure you're taken seriously and attract a crowd willing to help and post constructively.

    Most important in your attempt to get helpful replies and make constructive posts is to take the time and care to use comprehensive English and Grammar - even if it isn't perfect, a really poorly written or hard to understand post might not get good replies.

    In some cases, it is enough to just try your best and review your post for typos (use spell check too) before posting. However, here are some common mistakes to avoid:

    Run-on Sentences and Paragraphs:

    Run on Sentences and improper division of paragraphs make your post more hard to read then nearly any other mistake.

    A run on sentence is basically two or more sentences mashed together, like this:

    Stories of a mysterious new arms dealer and resource pirate have begun to surface from the dark corners of the Dominion, and there is talk of a figure in Deadman’s Port who is so dangerous that he’s been banned from even that seedy location due to the fears of local merc groups, who also say this pirate is rumored to use black arts to enhance his operations, making even the bloodiest criminals look behind their backs and for the few individuals who know enough to connect the dots, it is apparent that Gabriel Tosh is still very much a factor in hidden workings outside of Dominion control but whether his sole aim is lucrative piracy or if he has larger schemes at play is anyone’s guess.

    (Text Curtsey of the Gabriel Tosh Character Page: )

    This, combined with no paragraphs, make an infamous "Wall of Text" which is painful to read and will often discourage people from reading your post at all.

    Correct your run on sentences, and add paragraphs, you get something much more readable:

    Stories of a mysterious new arms dealer and resource pirate have begun to surface from the dark corners of the Dominion. There is talk of a figure in Deadman’s Port who is so dangerous that he’s been banned from even that seedy location due to the fears of local merc groups. This pirate is rumored to use black arts to enhance his operations, even… voodoo.

    And he has even the bloodiest criminals looking behind their backs.

    For the few individuals who know enough to connect the dots, it is apparent that Gabriel Tosh is still very much a factor in hidden workings outside of Dominion control. Whether his sole aim is lucrative piracy or he has larger schemes at play is anyone’s guess.

    Acronyms: An overuse of Acronyms can confuse your reader, especially if they're uncommon - so try to limit how many you use. If you are going to use an uncommon acronym, put the meaning in parentheses the first time you use it.

    Details and Evidence:
    Moving on, If you have data or evidence to support your point, you will be taken more seriously.

    In the case of Balance or Gameplay topics:
    Details: Posting exact build orders or specific tricks used when executing the build instead of vague generalizations ("Void ray rushes are too powerful!") helps a lot.

    Replays of the strategy or unit in question is an excellent form of evidence - and they have more credibility if they come from multiple sources of varying skill.

    Statistics: When posting statistics, such as Win or Loss ratios, keep in mind that the bigger the pool the more credible it is. Saying "There were only Zergs in the Top 4 of x tournament!" is a lot less credible than win\loss ratios for thousands of tournament matches, such as (Still a relatively small pool)

    Visit this thread: for more tips on balance-related arguments.

    In the case of Bug Reports or Technical Support Posts: See

    Include a description of exactly what steps are required to reproduce the error or what caused it.

    If applicable, include the Crash.txt file from the most recent crash folder, (My Documents\Starcraft II\Game Logs) and a screenshot or video of the error.

    In the case of the Technical Support forums, include your Dxdiag. To retrieve your Dxdiag, Press the Windows Key + R, Type Dxdiag and hit Enter/OK, Click Save All Information and Save the file to your desktop. Copy and Paste all of the text from that file into the post, and put it in [Code ][/Code] blocks. (Icon is the letters "Pre")

    Include a summary of recent changes to your computer or the game and the solutions you've already tried.
    User Moderation
    By reporting threads, you help the moderation team keep the forums clean. Not only will it help them, but by reporting players who are disrupting the forums you can keep your thread from being derailed.
    To report a post, hover over a post, click the thumbs down icon, and select Report Post.

      Third Section: Helpful Links & Information

        Subsection: Helpful Links
        Useful forum threads, guides, and other links for broadening you knowledge of the StarCraft Universe.

        Other Excellent Sites:

      Community: - News articles, spotlight threads & blog posts, featured streams & more gives you an easy way to track the latest in the Pro Scene. - Funny Starcraft pictures, Drama, and Interesting Links & Events as they happen. - Been there since Game Annoucement - A more eSports-Centered site.

      Mapping: - Great for mapping news and for seeing the full potential of Starcraft's powerful editor. - A wikipedia for Starcraft II Mapping - A mapping site based off of a modding team, UD. - Offshoot of an old Warcraft Site - Subsection of an old Warcraft Site. Includes Resources section with models, skins, and maps.

      Replays & eSports: - Tracks the rankings of all players in the world. - A replay uploading site - Another Replay Sharing site - quick & clean. - Easy Starcraft II stream viewing. - Sc2Gears is a replay management and analysis program. It provides easy but powerful and efficient replay management and statistics.

        Game Guides: Trying to learn the game?

      General: - Recommend TL Guides (For all races) - [G] The Starcraft Pyramid - How to Analyze Replays - How to improve efficiently - Basic Openings/Timings - Day9 coaching DJWheat on mechanics

      Zerg: - The Guide to Zerg Guides (I heard you like guides, so I put a guide about guides in my guide.)

