Cloaked Love Part 3

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OOC: Well, whats the Psi-storm?
OOC: No one really knows, but it hits you so hard, you'll remember tomorrow, yesterday.
K, that's not very sportsman like. But I'll live.

"I don't need sensors to follow you, or your psi signature."

Looks at hand held tracker (I think it was on Gabriel's ship)
OOC: wrong, it was on Jay's.
OOC: Just give me a whole bottle of Psi-storm to ease my pain...
OOC: lol
"Oh never-mind that's the OTHER ship following you."
OOC: yeesh. What are you trying to remember? Coming right up.
OOC: Jay's back, do we get the messy character plot blessing?
*Jay's eyes fade back to their normal icy blue color. Mark was asleep anyways, nothing much interesting going on there. She could sense Gabriel talking through the Comm, but that wasn't any of her business anyways. After looking around the room, not seeing anything of interest, she sighs. Nothing to do but look out at the stars.*

OOC: Duuuuh, :P

Although idk how much i'm going to like it, i guess im okay with it.
OOC: The phoenix outside the window is not worth note?
OOC: hey, Jay. What can I get you? Drinks are on me.
OOC: I'm just gonna sit back and drink this bottle.

EDIT: I doubt the whole bottle will be enough to sustain me...
OOC: *shrug* Idk, whatcha got?

P.S. Zanon, how could she see the pheonix...WHEN THEY"RE WARP JUMPING? XD
OOC: The Bloody Medic. Protein and nano bots!
OOC: she's in warp. You are no where near her. And no, we can't proceed with sadistic plotline, because Ender, Jake, and myself need to wrap up the crystal line.

We arrived while you were gone (I thought).
OOC: bloody Medic, coming right up. Posting regular menu and descriptions:

A Jim Raynor -- Cheap, harsh, and served up warm in a filthy glass.

A Tychus Findlay -- You’re not actually sure what it is, but you spilled a few drops and the counter is still smoking.

The Zeratul -- It isn’t served to you, instead it appears from the shadows. Then, when you try to drink it, you experience weird visions and the glass disappears.

Zergling “Special” -- “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my rag-time gal…”

Firebat -- Burns goin’ down AND comin’ back up.

Psi-Storm -- Hits so hard you’ll remember what happened tomorrow, yesterday.

Grounds for Divorce -- Matt Horner was drinking these when he “won” a fateful card game.

What He’s Having -- Kachinsky always seems to be in here, so whatever he’s having must be pretty good.

Baneling Body Shot -- Are you sure this is a good idea? I’m not sure where to put the lime...

A Glass of Milk -- “Whaddya mean there aren’t any cows in Koprulu? Where’d this come from then?“
OOC: The Zergling "Special" doesn't sound to bad...
OOC: Pretending I'm in warp with you people. I thought we arrived a while ago. So did wfawwer.

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