Joeyray's Bar
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*Snaps fingers* Monkey! Go feed the Roaches! And don't jump in the pen this time.
Err...I'm going to back away slowly.
*Waves her hand across Ender's face like the jedi mind trick, xD*

You will not drink anymore "broadcaster"
I don't want to drink anymore of 'The Broadcaster'.

But I do!

But Jay used a Jedi mind trick.

Jay must be jealous...

Mabye your right.

I'm always right.

Of course.

She is just jealous of the $ex appeal it brings.

Sir, may I have a shot of 'The Broadcaster'?
Muhahahahahahaha, my mind is to str--NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN NYAN.

You idiot...this is why you don't have a brain.
Talking to yourself? Better switch to coffee son.
I've actually wondered how the popular topics thing is set up. Does it choose based on the frequency of the posts?
Ah, so that's why all of the sections of our story have made the list, cuz we've been updating it every few minutes.
Ill have some of that roach acid on the rocks, and a bloody medic for afterwards.
Yay! Somebody new comes to the bar! sgcgsrcgsg, coming up.
*Sighs* Empty bar again. *Pours a Redstone Mixer*

I need a drink.
Dang, why does the Jim Raynor sound so familiar?
I'll admit, I pulled about half of these from an old poll that blizzard did. The rest I made up myself.
Everything i say is in bar character, which will be whatever portrait I happen to have at that time. So thats from kerrigan's perspective.
Be back in a minute, I need to feed the Roaches.


I love roaches.
HEY! When ja get back, i'd like another Solar shot please.
God damn it, I assume I can't take my M16A1, Fragmentation Grenades, Semtex, SPAS-12, C-14 Gauss Rifle, or a Nuclear Missile Lazer in there...
I'd like a Firebat... but I can't drink through this godamn sui--- *He stares a guy drinking the psi storm, and punches him in the face, I then steal his drink.*

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