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Many eons ago on the distant planet Ga'zhur, several of the last remaining Xel'Naga gathered. They were outcasts; removed from their population due to an unforgivable crime of murdering their own. Deep underneath it's icy surface, these last Xel'Naga were driven to madness, drunk with the poisoning desire for revenge upon their brethren. With their limited access to technology, brought with them on a mighty World Ship, they devised a powerful weapon which would have the power to envelope an entire star system completely within the Void, leaving no trace of it behind. They would then destroy the budding Protoss heathens that their brethren were so fond of, and revenge would be satisfied.

However, the energy of the device was as poisonous as the Xel'Naga's desire for revenge. Before it could be used, each of the Xel'Naga were dissolved by its overwhelming power, and the device became dormant, deep within an ancient vault inside the planet's frozen crust.

Yet something has awoken the sleeping artifact again, and it now is calling out into the depths of space. It has drawn attention to itself, as Terran, Protoss, and Zerg forces have all heard its call. Who will find it?


PROTOSS (Played by Zanon): Far away, a powerful Mothership was searching the outer fringes of the Koprulu sector for scattered portions of the Protoss Fleet. Left at the corner of the galaxy ever since the Golden Age of Protoss exploration, the Judicator’s Blade had sat silent, until the Second Great War called it back into into service to strike wrath at the enemies of the Khala. Strangely however, this beacon of energy from the Xel’Naga weapon called to the Judicator’s Blade, as if it were a distress beacon.

The Executor was a High Templar during the Brood Wars. Zerg Scourge had taken out the fleet command, and the flag ship was destroyed. He was field promoted to admiral of the fleet. He continued, and against all odds won the fight against the Zerg. He was raised to the rank of Executor in honor of his victory. He continued to win battle after battle, and was offered a seat on the council several times, but turned down the offer. He wished to be in battle, not participate in politics.

Commanding a relatively small fleet, the Protoss Executor feared that this energy beacon may be a distress call from his brethren, and immediately warped his entire fleet to Ga’zhur’s location, prepared to unleash the fury of the Protoss.

TERRAN (Played by Archangel): Captain Lucius Jackson is considered a pirate to many, and a scumbag to others, but most about him can be learned from an excerpt from his autobiography:

My name is Lucius Jackson. I guess you could say being a pirate runs in the family. My father, Charles Jackson, was the original captain of the Battlecruiser Duke’s Revenge. I spent my childhood on the decks of the Battlecruiser, learning all I could about commanding a fleet. It all ended when my father’s first officer decided he wanted to be in command. He killed my father, and would have killed me, but I escaped in a drop pod. I was only 16, but on that day, I became a man.
I quickly rose up in the ranks as a mercenary. I did jobs, made connections. I was known throughout the mercenary community as a ruthless commander. All of it was for one goal: to regain my father’s ship, and have justice for his death. When I finally took control, I found that the man who killed my father was dead, as well as every other captain in a long line of mutinies. I would put an end to that.
I renamed the ship Jackson’s Revenge, and began to build my fleet. Rebel fleets, mercenaries, old UED and Confederate battlecruisers that had survived the Brood War; all joined my fleet. You want something done, I’m the guy you go to. It’ll cost you, though.

Upon the Xel’Naga device’s awakening, rumors of it began to spread throughout the mercenaries that Jackson had hired. Believeing that this item could both bring a pretty penny, as well as ensure his place of power was not disputed, he ordered his fleet to Ga’zhur.

ZERG (Played by Hellspork): Mar had been drifting through space after conquering and infesting a Terran Fringe-world, which had only lead himself to grow stronger. A large Cthulhu-like creature, he stretched out nearly two miles into space, and carried his brood with him as he traveled. As he journeyed however, something pierced his mind like a nail through flesh. For the first time in ages, Mar felt a twinge of fear. What he felt seemed to be the Overmind’s voice.

Mar had once been imprisoned by the Overmind within his own mind, due to his enormous power. When the Overmind had been slain, Mar was free, and he gathered his own broods and forces independent of the Swarm. However, the sensation he felt was weak, and it did not attempt to control his mind. Mar set out across the void of space to find the source of this voice, and snuff it out.



