Cloaked Love Part 2

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Okay ThuderCrash, i hope you're reading this, cause we've reached the post limit on Cloaked Love. May wanna think about making a new thread here....
Oh, well, thanks. I'll just copy my last one from the first thread to here.

Everybody, remember the rules.
and to continue...

Moirana flinches at the mental contact. Pain blasted through, way higher than anything else since Aldrak had tried to force his way into her mind.

Images flashed by. A younger man, a charred body, explosions, fire. Desperately, she hurled Jay back, bolts of energy flickering around the room. She stared back at Jay.

"Please. Don't. EVER. Do that again."
ooops lol
*Jay banged her head against the wall*

"Er, sorry....i didn't expect that."

*Jay rubs the back of her head*

"Damn, that hurt...."

*Jay looks up at Moirana*

"I'd suppose you wouldn't know much of the feeling, losing someone who loved you that way...then seeing his charred remains in the middle of a safehouse."
All along Seth's ship where miniature guns, about the size of pistols. They were programed to shoot down incoming missiles, which they did well. Seth's crew killed the entire raid force without taking damage.
She looked at the other woman.

"That was him, wasn't it. Shadow."
"See those two girls in the clearing? Land as far away for them as possible."
Jason: Hmm, this looks like a nice planet to be on. Nice trees, a calm snowy landscape...

*Jason sees the giant crater that Miorana made*

Jason: Giant artificial craters that don't even look like it was from explosives...

Marcus: Yea. wtf happened here?

Jason: Don't ask me. Maybe we can find out later.

Marcus: Hey, what's that door doing way over there?

Jason: Don't ask me. Let's go check it out. This might be an entrnce to a safehouse.

Marcus: If it's an entrance to a safehouse, it might already be populated...

Jason: Yea, well it's their own damn fault for making it so bloody obvious. "Hmm, a door. In the middle of nowhere. Nope, not suspisous at all..."
*Jay nods, trembling again.*

"Your boyfriend. He left him there to rot."

*She looks up at Moirana*

"You won't believe how much that hurt me Bansheegirl."

Pain fills her eyes. "I'm sorry. For what it's worth, he regrets it. Not getting both of you, I mean. He was just doing what he felt he needed to, to survive. I think i tore him up almost as much as it did you."

She whips around. "Jason! What the hell is he doing here?"
(Congratulations to ThunderCrash.)
May I play as an NPC or something, for a couple hours?
The ship landed and the marines began to disembark. They left the ship in full armor with weapons, not knowing what to expect. Hopefully these rebels wouldn't think the were Dominion troops, because their armor was dark purple, not red. Still, better safe then sorry.
*Jay gets up and brushes herself off*

"What are you talking abou-"

*She senses them too.*

"Aw crap, don't tell me i forgot to pile up snow in front of the door again...damnit..."
OOC: uh, thanks. For what? Getting a story so big it needs two threads? I guess that's pretty big.
08/20/2011 07:12 AMPosted by Thundercrash
OOC: uh, thanks. For what? Getting a story so big it needs two threads? I guess that's pretty big.

OOC: Actually, Vultureling's got a story that's on its 7th thread, but its been a bit slow lately, :\

08/20/2011 07:11 AMPosted by Vultureling
May I play as an NPC or something, for a couple hours?

Not a problem. Make your own character if you want.
The marines began to follow the girls, with Seth in the lead. Then they stopped, appearantly interested in...was that a door?

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