Cloaked Love, Part 7

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*Jay paused as Mark's mind opened up to her....she went right in. Her words pierced through him mind.*

Why did you just leave? How could you do that, after EVERYTHING!

*Jay left a tear here, a rip there, a gash in this thoughts, but her words seemed to have more effect than anything.*

You ripped my heart out Mark...even worse than when Shadow died....

*Jay starts to stop, her anger bubbling down, her sadness taking its place. Many of Mark's memories were shreds. Tears streamed down her cheeks, she broke down.*

...I thought...I thought.....

*Her emotions seemed to echo through Mark's mind.*
*Mark stares into the air in shock as he hears Jay in his head*

I-I though that you...No...this is all wrong. This can't be can't.
*Jay's presense faded.*

...i loved you...but you didn't love me back, did you....

*Her glowing eyes went white again. She went limp under the droppod's safty belts. *edit* She used much of her energy, despite Moirana's mind-block. Tears streamed down her cheeks.*

OOC: There. Mental AND Emotional damages,

Btw Ender, i'm on Skype right now, :P
OOC: oh, you guys are no fun. Ghost Girl.

Aw, crap.

She passes out with Jay.

OOC: Moirana


Now, do you understand?
OOC: I'll see if I can get on, I have to play it safe.

I...I loved her. I thought she didn't love me. This...this is all wrong.
OOC: I changed it. Jay's already ahead in the Black Out game, :P

She's still awake, just crying a bit in her droppod.

Thundecrash, i'd change GhostGirl's comment.
After everything that had happened (and what I belive is still going on), I couldn't help but go on a joy ride on my fighter. In the 10 minutes I had spent in this ship, I felt alive.

And then they came.

Turns out my officer was still out for my blood, not being satisfied that I was presumed dead, and had been hunting me and Marcus for the last few months. He captured and interrogated Marcus for information as to where I was, but he wouldn't tell him anything. Tough basterd. Being the idiot he was, my former officer decided to keep Marcus alive. at least long anough where he can kill both of us at the same time.

What does that have to do with my joyride? Well, a group of wraiths spotted me, and now I'm in a dogfight with them, blowing them to bits with my heavy bolter weapons. Fireing missiles at 1000 rounds per second, I blew most of them to bits. But one of them got a lucky shot on my weapon sponsans, and now I'm making due with the lascannon. It's only a matter of time before they shoot me down and I crash into Korhal, and when that happens, 'm going to take as many of the resoc !@#$%es as I can.
OOC: Moirana.


Moirana releases Mark.

Now, it is time to explain yourself fully.
*Mark shakes his head*

I thought she didn't love me...I acted rash and I broke her heart, I can't explain my actions...
*Jay closed her eyes. The tears still kept coming. This was worse...much worse...she hadn't cried this bad since Shadow died...her cries we muffled by the droppod.*
OOC: Moirana


And what gave you that thought. You know as well as I that she still needs to recover.

OOC: ghost girl


Um, I don't know what to say. I'm sorry?

OOC: FYI, folks, Part 8 is up, just move over there when we fill this one up.
*Jay sighed. Her gaze fell to the droppod's floor.*

...its not your fault...if anything, i should be can probably feel my sadness....
Well, actually scratch my last sentence. there's only 1 fighter left, and he lost all his weapon. I just have to get him in my sights and shoot him. Piece of cake. Wait a second... is he going towards me? !@#$, he's trying to ram my fighter! I franticly dodge the ship, but the guy never seemed to run our of fuel. He kept on my tail, and no matter what I did, he followed me just as fast.
OOC: ghost girl.

No kidding. Oh boy, here he comes.
*Jay stiffened....there wasn't much to say or do. She just sat there, waiting...the tears still came. Her hair fell over her face as her head dropped.*
*Anyone looking out a window on the side of the battlecruiser that has drop pods right now will see a ship they've never seen before being chased by a wraith on full throttle*
I concieved these thoughts in my head, everything that happened is what the part of mind that was locked up made me to believe. I was blinded by my desire...a foolish desire.
OOC: You said you were over a tropical planet Jake....the battlecruiser's over Korhal, and i highly doubt you'll find a palm tree down there, xD
OOC: oh... lol. I thought the ship had escaped before they got caught by the military. I'm gonna edit it now. There.
OOC: We have escaped, i think they're going to warp jump somewheres....

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