Each force must secure a position for their respective fleets. Each one is very powerful, and direct engagement with another force will ensure heavy losses for both sides, unless one retreats or negotiations can be made. Around the planet there are three possible locations for securing positions. Each location has advantages for two races, but not the third. Each location also has pros and cons regardless of race which must be taken into account before the decision is made:

Orbiting Space Platform: (T&Z) A small Terran mining colony has been operating on the surface of Ga’zhur since the time that Terrans arrived in the Koprulu sector. If the Terrans create their base here, the colony will be happy to donate extra resources in return for protection from alien forces. If the Zerg infest the platform, they will be able to infest the colonists; strengthening their ground forces. PROS: Closest location to Ga’zhur, and therefore can be reinforced quickly. Low gravity allows for the majority of the fleet to stay near it for better defence. Only one force can be on the platform at any given time. CONS: Stark resources available on the platform. Not enough space to build up a large base of operations.

Abandoned Xel’Naga World Ship: (P&T) This ancient ship is large, and riddled with ancient Xel’Naga technology. The Protoss will be able to activate the ship’s Rip Field Generators, protecting them from all but the strongest attacks. Terran however will be able to tap into the ship’s large reserves of energy, ensuring that their craft both on and off the World Ship will be operating at peak efficiency. PROS: Second closest to Ga’zhur, it’s large area also allows for a large base of operations to be established. More resources are here than on the Platform. CONS: Gravity however is higher, so main fleet will need to be in orbit around it while ground forces take to the colonization.

Small Moon Ioptus: (P&Z) Being much larger and plentiful with resources, the Zerg will be able to expand rapidly, growing their forces. The Protoss however have noticed that a large Xel’Naga Warpgate exists on this moon, and if controlled, would allow for quick reinforcements directly from Shakkurus. PROS: Plenty of resources. Large enough space that if two armies reached a diplomatic truce, they would be able to colonize the moon together. CONS: Far from Ga’zhur. Also, high gravity means that fleets must remain in orbit.



1 - Judicator’s Blade (Mothership)
- Capable of using Mass Recall, Planet Cracker, and creating a Black Hole
4 - Carrier
9 - Void Ray
16 - Phoenix
16 - Scout
4 - Observers
25 - Warp Prism (Not Armed, but carrying ground forces and supplies)

1 - Pirate Battlecruiser (Jackson’s Revenge)
- Loaded with Two Tactical Nuclear Warheads, and can use Defensive Matrix
3 - Behemoth Class Battlecruiser
5 - Minotaur Class Battlecruiser
20 - Viking
15 - Wraith
3 - Raven
2 - Science Vessle
50 Drop Ship (Not Armed, but carrying ground forces and supplies)

1 - Brood Lord (Mar)
- Can send all nearby Zerg into a frenzy, increasing efficiency. Can use Bioplasmic discharge
3 - Leviathan
15 - Corrupter
40 - Mutalisk
20 - Scourge
10 - Devourer
5 - Overseer
75 - Overlord (Not Armed, but carrying ground forces and supplies)

Good luck my friends. You may begin your negotiations, colonizations, and battles
I warped in so I guess I am the first to lay claims.

"Begin deploying our ground forces on the zel'naga ship. We will start form there. The rip fields will give us a significant defensive advantage."

"Begin the warping of the nexus, we must have a stable base before defilers arrive to desecrate this place."
"We're approaching the planet, captain. Protoss and zerg have been detected in the area, making it unsafe to try landing on the planet itself."
I look at the display in front of me, then out the large windows to the planet in the distance. Both protoss and zerg forces here means my intelligence was correct. There is a powerful artifact on this planet. If I could get this weapon...I could destroy the zerg, dethrone Mengsk, and even the protoss would not challenge our power--my power. In the wrong hands (or claws) it would mean the end of the human race.
I look at the three locations. "The protoss are heading, predictably, to the Xel'naga ship, so that's ruled out. The moon is too far away. The orbital platform, however, is closest to the planet, in addition to having terrans already on it."
Taking my cue, the navigation officer plots a course for the space platform.
D'aaawww wish I had tried to enter.
Mar surveyed the scene that was playing out in front of him. The moon was the only unnocupied repository of minerals and vespene left, but the warp gate on its surface made the use of it perilous. With a thought, Mar dispatched 25 mutalisks to annihilate the device and free up his attention for more efficient uses. He decided to send his 20 scourge into the rear guard of the terran fleet, slowing their advance to the space platform and causing some damage at no risk. Satisfied with what he has put in motion, Mar begins to move his fleet behind the moon in order to avoid being targeted for some time, leaving overseers in orbit around the planet in order to gather more information about how the enemy forces conduct themselves.
Well done, each of you have secured an orbital base, and there has been minimal conflict for the time being. Mar's attack with his Scourge was not greatly effective due to the heavy firepower and strategic positioning of the Terran fleet, but was able to successfully destroy two Vikings and two Wraiths.


