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Why is lost viking even an achievement? It should be a feat of strength if anything. I don't get why something that is not related to RTS games is and achievement in one. I've tried about 25 times to beat it and only got up to 62,000 at my best (I know, I suck, but it has to do a lot with luck, too). I just think that the concept is stupid. It'd be fun if it wasn't an achievement, but since it is I feel like I HAVE to beat it because I'm stupid like that.

Its just an achivement, and plus, its a fun side game to play when you get bored, :3
It just pisses me off. I suck at those kinds of games.
Hey, I used to feel how you do, so I tried looking online to figure out how to do it, but none of them worked for me. Then I realized, I was taking it to seriously. Instead of obsessing about it, I left it alone for a while. Then I came back and played it just for fun, not even trying to get the achievement, and viola! I got it in one try.

P.S. The laser gun is the best for it.
I've never gotten past the carrier boss, I'm used to the instant response of the old raiden X.
lol, this achivement is just gay, I have it but it's just totaly gay, a waste of time.

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