Cloaked Love, Part 7

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OOC: oh good. She's here. Do you still want to kill me?
OOC: ...Meh, no.
OOC: The MCP says no more of this talk.

"Atten hut."


And since when does the Master Control Program dictate what I do?
OOC: Okay, now where were we?

*Jay cautiously walks up to the pheonix's cockpit, and stares out its windshield.*

"So...we just gotta fly our asses outta here and get to the Pegasus?"
Feederling saliva was always known for it's sticky properties, and in no time they had made a drop-pod. I then searched the ship for any cannons.
*Mark nods*

"I think so."

OOC: This MCP dictates everyone.
*Jay sits in a nearby chair*

"Then lets go. *she glances at the Roach* Its all yours Digger."
The pheonix gives a beep. Then plays a recorded message:

Zanon's Voice: "Attention you are not on the authorized pilots list. Do not attempt to enter cockpit."
"Authorized pilot detected. Step forward Digger."

(The word 'Digger' sounds like it was recorded separately. Like the voice of the "You have reached the ______ family, please leave a message.)

OOC: Thunderclash, can I control Digger for the flight? Please?
*Jay steps out of the cockpit, giving Digger room to move around and work. She glances at Mark*

"well, i guess we gotta share the back."
*Mark peeks into the back and sighs*

"I guess so, but it'll be a little stuffed."
OOC: In the interests of time....

Digger got in the cockpit a little clumsily, It was not designed for roaches. He looked at the control panel and pushed a button. The grav beam grabbed Jay and Mark and deposited them in the cargo bay. It closed behind them. Digger looked at the control panel. He hadn't meant to do that. But it got the job done. He pushed another button and the ship cloaked. Again, good. He wondered how well his luck would hold. Digger pushed the forward thruster by accident and sent the ship barreling forward.
Digger panicked, and squirmed. He bumped the flight controls the Phoenix went strait up into the air, spinning on its axis.

[In cargo hold]
Mark: "I think I remember a grav-coaster like this."

The ship pitches violently again. This is going to be a long ride.
*Jay frowns and looks aroundthe corner, there's crap everywhere....*

"Maybe i can clean it up a bit..."

*Her eyes start to glow, and a few of the supplies glow faintly, wobbling into the air and stack themselves into neater piles, leaving room for Mark and Jay to sit on the floor. A small smile creeps onto her face.*


*Jay grabs her head. Headache.*

"Crap...maybe that wasn't my best idea..."

*Her legs crumble under her.*
OOC: the hold has some spare parts, some weapons(the only organized part), and two ghosts in it. There is enough room to stand, but since the ship is still spinning, standing up is not safe.
*Mark curses under his breath before setting Jay down in the corner of the cargo hold*

"I can't help but think that she is blacking out on purpose."
*Jay looks up at Mark and sighs*

"I try too hard. I just want to get better, i hate being so useless and fragile..."
A particularly sharp turn sends them both into the opposite wall.
*Mark flies into the wall but uses his psionic powers to cushion the impact*

"Well, I hope Digger learns to fly better."
The ship dives VERY sharply.
*Jay rubs her arm. She hit it against the wall.*

"I know right..."

*As the ship dives, much of the crap in the hold tumbles around*

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