Cloaked Love, Part 5

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*Jay wakes up, then sits on the side of the bed. She notices for the first time how dirty she was, rubble and dried blood caught in her hair, her suit all ripped up. An utter mess. She carefully made her way to the bathroom. Closing her eyes, she channels a little bit of energy into the ghost suit, making it crawl off her skin back into her hand, into a small fabric cube with the Energydisk with Mark's stored energy in it on top. She sets it aside and gets cleaned up, then puts her suit back on, repairing it. The nice thing about the suit Jay picked at the safehouse-the fabric was regenerative, and could easily repair itself. It took little energy to help it along, and soon Jay was in a seemingly new suit, all cleaned up.*
Moirana regarded the female. Moving closer to the ground, she drew on her electrified mind, reforming her temporary body.

Who is this arrogant one?
"What the !@@#," Stacy said in her mind, "Get out of my head!"
She scowls at the girl.

If I had any other way of speaking, I would use it. I have little patience for an attitude like yours. Now, who are you?
OOC: Mark has been wearing the same clothes the whole time...and he has only taken 1 shower!
*Mark sleeps for a few minutes before getting up and examaning his suit. It is covered in dust and has a decent bit of blood from Jay and Domovoi. He also checks and notices that there is a bullet hole in each one of the suits legs.*

"Well, I better get this patched up...and take a shower."

*Mark changes out of the suit and takes a shower and then gets dressed in some civvies that were placed in the room. He then heads out to find some supplies to patch it up*

*Jay walks out of the medical bay carefully, deciding she needed the practice. As she walks down the hall, she rounds a corner, and bumps into Mark.*

"Oh, sorry."
OOC: where did the bullet holes come from?
*Mark looks at Jay and grins*

"I see your feeling better!"
*A little smile creeps its way onto her face as Jay nods, trying to keep her balance by keeping a hand on the wall*

"I'm having trouble balancing, but its better than nothing."
"Well, I hope you get that down, I need to patch up my suit."
"Do you need help? I'm awesome at repairing Ghost suits,"
Hi WarHawk and IArelemons,

I would like to share my opinion with you. I hope you do not get upset about it. The forum is just like a family. We share our stories and discussion other topics as well. I have enjoyed reading these stories very much. Please keep the good job and thank you all role players for taking your time to write these stories.

Once again thank you very much.


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"Stacy Mengsk," she said in her head,"So you better not hurt me, lady"

Seth noticed Stacy's war in her head through her face, then turned around to see Moirana. "What happened to you?" he asked.
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OOC: Yay, somebody likes us!

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Moirana slips into Stacy's mind, dissolving her electrical body, and flicks through her memories.

It is complicated. There was an......accident.
OOC: Excellent speech Trester.

IC: I fly in circles over their landing site and decide to land. I get out of the cockpit and walk towards the crashed viking.

I see Moirana flickering like a shadow, but not like light, like... energy. I walk up very carefuly. Gabriel would never forgive me if I acidently absorbed his girl friend when she was energy.

Trying to stay off that kill list.

"Who is the viking?"
OOC: Btw, where's Ender? I'm waiting for him to answer my character,
OOC: Sorry, we just had a 5 second earthquake in VA.

*Mark looks at Jay*

"If you want to help, come on."

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