Cloaked Love Part 2

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*Jay gets up, a little lightheaded from teleporting*

"Damn, that one took a LOT out of me...and did you HAVE to shoot out your exess energy RIGHT when we go-*She notices she's unconcious*"

"Well, looks like we got another player in the Black-Out game Mark."
After slaughtering all the marines he led into the forest, he donned the armor of one of them and went to accompany the rest of the squad. Golding to Aldrak, repeat Golding to Aldrak, I am accompanying the humans who are affiliated with Gabriel now. I have intel saying that Gabriel is back on Char looking for the crystal you used to restrain her. Deactivate the crystal now, I repeat deativate the crystal now. If they get their hands on the psionic energy the crystal absorbed the first Psionic Lash, they will be more powerful than any Protoss or Ghost ever would be.
*Jay picks her up, surprised by how easily she did it*

"Must be pretty light Bansheegirl."

*She sets her on the only bed in the back, and goes for a side cabinet. There's lots of supplies, including an arragement of weapons*

*Jay smiles as she finds her sniper rifle in it and picks it up*

"I missed you too, *she sets it back in the cabinet and goes to the left. There's a closet with various flight and Ghost suits. All of them have the Raynor's Raiders symbol on the shoulderplate.*

"Aw crap, i didn't even think about that. She's probably Dominion. *She looks at the passed out Moirana* Meh, i'll see how she reacts to that later."

*She digs around in the suits, and finds a lightgray ghost suit. A smile creeps onto her face.*

"I always wanted one of these. *Jay takes the suit in her hand and closes her eyes. The suit morphs and crawls onto her skin, fitting perfectly. She messes with it, until she has it how she likes it.* Awesome."

*As the suit finishes its morphs, some foggy-white disks form. Jay opens her eyes, the disks now beggining to glow lightblue. She runs a finger along one on her forearm.*

"Can even store energy in here..."
Seth sighed. After losing several marines at the safehouse, he had retreated to the ship and took off. Why was everyone a always a step ahead of him?
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OOC:Since we are down 2 main character, how bouts every1 take a break
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OOC: gtg for a bit, going bowling with my little sis and then mabye eating out

OOC: Okay. See you later Ender.

*Jay looks deeper into the closet, finding a neongreen eye visor and puts in on, completeing the uniform.*

"Feels like the old one."

OOC: A break sounds like a good idea, i'm a bit tired...
Moirana groaned, her head thundering. Leaning up against the wall, she looks up and see's Jay's back in a gray psi-suit.

"Great, someone else who wants to kill me. Can't it wait until later?"

OOC: later folks, the going's getting good.
OOC: Aw crap, missed you by 10 minutes, xD

*Jay turns, her index finger pressing a few side buttons on the eye visor.*

"Oh, good, your awake. I'm going to bring us somewhere else. I'm running out of ideas though, there's only so many safehouses..."
Just making sure
Mockingjay: Jay, a ghost.
Thundercrash: Moirana
Hyperion: Seth Cader, with someone else?
Chesty: ?, with Hyperion
Jake: Marcus?
Ender: ?

I'm really confused. I just need a summary of who is with who.

OOC: Here, what i can remember...

Mockingjay: Jay, a ghost
ThunderCrash: Gabriel the spectre, Moriana the BansheeGirl
Hyperion: Seth
Chesty:...dark templar? I don't remember, sorry.
Jake: Marcus and Jason
Ender: Mark, ghost
Sitnducks: "Deadeye"-Ghost
Yea, Mockingjay's right. if you need more information, most of the profiles are at the start of the first thread. I didn't make a profile for Marcus though. He's a marauder.
OOC: Awesome. I wonder when ThunderCrash and Ender will be back, its real quiet around here. I'm a bit sad. I think this isn't getting many views as the first cause i started it. If people who were hooked on the first one wanted to know if there was a sequal, they'd search up ThunderCrash. Yet then again i guess we didn't really get that far yet,
[This is not Seth, just a side character. His profile is earlier.]

Newly promoted Admiral Scourge looked at the report in his hands. He smiled and ordered 2 battlecruisers to jump to this location.
*Jay goes up to the front of the ship and turns on a comm panel*

"Qwerty, watch for when Mark and the Spectre return. Let them in, no one else though, okay?"

*you hear various beeping noises followed by a "Yes Jay. I'll see you next time."*

*Jay walks up to the front of the cockpit.*

"Computer, open up the north hill port."

*You hear metal groaning from the pressure of all the snow sitting on top of it. A sort of garage door opens, and you see daylight.*

"Okay Banshe-Moirana *pauses herself just before she says BansheeGirl again*, next safehouse on the list-Shi'Dukka"

*Jay buckles up in the cockpit, then readies the ship to move out.*
OOC: part two is on the homepage.
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OOC: part two is on the homepage.

OOC: Oh wow, cool
YOu have been Rping all day. It's on home.

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