Joeyray's Bar
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That song was !@#$ing awesome.

Gimme a glass of the Redstone Mixer. And some of 'The Broadcaster' for the ladies.

We drink way to much of 'The Broadcaster'.

Your right...

Our $ex appeal must be over 9000

Did Vegeta tell you that?

*Pours a Redstone* To good songs!
Bartender, where are my drinks?

Yessss, the drinks.

Will you shut up?

Your telling the smart part of yourself to shut up?

Your right...

Hell right I am.

I'm sorry!

That's what your here for.
Ender, the smart part of yourself has a superiority complex. I think you've had enough.
But...but...I wanted some more alcohol.

Shut up you idiot.


Thundercrash is right, we are way to drunk.

Aren't we underage?


Sorry, I just spaced out.

I didn't say anything.


Get outta here you idiot, I'm taking over.
*sets arm cannon to stun, and blasts Ender*

There. That should give you an excuse for leaving the bar. See ya later.
Owww, that hurt. The smart part of Ender is in complete control now...can you get me some medical attention?
*Glances over the bar at Ender's slumped body*

When you wake up.

*Checks the charge level on arm cannon*

Which should be in a few days.

See you in a few days Ender, :3

Goodnight, btw
Nighty night Jay...I need to get up early for the flight so...night.
Guys, i found out somethin. All the drinks i mixed chain reacted, and blew my leg off. I'll have a Jim raynor, and water it down a bit. I had the great idea to actually drink the mix i made, and not only did my liver explode, but my throat felt like someone was cuttin a hole through it. Maybe u could put it on the menu and call it the power drill.
*looks at Chesty's leg stump*

You know what? I think you need a bloody medic. Should help with the pain. You should get that looked at though.
*Glances at Chesty*

Yeah...that don't look very healthy....
No can do i did see a doc, and he said that i am legally dead, the only way to drink alcohol now is if i get a new liver.
*Glances at the passed out Ender...*

Hey ThunderCrash, how much you think Ender would miss his Liver?
Drunkard: *sees Jake writing in notebook again* Dude, you've been here for 5 hours and you've done nothing but have your nose in that notebook. Buy a f*cking drink.

Jake: I'm too young. I'm just waiting for someone.

Drunkard: Yea, and while you wait, buy a f*cking drink.

Jake: *is still writing in notebook* Why don't you buy some more drinks? then you'll be too drunk to care about the 12 year old that's sitting in the dark corner.


Jake: *smashes face with a broken wine bottle that was laying on the floor, then continues writing*


jake: Dude, can you just cut it out? I sincerally doubt you want to be fed to a bunch of roaches or have your dead body bits used in that pisswater (the Jim Raynor) you're drinking. besides, you're bleeding all over my blueprints.

Drunkard: Oh, you'll know the meaning of bleeding soon enough! *throws a fist at Jake*

Jake: *stops fist in his hand before bending it upward until it cracks* Dude, leave me alone. Do what you wanted to do when you stepped in that door, which hopefully was to have a drink with your friends, who are laughing at you right now for being such a dumb@$$.

Jay, I think he would miss it very much.

Jake, stop breaking things.
Alright, thish drink ish all good and all, but d'you got any grub? Ima hunkering for somuh Corruptersh teriyaki.
08/24/2011 06:47 PMPosted by Thundercrash
Jay, I think he would miss it very much

Hey, we could always give it back to him when he gets back...

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