Cloaked love part 4!

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(Having a character that can't fight during this is painful to do.)

(I also agree with the op moirana thing, how much more can she take? She has to get tired at SOME point after hauling a science vessel through the atmosphere)

Phlegethon awoke inside the facility. He still felt good, and even better as he realized that he was alive.
Moirana's eyes narrowed. "Didn't I tell you not to call me Bansheegirl? Besides, sometimes putting the pieces back together can be just as painful as breaking them apart."

Reaching into Jay's mind, she smiles as she regards the Dominion's pathetic attempts to mask her memories. Slowly, causing as much excruciating pain as possible, she stitches them back together.

"Don't you think so?" she asks as she watches Jay scream.
*Jay senses the bullets flying for Moirana's head. She stops them, and they fall to the ground....*

I consider for another moment. I'm trying not to get on the specters kill list. What can I possibly do to stop her that won't get me on that list?
I fire again and again at Moirana's head, trying to get her attention to the man 5000 miles away and ignore Jay, who I couldn't belive wasn't braindead yet.


*Mark walks up to Moirana and sits down*

"You know what would give her the most pain? Killing me instead of her."
Gabriel frowns towards Jason's hiding place.

"Moirana, I know that Jay killed your mother, but that's not a reason to kill her. If you're going to kill anyone, kill the person who gave the order."
Phlegethon strode up through the wreckage, his prosthetic limbs clinking across the metal. In his hand was a psi-disrupter. He continued to walk until he could see the monster that the woman had become, then raised the rifle.
I attain enough tranquility to cloak again. I got to think of something.
Moirana pushes Mark out of the way, interested now. "And who might that be?"
*As much as she hated Moirana for ripping through her memories....she couldn't let her get hurt. She felt so sorry for what she did....She stops the bullets, one by one, they drop to the ground.*
I calm down, realizing that I probably wasn't doing anything good whatsoever, and calmed down before setting down the shiper rifle, before taking out the scope to continue watching the situation.
Gabriel looks straight into her eyes, so that she could see the truth there.

"That would be me."
(Hyperion that was a really random post there)

Phlegethon stopped for a minute. Strangely the woman had stopped torturing those that surrounded her and now had a sadistic grin crossing her face.
OOC: it was supposed to be just something to destabilize the situation. o well
Moirana drops Jay. "You were what?"
OOC: I think Gabriel destabilized it more than a 30 ft tall monster ever could.
*Jay drops to the ground...on her bad arm*


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