TERRAN : Captain Jackson, you have successfully secured the Orbital Platform. While resources are scarce here, you will find a couple mineral nodes which have been set aside for emergency usage, but it will be best to begin a landing force to establish a foothold on Ga'zhur, as we will require many more forces to deal with the enemy. Scans have shown that the Protoss have activated the Rip Field Generators on the Xel-Naga World Ship, and Zerg forces have begun to secure the moon of Ioptus. Your Drop Ships have unloaded your forces onto the platform, and I will list them for you:

20 - SCV
40 - Marine
20 - Marauder
20 - Firebat
10 - Medic

You have a total of 2500 minerals and 1000 vespene gas to begin your base. Due to the limited resources, two Command Centers will be able to maximize resource gathering. You will receive 100 minerals daily for each SCV you have harvesting minerals (Maximum 10 SCV's mining minerals per Command Center, so a maximum of 2000 minerals a day.) In addition to those minerals, the colonists will provide you with an additional 500 minerals a day. There are four vespene geysers as well. Each one will yield you 75 gas a day per SCV (Maximum of 3 SCV's per geyser, so a maximum of 900 gas a day). What buildings will you build to begin your forward base in order to help you prepare to land on the planet? Being on the Space Platform, during the next scenario you will be the first to land on Ga'zhur.

PROTOSS : Executor, we have discovered and activated the Rip Field Generators as you have requested and they are running at full capacity. Enemy forces will be hard pressed to attack us directly. There are quite a few resources on this World Ship, though not as many as the moon has. Our Observers have noticed that the Terrans have made an alliance with a small mining force on the platform, and they are being provided with minerals. The moon Ioptus has also been consumed by the Swarm, and the Warp gate which was once there has now been destroyed. Warp Prism's have deployed your forces:

20 - Probe
25 - Zealot
15 - Stalker
10 - Sentry
5 - Immortal

You have a total of 2500 minerals and 1000 vespene gas to begin your base. Due to the semi-limited resources, three Nexi will be able to maximize resource gathering. You will receive 100 minerals daily for each Probe you have harvesting minerals (Maximum 10 Probes mining minerals per Nexus, so a maximum of 3000 minerals a day.) There are six vespene geysers as well. Each one will yield you 75 gas a day per Probe (Maximum of 3 Probes per geyser, so a maximum of 1350 gas a day). What buildings will you build to begin your forward base in order to help you prepare to land on the planet? Being on the Xel-Naga World Ship, during the next scenario you will be the second to land on Ga'zhur.

ZERG : Congratulations Mar, you have secured the moon Ioptus. Your well placed Overseers have allowed you to see that the Protoss have activated their Rip Field Generators, making an initial assault dangerous. The Terrans, with their strategic positioning, also have made an alliance with the Terrans aboard, and are receiving extra minerals daily. You however, have the most available resources to manipulate. With the Warp Gate disabled, there will be nothing stopping you from subverting this moon. Your forces are as follows:

30 - Drone (You have more workers than the others as you will need them to build)
80 - Zergling
30 - Roach
20 - Hydralisk
5 - Lurker

You have a total of 2500 minerals and 1000 vespene gas to begin your base. Due to the nearly unlimited resources, four Hatchery/Lair/Hive will be able to maximize resource gathering. You will receive 100 minerals daily for each Drone you have harvesting minerals (Maximum 10 Drones mining minerals per Hatchery/Lair/Hive, so a maximum of 4000 minerals a day.) There are eight vespene geysers as well. Each one will yield you 75 gas a day per Drone (Maximum of 3 Drones per geyser, so a maximum of 1800 gas a day). What buildings will you build to begin your forward base in order to help you prepare to land on the planet? Being on the moon Ioptus, during the next scenario you will be the last to land on Ga'zhur.

HINT: You may not want to expand to all available resources immediately, as there will be more opportunities for resources on the planet.

