Cloaked Love Part 3

Joeyray's Bar
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OOC: who's up for a round? Drinks on me.
OOC: I'm to young to drink but it would help my ego...
Gabriel grinned. Fixing himself another Tychus, he turns his attention back towards the comm.

"Well, people in our occupation tend to collect them, so I just figured I'd ask."
Gabriel notes the flashing comm, and answers.

"Who wants to kill me now?"

How do you answer a question like that?

"Um, lets see I'm sure the dominion wants you dead. I know some crazy protoss want you dead. You probably know better than me about the rest. I'm not on the list today. Asked and answered next."

There not dead yet..
OOC: We're online, pick an age. Doesn't matter. The best part of drinking online is no hangover. I've got a menu if you want it.
Ok,that makes sense. "Pleased that I didn't make the 'would be killers' list any longer?"
"Depends. Do I need to add you to a list? Both mine are quite long."

"No, I'm a killer. Not a 'would be'."
Grins as he takes a sip. "Wrong list. The only ones I have are people who want me dead, and those who aren't alive anymore to try."
"Where does the guy in the ship with you fit?"
Glances back at the cabin, where Mark slumbers. "The first. I haven't needed to move him."
OOC: anybody interested in those drinks? Firebats are nice, they burn as much coming up as they do going down.
"I see.... anyway don't freak out. The protoss haven't caught up to you yet."
Gabriel raises his eyebrow. "And which are you referring to? I've already got one on the 'want to kill me' list."

your targeting comp: Protoss Phoenix on your 6. Recommend evasive action.
OOC: A Firebat sounds nice right now.
Glances at the warning on the sensor board, and simply smiles. "So, that's where you are hiding. But can you find me?"

OOC: remember, Gabriel cloaked his own ship.
"I'm two-hundred and fifty feet behind you."
OOC: ah, but that's not all I have. I've got the Zergling 'Special', but I don't recommended it. There's the Jim Raynor, if you like warm in a dirty glass. If you want something more exotic, there's the Psi-storm.
Laughs. Time to have some fun. Masking his psi-signature again, he manipulates the unknown ship's sensors, completely scrambling them.

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