Cloaked love part 4!

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OOC: we'll go with yours. I can save the out-of-body power magnet idea for later.
OOC: Cool

*When Mark notices that Jay is alright he rushes towards her and pulls her towards*

"I'm...I'm sorry about that."
Moirana sighed with relief. She hadn't been sure what would have happened if she had tried to enter Jay's mind.

Of course, there was the new problem of what to do with all the energy that was stuck to her now.......
*Jay turns to Mark*

"Please, don't do that again."

*She smiles again and hugs him*
She looked longingly towards her own body. At least there was one benefit to having a body made of pure psionic energy, it gave her a more solid view of the world.
*Mark sighs*

"Never...I will never try that again."
*Jay look at him with those icy blue eyes of her's*

"Its particially my fault. I should have told you that long before...i learned that sometimes certain kinds of energy don't quite like each other, and fight for power. This actually happened before...Shadow gave me his energy, and I nearly died that time too..."
*Mark looks into Jay's eyes*

"No, its not your fault."
Settling her new form on the bed, she laid her new hand on her old forehead. It was somewhat disconcerting, looking at her own body. Pushing down, she watched her hand sink into her head.

She sighed. Still nothing.
*Jay rolls her eyes*

"Take the blame for youself huh?"

*She smiled, and looked at the swirling dark energy in her energydisk.*

"Oh the bright side...i have a piece of you i can keep close."
*Mark laughs*

"Yes, I guess you do."

*Mark's stomach grumbles*

"Well, I'm going to get some food, want anything?"
*Jay shakes her head.*

"Meh, all this drama's made me lose my appetite. If anything, i think i should rest..."

*Jay curls up on the medical bed and soon falls asleep.*
*Mark walks into the hallway and goes to the room where the food was grabbing some fruit before heading to his room for a rest*
Moirana turned her attention back to Jay. Mark had left, but his presence remained, both in the disk sitting on Jay's arm, and in her mind. She smiles. It was good that Jay had somebody to help take care of her.

Floating through the corridors of the ship, she could feel the passing stars outside the hull. Encountering Mark, she asked

Would you have?
*Mark glances at Moirana*

Would I have?
Moirana gives him a mental image of Jay.

Given yourself for her?
She tilts her head at him.

What would you have not done?
Okay people, lets move to Part 5. We've hit the limit.

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