Cloaked Love, Part 7

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OOC: you know what? Have a ball. This is too funny.
Digger looked at the controls panicking. He hit the control stick on the right and sent the ship back to level. But upside-down.
*Jay yelped as the ship turned upsidedown. She tumbled into what should have been the ceiling, landing on top of Mark. She blushes*

"Oh, i'm sorry..."
*Mark slams into the roof of the hold and curses*

"If that roach can't fly correctly for two seconds I will kill myself."

*He glances at Jay*

"No problem, I didn't feel a thing."
Gabriel glanced over at the girl next to him. She was shuddering violently now. At this rate, her mind wasn't going to be the only thing that was broken. Glancing towards the approaching battlecruiser, which looked suspiciously like a larger version of the Jackson's Revenge, he shot a mental message at Jay

Luna, girl, I hope you're ready for this. I don't know how much more this girl can take.
Not good. He hit both the controls at once, and sent the ship upward. OK... How did he get himself into this? Perhaps if he didn't hit them... Taps the controls and the ship flies levelly for THREE seconds. Digger relaxes and accidentally pushes the decloak button.

Two Vikings move to intercept the Phoenix.
*Jay winces in pain, then falls to the floor, Mark landing next to her.*

all i can do is try...besides, there isn't anything much worse that could happen to my head, its already messed up...

*more sternly, she replies*

Don't call me Luna
Digger panics and tries to jump out of the way, but since he is in an inclosed space he only succeeds in pushing a bunch of buttons and sending the ship in random directions.
Gabriel glances over at the Phoenix.

Or what? You've got nothing and are in no condition to do anything to me. Besides, it suits you.

He frowns as he watches the crazy flight pattern of the ship.

Who is flying that thing?
*Jay sighs.*

*Mark slams into various objects in the hold before a moving crate crashes into his head, making him black out*
*Missiles fly past Phoenix*

Pilot 1: "You ever seen a protoss fly like that? I can barely get him close to my targeting zone. This guy is a true pro."

Pilot 2: "I can't get a lock either, why isn't he shooting?"
Gabriel rolls his eyes.

And whose sunshine idea was that? Hope that things insured, because I seriously doubt the cockpit will be in any condition to fly by the time he's done. If the whole ship even survives.
*Jay notices Mark's hurt*

"Dammnit Digger...*She looks around the room, then crawls to a panel. She hits a button, and the cargo sticks itself to the floor, staying in place, along with Jay and Mark.*

...Well, at least the Matter Magnet feature works..."

*Jay glanced at Mark and crawled over to him, concerned. She checks his head.*

"I hope that didn't hit you too hard..."

*Jay closes her eyes.*

I didn't make the decision. Besides, the ship wouldn't let me OR Mark touch it.
Digger tries to jump the other way, and the beam weapons activate. The first viking gets hit and spirals to the ground, belching flame.
Gabriel stares.

Nice shot.

Turns back to the girl next to him.

Crap. She's got sparks coming out of her fingers, and I don't even know her name.
*Jay opens her eyes.*

We may have to intercept you if it gets too bad...if that girl has so little training, she may just die out, with Moirana trapped inside her.
Pilot 1: "Base, this is pilot number 2945- *BOOM* I'm hit I'm hit!! I need HISS..."

Digger pushed several buttons trying to get control. The Grav-beam activates and traps a large bird. Without extra energy, the ship stops moving and shooting. Digger sagged in relief. He carefully pushed the cloak button. The ship becomes invisible.
Define die. There may not even be anything left to intercept.

Flinches as a rain of green sparks erupts.

Speaking of, Moirana herself is going to be really screwed up if we get her out. As I remember, her color was black, and then her energy body was blue because she took some of your energy, right?
*Jay lets her gaze fall on Mark. She hoped he hadn't hurt himself too bad...she wasn't looking forward to another baby talk session with him...Running her hand through his hair, she felt a smaller gash, seeping a bit of blood here and there. She covered it with her hand, as to stop the bleeding.*

*she whispered*

"You gotta be more careful Mark..."


Yeah. She sucked it out of the room when i pretty much gave out a few days ago.

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