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Yeah, my dad didn't want me to talk to wierdos or strangers.
...and he lets your lil bro talk to strangers? lol
Well, I think he forgot to disable it...and luckily thats a good thing because I can talk to you people with it.
:D Sadly, i gotta leave now, i'll hopefully be back later, see you!
See you later then.
Today is Meeting day, and right now I'm out in the hall waiting for the other guy (I can't remember his name) to finish his report. I've decided on two armor designs, got everything I needed for the meeting, and practiced at least 10 times. Now all I can do is show what I got and hope for the best.
OOC: Umm, did the bar close or something? where is everybody?
...I'm always here, watching and waiting. Like a creeper.
I'm here. Ender, you should change your portrait to a stalker.
OOC: XD you play minecraft or something?

IC: The other guy just got done, and walked out with a smug look on his face. Probably thought he had this in the bag. I walked into the room and greeted everyone before setting up my stuff and starting my presentation.
lawl. Ender's a creeper, xD

I'm back btw, :3

Oh, and Ender,

I got a way you can be signed in as urself and still be able to chat with us, :D

Aw guys aren't even here, -_-'
I am
Well, Hi, i guess, lawl
Well, technically I'm at the meeting right now so.... *stares back at the generals* I gotta continue the meeting!

I'll let you do that then, I'll just wait for ThunderCrash or Ender or someone, :D
Sorry, I'm here. But I don't gots a skype...
Skype is free to download smarty, :P

I got it, its decent. And the sound quality is amazing. :D
Woah, really? I feel like I've wasted the past 0 minutes and 0.00001 seconds of my life.
It;s been halfway through the presentation, and it seems evryone is still intrested and not laughing their heads off.I've shown them both armor designs, and they had positive reactions to both, the second one more than the first.

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