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just created this video. Epic. Enjoy. Pass along. <strong/>

rofl the music makes it so epic but it's just so silly at the same time.
3. If the Like button is hit on a post enough times, the post will be marked as “Highly Liked” and will turn a much brighter blue. Likes also contribute to what posts appear on the Popular Topics list.

4. The Thumbs Down arrow has several options: Dislike, Trolling, Spam, and Report. The Dislike, Trolling, and Spam options all serve the same function: If done enough times on a post, it will become darkened and eventually “Buried” (Hidden)

Hi Skunk!
To take effect of this, it requires 25 votes.
I have made an exercise months ago to count "thumbs down" votes in a thread in Latin forum.
Thanks, Vice! We had done similar tests on these forums, but a. I couldn't find the thread and b. I don't think they were done carefully enough to be conclusive. I do remember it being in the 20-25 range, though.

BTW if you are ever interested there is an IRC channel a lot of us MVP's hang out in, if you're interested. channel name #wowtech. (Its for WoW technical support, as the channel implies, but you don't have to play WoW to hang out there (I don't) And you seem to post in Tech Support a lot, so I thought it might interest you)
05/24/2012 06:19 PMPosted by TheSkunk
BTW if you are ever interested there is an IRC channel a lot of us MVP's hang out in, if you're interested. channel name #wowtech.

Thanks Skunk. My english is mediocre but i will try to enter the channel today or next week.
Ah, excellent, I do appreciate a good general guide.

Much obliged for your assistance Skunk. Hopefully I'll actually be at least vaguely active here, I tend to forget about forums when I run out of ideas. ^_^;
I don't know where to put this, but I can't log in to play starcraft now. I click on starcraft2 and it checks for updates, tells me the game is up to date and when I hit "play now" it goes until you put in your password. At that point it stops before I can do anything on that page then closes and reopens to the point where I hit "play now" and it keeps repeating. I have no idea how to fix this and have never had this problem before.
Does anyone know how to fix this.
yeah gd i am having the same probleme wth is happening
Who is Vicebacker?
First time reading this, great thread Skunk ;)
10/14/2012 11:09 AMPosted by AntareSpicA
Who is Vicebacker?

A LA MVP, a bunch of them come over here from time to time.

11/05/2012 07:14 PMPosted by fingrknitter
First time reading this, great thread Skunk ;)

I guess. Looking back, I doubt it was actually useful (or even completely read) for anyone, and sometimes I feel slightly embarrassed about it.

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