Cloaked Love Part 3

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Domovoi waited, then smiled as Jay's body teleported into the stasis cell. He activated a 100% restore within the cell.
OOC: Now that I think about it, I think I just f*cked Jason's chances of surviving through the entire story.
*Mark points out the window*

"The power is coming from over there."

*Mark talks to himself*

"Don't worry Jay, I'm coming..."
Seth's gunner crew starting firing blindly into the house, while two more marines went inside to find him.
Aldrak uses the opportunity when she tapped into his mind he used it to enter her mind. While she was destroying his he forces memories onto, mostly of her mother, and then mutter, "Is this really how you wish to honor her..."
*Jay's body now lied in the stasis chamber. In her mind-world, Jay was horribley lost and confused, an occasional memory flying by as she walked through the dark.*
An insane laugh ripples from Moirana's mouth as the marine charges her. Easily incinerating the bullets he had fired, she sends him flying into a wall.

Turning her attention to the unknown ghost, she walks over to his body on the floor.

"Feeling happy for yourself?" She places her foot on his neck, bolts of energy setting his limbs jerking. "Too bad. You pissed off the wrong girl today."
Seth slowly rose to his feet. The other marines weren't so lucky, as they had taken most of the energy into themselves. At least the ship was ok.
After having the computer identify that the person in the stasis tube was indeed Jay, he put the science vessel on a course to Bhekar Ro. Domovoi smiled- Another 500k credits for him. After this, yes, he was retiring.
Suddenly, becoming tired of the situation, God himself attemps to put an end to Moirana's rampage, only to be pushed back by her sheer rage... and awsomeness. XD

jkjk, but she is unstoppable right now, right?
OOC: pretty much :/
Moirana frowns. Where was Jay? Casting her mind about, she rages as she finds the woman gone. Sending a raw blast of energy into Aldrak's mind, completely frying his awareness, she lets out a scream of rage and blasts the roof of the safehouse apart.
It took a while to get back but I'm empty. this will be a breeze.

I walk into the (remains of the)safe house again.
Gabriel watches the ground seemingly explode.

"Wow. Who pissed her off?"
Domovoi then activated the memory wiping process. As he inspected the memories of Jay, he decided to remove all memory of the previous events and send her to the days where she worked for the dominion. He needed to get to Bhekar Ro though. The sciences vessel couldn't fully erase the memories, only temporary hide them.
With the roof blown off, Seth's crew did a fly-by pass to pick him up. "Get us the !@#$ outa here," he said "I dont care where!"
*Mark senses Jay, except that she is in the air not in the safehouse*

"Gabriel, Jay isn't down there with Moirana anymore...I'm going to save Jay, you can take on Moirana for me."

*Mark sits back and teleports himself onto the Science Vessel standing next to Domovoi*
Moirana watches the science vessel lift into the atmosphere. Snarling with rage, she sends bolts of energy wrapping around the towers, dragging it down towards her.

"I think not."

Gathering her energy, she sends a massive shockwave tearing through the ship.

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