Cloaked Love, Part 5

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Moirana moved closer.

And if that were her desire?
Mark stands there.

I...wouldn't of let her.
We all die at some point. The only choice we have is how. Sometimes, we don't even have that.
She fixes him with her now blank eyed electrical gaze.

Sometimes, life is more painful than death. Which would you choose: to keep her here in pain, or release her to oblivion?
Seth decided to land the ship on Char, where their heat signature would be masked by the lava.
Once they touched down, he grabbed to marines and went outside to look around. Then he noticed something shiny a few yards away and picked it up. It looked strangely like a viking joystick......
OOC: this cryptic stuff is fun.
Seth continued and found more viking parts, then the burned-out hull of one. Then he saw the marking on the side. Stacy's ship......
OOC: I'm genuinely curious about everyone's response to that question. If someone you loved were in extreme pain, like from cancer or something, would you let them die early, and save them from most of the pain, or drag it out until nature takes her course?
*Jay shifts in her sleep. She sensed the room was empty. For some reason, it bugged her being alone, even though she'd come to live with it as she grew up. Her mind searched for Mark...she found him, walking back to his quarters with Moirana. She sighed. Her feelings were conflicting her again, even as broken as they were still. She felt she comfortable wtih the aloneness...but also loathed it.*

OOC: I wouldn't want them to try even though it was destined to fail. Best to end it before the real pain of trying to live sets in.
Mark thinks

It isn't my choice, but if I did choose, I would do whatever would make her happy.
OOC:quick and easy. no more pain.
Moirana continues to look at him.

And if that were death?

OOC: early death. I personally think that the greatest way to die is on your own terms.
Mark looks down

If that was what she wanted.
And yet, before you refused.
*Jay could sense Moirana poking at Mark, asking questions. What was she doing? Jay's head begins to hurt from expanding her damaged senses like that, and they fall back to their normal range. She made a mental note to ask Mark about that later.*
Yes...I will let her die when her time is right.
Seth slowly walked towards the charred wreck, when suddenly someone apperaed from the cockpit. She was horribly thin, and had numorous burn marks, but she looked alot like Stacy.
But she was dead.....
"So the rescue finally arrives. Stacy Mengsk," She said extending her hand. Seth was to shocked to say anything.
Moirana regarded him, then let her form break up.

Perhaps it would be best for her not to know of this. People tend to react negatively to death, and her mind is fragile enough.

Slipping through the wall, she floated through the air, stopping when she sensed Seth and a female below.
*Mark sighed and headed towards his room...he needed to sleep*

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