Cloaked love part 4!

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(Moirana we are in outer space)
*Jay sends out one more pulse of energy, and the stasis tube shatters, glass flying everywhere. As she gets up, she gasps in pain...she looks at her arm.*

" looks like it hurt..." *she whispers to herself*
*Mark stares at Jay and smiles*

"Well, looks like she lived. And know, I'm going to hurt you."

*Mark looks at Domovoi and forces his skull to implode*
As I regain conciousness, I couldn't feel my entire body, and based off the remaining sense cells, The reactor part of my marine suit crushed through a metal wall that was hiding behind wooden walls and had fallen apart, leaving my back exposed to the air. I felt a warm liquid running on my kneck and the few remaining sense cells I had, which I knew immediatly was blood. So here I was. stupidly charging at an enraged psionic causing me to become a near-death body trapped in a metal shell. I close my eyes and surrender to the darkness...
I glance at Jay-
"That was a VERY bad idea"
The glass flying from the stasis tube flies into the other stasis tubes, freeing the other 2 ghosts. Normally when you exit a stasis tube proper precautions should be taken to prevent mental overdrive, and those 2 ghosts seemed to be suffering from that.

(Wait so i just died?)
OOC: oops. Lost track of post numbers


Gabriel swears as he watches the science vessel crash into the ground. Piloting the Valkyrie close to the newly made hole in it's hull, he set it to hover, and drops the ramp.
OOC: You might or might not of died, it depends if your buddies stopped Mark in time
OOC: Well, Marcus is living out his life on Lunara, and unless someone interviens, Jason will die, and since I think everyone has left the safeouse, I'm almost officially out of this story...
Moirana scatters both men, and watches Jay struggle from the remains of the stasis tube.

"Hello honey. It was rather rude of you to leave before we were finished."

She lifts her body up into the air.

"I think we should pick up from where we left off."
I don't have any buddies with me...
Seth had his pilot put the ship down near the vessel. Then he told all of his marines to exit and stand with rifles ready by the hole in the vessel. He took point and hoped everyone leaving would be friendlies.
OOC: Mark got thrown off-balance because Moirana just entered the room so he didn't have time to finish killing you, so your guy only has a major headache
I winced as my head was surrounded by immense pressure, then activated the emergency warp within my suit. I warped back to the bridge and gave the clearence for teleportation to Bhekar Ro- I needed to get my men off the ship and the ship to a science facility.
Using his mind to ease the impacts, Gabriel jumps from floor to floor. Descending further into the superstructure of the ship, he hears the echoing sounds of Moirana's rage filtering up. Hoping he wasn't too late, he maneuvers himself for one last jump.
*Jay stares at her coldy*

"Moirana....what do you gain from torturing me?"

*Jay's eyes flicker, and soon she's encased in a sort of "bubble" of energy. 3/7 disks left. Jay tries to hold her broken arm in place*
OOC:Half off us think the vessel is on the ground wrecked, one thinks its in space. plz clarify.
*Mark turned to face Moirana*

"Let Jay go..."


OOC: Idk, but only one person thinks its in space
OOC: ground. Moirana dragged it from orbit. Remember?


Moirana smiles sweetly at Jay.

"Why should I let her go? We're having soooooo much fun."
OOC:yeah i thought so but wfawwer seems 2 think otherwise
The ghosts are having a blast watching everyone fight like a movie.
"You know we should do this more often."

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