Hilarious Adventure 3

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Then they wandered the barren wasteland until they got hungry and made bbq muta wings out of manny's gf.
and as they went to sleep (it was getting dark, and they hadn't slept for 3 days) Manny began to ponder how or why he had gotten a multalisk as a gf, and why they proceded to butcher her for food.
Then manny reassured him that they had the munchies, that only mutas would satisfy.
Then the next morning, Manny and Zeke awoke to be devoid of their Jeans! luckily Manny at least had his boxers, and Zeke had no problom usuing a piece of cloth for privacy, but they were still pissed. Who the !@#$ would've bothered to steal their Jeans? Suddenly they saw something off in the distance. They decided to take a closer look, suddenly the figure came into view, and the thing had their Jeans! The chase was something like this:

The jeanstealer was gunned down my manny and was eaten.
But then a Necromancer popped out of nowhere and took the Jeanstealer through a portal before Manny could shoot it!
Then the necromancer, back at his evi lair, created an army of Jeanstealers using the original as a blueprint, determinded to have the biggest collection of jeans... IN THE WOOOOORLD!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!
But before the clones came out of the test chambers steve ate a bucket of chinese food! (It gives him the craps) and he clogged the factory with his... you know..
Necromancer: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Manny: *shoots Necro in head* shaddup you piece of sh*t.

Zeke: Lets go before some @$$hole rips out our tesiticals for suvaniers.
Manny looks at Zeke ackwardly with the last comment. They left and came across...
To quote a SCV

This is crazy!
08/30/2011 11:10 AMPosted by LeKroger
Manny looks at Zeke ackwardly with the last comment. They left and came across...

... A rogue Ultralisk!
that was trying to pick a lock when...
... It popped out of nowhere and charged at them! Luckily Steve picked up Manny and Zeke just as the Ultralisk rammed where they were a moment ago and rammed the door instead.
While the Ultralisk tried to pull its head out of the door's metal frame, Manny, Zeke, and Steve float into the sunset...
To find the legendary treasure of...
... well, they're not sure who's treasure it is, but it has some cool stuff! Such as 50k credits!
But as the trio leaves the cave, suddenly a pack of SUPA ROACHES attacks!
Out of no where behind the supa roaches comes Mr. Bill oh no

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