Cloaked Love, Part 5

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OOC: Meh, i'm on Central Time. I'm inbetween.
OOC: mountain standard. When did Cathy sleep? I thought she was with the main group.
OOC:a couple posts back. my storyline is scetchy cuz im gne so much. ill edit her into the group.
OOC: Okay, they're in the mess hall, Zanon and Digger are eatin, and Jay's kinda sitting there. Moirana's there too I think,
OOC: she's there, but not eating, since that is kind of hard to do when you have a body made of translucent electricity. She saw Cathy and Seth enter the mess hall, and is wondering who Cathy is.
*Jay sighs and looks at a fork. Her eyes start glowing, and the fork floats a few inches into the air, but Jay's used to useing more energy, and releases a little extra than needed, now flickering around her. She lets the fork drop and focuses on putting the energy into a storage disk on her forearm. After doing so, she sighed. She couldn't even do the things she could do when she had been little.*

OOC: Anytime now Hyperion...

btw ThunderCrash, you were right about the glasses, my head's stopped hurting, :3
I still can't believe how much i was missing without them, O.o
Seth and Cathy walked into the mess hall, and Seth introduced Cathy to the bunch that had gathered inside.
OOC: :)
Glasses is one thing I know for certain about. Been a four-eyes for several years. The difference in clarity is startling, isn't it.
Moirana was very curious about the woman known as Cathy, and slipped inside her mind to find out what she could.

And what brings someone like you here?
*Jay's still messing around with the fork, careful about how much energy she releases, her eyes glowing brighter the higher she could get the fork to float into the air. When she blinked, the fork would sometimes fall a few inches. She muttered under her breath.*
I was a good friend of Seth's. He said he had some psionics aboard who needed some help, and i know much of psionics.
*Jay finally notices that Seth's come in with the Doctor he'd been talking about, and turns around, but she forgot about the fork, which falls and hits her on the head*

"OUCH! Damnit...."
Moirana started flicking through Cathy's memories.

Do you now? Then perhaps you may be able to help these two.

She shows the doctor images of Jay and Mark.

They became.........damaged. Both are in the process of recovering from their accidents. One is still unconscious.

OOC: remember Hyperion, we can't have Mark wake up until Ender gets back. I haven't decided whether or not to keep Moirana the way she is.
OOC: Already done by a random person, just look for it, you'll find it.
OOC: No worries

IC:"Let me take a look at them. Maybe I can do something to help them."

Moirana you look familiar. What's your last name?
*Jay rubs her head, she mutters to herself*

"That frinking least it didn't stab me..."
Moirana slipped out of Cathy's mind, dissolving her electrical body.

Arteno, though I haven't used the name in a long time. There has been little use for it.

She slipped into Jay's mind.

Jay, this Cathy may be able to help both you and Mark speed your recoveries. I would suggest you listen to her.
"Arteno....I know a woman named Arteno. She is a high-level government expert on psionics, but she doesn't remember much of her past, the Dominion stole many of her memories. The only one she really has is of her daughter, though she can never remember the name. You reminded me of her."

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