Cloaked Love Part 2

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"You, *points a claw at Moirana* are being pretty racist.. *points at Jay* l:.....I'm a Hydraling...
*Jay laughs at this statement*

"Never heard of a zerg backsasin a terran,"

"A Hydraling though? Jeez, what will they think of next....a mutalord? Just what the world needs..."
OOC: for those who don't know what's happening outside the safehouse, Hyperion's group of marines are ta.lking with a hologram right outside the door, while Jsaonand Marcus are hinding behind a bunch of trees, bushes and shrubs.
Curls into fetal position as the pain builds. "Excuse me for profiling. Killing things seems to be the norm for you guys. Jay, I need to get off this planet, is there any place we can go?"
08/20/2011 07:37 AMPosted by Mockingjay
Never heard of a zerg backsasin a terran

"Call me a Brood Lord. Not really a Zerg anymore..."
*Jay glances at the pained Moirana.*

"There's a twin banshee down in the armory we could use to get out of here. It should have supplies and crap in here from the last time i came."
Ebon decides to leave these troublesome Terrans, back to(different RP) (insert planet name here, forgot XD )

(OOC:Jay, please check e-mai, plz, plz. If not...CHECK IT ANYWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY)
(I may come back in a few minutes)
Moirana groans, bolts of energy flickering around her. "Could have fooled me."

OOC: Jake, I think we'll run into Jason and Marcus shortly. Just hold on.
08/20/2011 07:39 AMPosted by Vultureling
(insert planet name here, forgot XD )

Lunaria. I think.
OOC: Lunara, close, minus the "i"

*Qwerty the hologram dosen't let them in, pissing off the guys outside*

*Jay walks up to Moirana*

"I could just teleport us there, you're certainly in no shape to walk. *Jay puts her hand on Moirana's forehead* "um, can i do this again without you spazzing out?"
Glances up at Jay. "Better be modified, because the last time I checked, Banshee's weren't so good at space."

(OOC: this part of the lore doesn't make a whole lot of sense. If you look at the Banshee's page, it says that Banshee's can't travel through space, they were designed solely for use planet side. Funny how Blizzard likes to screw around with stuff like that.)

"Depends. How fond are you of your body? Because you might be missing parts of it when we get there." Winces. "I'll manage if I have to. I just need to know what planet we're moving to."

Uses her knife to sc%!!* symbols into the wall. "My...Wing sisters and I.......made up this language for when we go up against other Terrans. In case they manage to tap into our frequencies. I......taught Gabriel a while back. Be able to tell him where we are going. No one else will know."
*Jay looks at the writing*


"Oh, and about the twin banshee, It morphs like a viking. Once we get up into the atmosphere, its helechopter blades change into wings. Its an experimental, but i've used it before. Works pretty nice."

*Jay's eyes glow faintly, and soon they're inside the interior of an airship.*
OOC: why the heck is s c r a p e masked? Oh, maybe because it only picks up the last four letters. Oops.
Moirana cries in pain, bolts ricocheting around the room. She crumples to the floor, barely hanging on to her consciousness.
The science vessel landed on Lunara, and dropped a modified siege tank and a vulture. After that the science vessel slowly rose up, its lights blinking white, demonstrating that it was a scientific vessel and not a war one. Domovoi drove the siege tank out until they reached a clearing, then sieged the siege tank. The sides opened up and the legs deployed, transforming the tank into a science lab.

Who's hyperion?
08/20/2011 08:17 AMPosted by wfawwer
Who's hyperion?

OOC: Seth Cader, I believe.
OOC: I'm alive!!! So, I see you awesome peoplez was doing a lotz without Anyway, did you have to bring up makes me sad. D:


*Mark walks over to the ship and looks it over*

" looks okay, but we might need to do a scan on the engines to make sure they work or we might 'blow' up when we lift off."
OOC: Where is Gabriel?
Gregor has been spying on the men at the safehouse, he believes now is the time to strike. He makes noise to draw some marines to him and leads them away so they can be assasinated quietly.
OOC: Gabriel and Mark are leaving to return to char, to get the crystal that is supposed to be in Moirana's headband. They don't know that Jason and Marcus have it.
OOC: sorry if I'm a little off today. I've been listening to the saddest songs I have ever heard.

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