Cloaked love part 4!

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(and noe we warped to Bhekar Ro)

I opened up the hatch at the top and ushered the men out. I didn't want to stay in the hellhole my ship had become. I quickly ran to the science facility, which had already prepared a contigent of troops.
Suddenly I open my eyes. What the f*ck was I doing? It's never over until it's over, I always told myself. and it certainly wasn't over yet! With struggle, I manage to get myself out of the armor, and look with surprise that my body wasn't actually a cripple! I only lost senses from having a bruse there and there and there and there and there and there...

Anyways, I picked up my pistol, and put my knife's sheath onto my right thigh before taking out the knife. I see a science vessal crashing to the ground, and decide to walk (well, limp) toward that general location, leaving a trail of blood behind...
*Mark stares at Moirana*

"I think Jay has had enough fun, I think it's my turn."
wfawwer ur out#ed, it crashed
i already know that hyperion.
*Jay glances at Mark*

"Mark. Leave me....i...i don't want you to get hurt...."
u were just claiming it warped
*Mark shakes his head*

"I can't sit here and watch this !@#$% hurt you."
The ghost next to me fired a lockdown and a vorpal rift inside the science vessel, effectively turning all activity within the science vessel to a complete standstill.

I hope the ultralisk shackles aren't broken...

OOC: Just because it's on the ground doesn't mean it can warp
I realize I have been taking the wrong approach. I've been following, trying to think of something that works. Nobody's tried this yet.

I meditate until i am invisible. I walk over to her. (Yes I kept up with Moirana this whole time)

I take out my revolver and knock her unconscious with it.
Moirana laughs as she watches the bubble of energy surround Jay.

"Awwww, isn't that nice? Your boyfriend wants to play too."

She easily crushes the bubble, reaching into Jay's mind.

"You know, I think it's cute that he wants to replace your first one."
I spot my dropship and decide to take out my sniper rifle from the hanger. opening the door, I take out my weapons case and take out the rifle and a few clips. then I get onto the top of the ship and begin to aim at the science vessal. I don't know how or why I know, but I just know that the moirana motherf*cker was inside that wreckage...
Gabriel sighs as he watches the new ghost get thrown against the wall after trying to hit her with his gun. Dropping from the ceiling to an upper platform, he calls down.

"Moirana, what are you doing?"
*Jay shakes her head, glareing at Moirana.*

"Bansheegirl...your too late. My memories are fried. You've used up their pain."
Moirana tilts her head as she regards Jay.

"Oh, nothing, just punishing this cowardly !@#$% for killing my mother, and ruining 12 years of my life."
*Mark stares at Moirana*

"I'm asking again, let Jay"
I pick myself up. This is frustrating.
The ghosts sat around now completely and utterly bored. They were sent to try and make a deal with Jay and their personal matters were getting in the way.
"These jerks are so inconsiderate, im getting the rest of the guys here were making this deal whether they like it or not"
I suddenly see Moirana's head in between a bunch of scrap, and remember my sniper training. stay calm, slow your breathing, aim, wait to fire in between a heartbeat, then fire...

*boom-boom. boom-boom. boom-boom... boom-boom..... boom-*

KOOM!!! *ching-ching*

"Nice catch... with your head..."
OOC:Moirana is starting to remind of Rhonin, op as frick... will she be traveling back in time to teach the Xel'Naga nueroscience?

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