Rhymed Couplets Contribute to the Adventure!

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Walkthrough of a TvZ using rhymed couplets

Oe'r the sands of Shakuras the sun did shine
And the cerebrate's drones started to mine.
They looked were scary as ghouls
But they made a spawnin pool
And with that pool they made a ling,
devoid of any sort of bling.
And then that ling was told to spy,
but then got caught by an angry guy!
OOC: C'mon guys! it's not that hard! Sigh...
And that guy was scary,
and frankly, quite hairy.

OOC: I'm trying, I'm trying.
He tried to maul me with his gun,
but with my bud he went to the sun.

And then we made our get-a-way,
before the rest came to the fray!
The roaches finally hatched
The marines melted before the hatch

But then we heard (but did not see)
The screaming engines of a Banshee
Morph already you overlord,
Or I will have to pull my cord!

OOC: I'm reffering to the cord that connects people to the interwebs.
But the mighty Crawlers,
came a-crawlin,
and as Heaven's angels sang,
The Mutas formed their mighty gang.

They tore the Terran's left and right,
It's a slaughter, not a fight!

(I know it's not a guide for TvZ, but at least it's a TvZ fight)
But then the mighty thor was there
and the mutas practically dissapeared
But then ground began to shake,
The baneling swarm has been awaked!

Killing bases here and there,
There is no escape from death!
I finally found his final base,
Almost time for the GG.

Wait omg you can't do that!
Get back here with those buildings!

Stop being an !@# and accept your fate,
okay, whatever, you'll never get a date.


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