    Guides on other Regions (Need an account for that region to post) - Jimmy's Big Bad List of Threads For the Swarm - Ask nGen anything! - Tactical Help: Get your hints here! - Videocasts Thread - The best of zerg..... - Zerg Multiplayer Guide: Compilation(Now in PDF)

      Terran: - The Art of Terran Macro - More Comprehensive Look at terran micro - How To: Attacking (Links to his other guides) - Useful Terran Learning Threads Compiled

    Guides on other Regions (Need an account for that region to post) - Helping lower league Terran players w/ video and blog - Jimmy's Big Bad List of Threads Terran up!!! - Terran Build Orders - Youtube tutorials - MmG_Terran - The Marine Power - Terran - Introduction
      Protoss: - Myco's Guide to Lower Leagued toss players - Protoss Micro Tips

    Guides on other Regions (Need an account for that region to post) - PvZ Overview REPOST - Protoss Strategy: Basic openers and tactics - IntoTheLight's ProtossLite Guide [P] - PvZ Guide : 3 Gate FE - Offering Help - Jimmy's Big Bad List of Threads For AIUR!!! - Ask nGen anything - Protoss Edition - Protoss Videos and Tutorials by KaelSC - Updated Daily!

        Third Section: Helpful Links & Information

        Subsection: FAQ
        Frequently Asked forum Questions

    Please post any questions\answers and I'll post them here.

    Q: Why was my post deleted?
    A: If you've reviewed the CoC ( ) and you cannot tell why your post was deleted, keep in mind that:

      1. Your thread could have been deleted if other posters derailed the thread and turned it into a spam fest or flame war. (Usually only done in extreme cases)
      2. It's against the rules to publicly debate moderation decisions, such as the deletion of your thread - If it happens, please keep quiet and try again after reviewing the CoC.
      3. If your topic is a replica of many other current topics, or is about a controversial topic, your post may be deleted.

    It may also be the case that your thread was deleted accidentally or disappeared due to a forum glitch. It is best to just re-create your thread, taking extra care that it follows the forum rules.

    Q: Why have all my Real ID friends disappeared?
    A: There are three common causes for this issue:

      1. Parental Controls (Real ID is turned off by default if you use parental Controls)
      2. Real ID being Disabled on your account by other means, intentional or not (At the top of this page, Account -> Settings -> Communication Preferences -> Real ID)
      3. Your Account was Compromised (If it was, the hacker could have done the first two)

    First, check to see if any of those three things are causing your problem. (For "Your Account was Compromised" visit )
    Keep in mind re-enabling Real ID still won't recover lost friends. If you contact Blizzard CS through phone, email, or support ticket they should be able to restore them though.

    Q: I need to reinstall Starcraft II, but I've lost my CD\not sure how.
    A: Log on to click "Account" and then click "Download Game Clients". You should be able to find and download the game there.
    Alternatively, you can copy the Game over from so another computer, over the network, or via a portable storage device. Many people prefer this method anyway, as it is much quicker.

    Q: My opponent said he reported me, and I didn't do anything wrong! What should I do?
    A: Blizzard goes through each report to review the case. If you did not do anything wrong, you should have nothing to fear.

    Q: I think my opponent was cheating, or my account was hacked. Help!
    A: If you think your account was hacked, visit
    If you suspect your opponent of hacking\cheating\foul play, submit a detailed report to or use the in-game report function (Right Click on the players name -> More.. -> Report Player)

    Q: Do tournaments allow custom hotkeys?
    A: You should always check with the tournament manager, but usually yes - as long as it doesn't require third party programs or use macros.

    Alright, sorry guys. Was longer then I wanted it to be\expected it to be.

    Glad I didn't spend too much time on this, I have a feeling it won't actually be helpful. But I tried. :P

    Not a single reply? =o
    you forgot the lingo for EZ
    aka protoss is EZ

    but seriously good job

    Very true, will add it!

    What the --- stickied? <3
    Wow bro you did a great job on this. You really deserve the sticky :D

    Keep up the work cause the forums need more helpful people and less QQers :)

    Thanks, I will try!

    And although its a lot of text, I wasn't sure how helpful people would actually find it. :D
    Nice post!

    I'd recommend adding my popular thread "How to Submit Complaints" when it comes to QQ:

    Mabye even the Koprulu Dictionary:
    Missing a lot in the forum lingo section.
    "invisible protis sniper"

    Other than that good job!
    Sticky FTW!
    Great work, as always, Skunk! :-D
    I just realized you added my "how to submit complaints" thread on here... epic :D
    Woah, a Legit sticky.
    08/23/2011 01:48 PMPosted by IronMan
    I just realized you added my "how to submit complaints" thread on here... epic :D

    It was there from the start, actually - I remember seeing it when it was first posted that while it was a good thread it would just be lost in the forums and nobody would listen too it.

    @IAreLemons: Yeah, thanks - I knew I was missing a lot from that list, I just couldn't think of them so I added them as I remembered them.

    Also, "KT;DR" is "Kyfoid Thread; Didn't Read" or...?
    And inb4 was already there as IBTL, so I edited that to include it.

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