Also, if you have questions, please let me know.
Mar sent three drones to colonize nearby mineral fields, and with the 27 remaining sent ten to mine, and made

*spawning pool
*infestation pit
*greater spire

that being done, Mar set about making enough drones to fully saturate all four bases that he now owned. my remaining money...
thats 2500 minerals and 950 vespene gas spent.
that leaves me with 50 gas, although I only managed to make 9 drones for vespene gas.
current economy:
3000 minerals daily
225 gas daily.
(Terran player requests unit from forum host: One Ghost or Spectre)
The only downside to the orbital platform was a limited mineral supply. After building two command centers (-800 min) and 4 refineries (-300 min), I set 8 SCV’s to each of the two command centers, and one SCV per geyser. I immediately begin constructing more SCVs to flesh out my mining force. I quickly build 8 SCVs (-400 min) and set two more on each geyser. Another 4 SCVs were built to saturate the mineral fields (-200 min). I set up a list of buildings that I want constructed.
Buildings constructed:
Barracks (-150 min)
Engineering bay (-125 min)
Factory (-150 min 100 gas)
Starport (-150 min 100 gas)
Starport Tech lab (-50 min 25 gas)
Remaining resources: 275 min 775 gas
Daily income: 2000 min 900 gas
I send a transmission to deadman’s port. Hopefully they can send a covert operative.
2500 minerals, 1000 gass

2 Nexus (-800 minerals)
4 vaspeen gas Assimilators (-300)
12 probes to harvest gass (-600)
2 gateways (-300)
1 Forge (-150)
1 cybernetics core (-150)
Warp gate upgrade (-50m, -50g)
Set 10 probes per nexus

150 minerals, 950 gas
Income: 2000 minerals, 900 gas per day.
*Clarification Request from Hellspork. I only counted you using three drones to make Hatcheries at the begining, which would mean you would be making 3000 minerals daily. Please let me know step by step what you purchased so I can see.

Also, for Zerg and Terran forces, remember that you have to create Extractors/Refineries before you can harvest gas

In other news, I am creating a Google Doc's spreadsheet so that you will be able to view your resources and current forces. Let me know what else I should add. It is currently being constructed, but will be finished before the next scenario when I get clarification from Hellspork.


Also, you can have one Advisor to assist you, if you'd like.
Well, since gabriel killed me in the other rp,
ooh zanon choose meeee
Okay, so lets say I didn't build the missile turrets and instead built 4 refineries (I'll edit it in)
Also, what exactly is the role of the advisor?
They can be either a co-writer if you decide you want to take a break, or help manage your bases and provide advice when you go into battle.
(thought I started with a base already, sorreh :P. adjusted accordingly.)
@Hellspork. Still need some clarification, as this is what I've counted:

Hatchery x 3 (-900 min, three Drone)
Spawning Pool (-200 min, one Drone)
Lair (-150 min -100 gas)
Spire (-200 min -200 gas, one Drone)
Infestation Pit (-100 min -100 gas, one Drone)
Hive (-200 min -150 gas)
Greater Spire (-100 min -150 gas, one Drone)
Extractor x 3 (-75 min, three Drone)

575 min 300 gas 20 Drones Remaining

(-500 min) 10 Drones, Maximized minerals (10 on each base)

75 min 300 gas 30 Drones Remaining

I'm not seeing where you got the maximized Drones, please edit this. :)

@Zanon, 2 Nexus = 800 min, not 400 :)

Also, one Day will begin with every scenario.
(heck, if this is becoming mathcraft I shall go into overdrive.)

after the first hatcheries finished, 20 drones mining at two expansions (not including the third because the fluctuating drone count takes this beyond my mathing skills...)
10 drones bring in 340 minerals per minute, 20 bring in 680, and so forth.

assuming that with all of the tech time required to build up a base including a pool, spire, lair, etc...I should have at least earned enough of my daily wage to make a few more drones, eh?
assuming that I can spend money as I make it, I should simply subtract the additional minerals from my next days pay.
so assuming that I bought enough drones to saturate all three extractors (9) and spent accordingly...
9 drones cost 450 minerals
450-75=375 and as such I should receive 2625 minerals tommorow, but go back up to 3000 the day after.
I fixed the nexus problem.

Bummer though, so close to not making any mistakes.
150 minerals, 950 gas
Income: 2000 minerals, 900 gas per day.

Beginning of day 2:
2150 minerals, 1850gas

Twilight council (-150 minerals, -100 gas)
Templar Archives (-150 minerals, -200 gas)
Psionic Storm (-200 minerals, -200 gas)
Dark Shrine (-100 minerals, -250 gas)
2 Stargates (-300 minerals, -300 gas)
Fleet Beacon (-300 minerals, -200 gas)
2 Robotics facilities (-400 minerals, -200 gas)
Robotics Bay (-200 minerals, -200 gas)

Remainder: 350 minerals, 200 gas
Income: 2000 minerals, 900 gas per day.

I now have 2 of every production building, and access to all units.
Still a little busy with Cloaked Love, but willing to act as an advisor.
Query: How do you plan on determining battles? A simulator? Or just guessing?

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