Joeyray's Bar
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Welcome, stranger, to the Thundercrash Personal Roleplaying Bar.

JoeyRay’s Bar is an excellent place to come to relax, to let the strain of obliterating your opponent in honorable combat drain away. I have been coming to this fine establishment for some time, and though I have enjoyed myself many times, I have noticed something lacking.


So, being the considerate man that I am, I have taken it upon myself serve this much needed necessity. Patrons may partake from our fine range of beverages, some only found here.

Thundercrash bar menu:

A Jim Raynor -- Cheap, harsh, and served up warm in a filthy glass.

A Tychus Findlay -- You’re not actually sure what it is, but you spilled a few drops and the counter is still smoking.

The Zeratul -- It isn’t served to you, instead it appears from the shadows. Then, when you try to drink it, you experience weird visions and the glass disappears.

Zergling “Special” -- “Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my rag-time gal…”

Firebat -- Burns goin’ down AND comin’ back up.

Psi-Storm -- Hits so hard you’ll remember what happened tomorrow, yesterday.

Grounds for Divorce -- Matt Horner was drinking these when he “won” a fateful card game.

What He’s Having -- Kachinsky always seems to be in here, so whatever he’s having must be pretty good.

Baneling Body Shot -- Are you sure this is a good idea? I’m not sure where to put the lime...

A Glass of Milk -- “Whaddya mean there aren’t any cows in Koprulu? Where’d this come from then?“

The Solar Shot -- For those looking for a good time. Flame-proof clothing recommended, cuz you’ll be shining brighter than the star of Typhon.

Korhalian BackStabber -- Good for the recently betrayed and left for dead.

The Jail Breaker -- new from the recently opened New Folsom Prison Bar.

The Bloody Medic -- kills the pain, but we still say you should have a doctor check that out.

Redstone Mixer -- expensive, but I can guarantee it’ll be served in a clean and sterilized glass. Careful, that lava’s hot.

The Broadcaster -- You’re not ready for the raw $ex appeal this sucker brings. A favorite of a certain ex-convict.

The Hellracer -- suspension of sobriety is an integral part of any drinking experience, but this experience requires suspension of sobriety and inhibitions.

The Maelstrom Shocker -- Only served here, a 40% bigger hit than standard Shockers, guaranteed.

Psionic Cooler -- yes, I know it feels weird. Don’t worry, the energy coming out of your body should wear off in a couple days

(insert generic letters to indicate gibberish) -- I don’t know what’s in it either, but that guy down there had one. He started screaming and thrashing for a while, and now he hasn’t gotten up off the floor in over an hour. It seems to have the appearance and consistency of Roach acid.

The Judicator -- Perfect for influencing the minds of the intoxicated.

Prismatic Void -- Gets better with every drink. Has been known to be lethal.

Mind Shredder: perfect for those wishing to forget everything and start a new life. For anyone not wishing to do this, this drink isn’t advised.

Drink accessories: pylon shards (for those that need that extra glitter), hydralisk spine umbrella (not for the more bubbly drinks)

The menu will updated every so often, so check back to see if there is anything new you might like to try. There are only two rules here: If anyone starts a bar fight I will either:

a) throw you into the pen of Roaches I keep in the back. I feed them regularly, but you know how voracious Zerg are

b) personally blow your head off, and use your dead body to make new drinks

and 2: what happens in the bar, stays in the bar.

So come. Drink. Enjoy. Chat with friends. Make new ones. Pick up a date [or a one night stand ;) ]. Drown your sorrows. Bi*ch about your life. For those of the literary bent, use this opportunity to get the creative juices [among other things] flowing.

As long as you pay your tab, and don’t break anything, I really don’t care what you do. And the best part is: no hangovers!
08/23/2011 06:57 AMPosted by Thundercrash
b) personally blow your head off, and use your dead body to make new drinks


It's always healthy to exercise your sadistic side every once in a while.
Ok, can I have a shot of the 'Hellracer'?
Coming right up. The Judicator was inspired by Aldaris.
08/23/2011 07:02 AMPosted by Mockingjay
b) personally blow your head off, and use your dead body to make new drinks


You know, it must really say something about our personality, when we look at such a violent sentence, and like it.
There was sarcasm in that statement, but sadly i forgot to add it, xD
It's okay, you know you liked it. And we don't need to OOC here, since there isn't an actual story going on here. I'm just a service. Enjoy.
Sry, force of habit, :3
Now, what do you want to drink? I'm just downing Redstones here, while I wait to advance our story.

Where does WarHawk get off complaining about the story? Rping is what JoeyRay's is for!
Ikr? He's being an !@#$%^-.

Btw, i'll just take another Solar Shot, GUESS WHAT?

The pylon shards taste like rockcandy, I see why zerglings likethem soo much, :3

Coming right up. Who knew they were so chewy?
By the way, what do you say we add in Chesty's bit from a couple nights back? Jay recovering looks like an interesting place to put it.
If you want to, idc

Gimme some of the Judicator please.
*Serves a glass*

Hmmm. Maybe I should change the description for this drink. I was going for the idea that the person drinking it would be easily influenced.
What? Ima taking that as a compliment.
*Sighs* it has to do with lore. I read somewhere, the Dark Archon description I think, that Judicator's were suspected of using subtle psionics to influence other Protoss. They weren't capable of out right mind control, it was more like, making them more accepting of suggestions.
Ahh, sounds cool to me. I just wanted something new.

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