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Name: Lieutenant Hawk
Class: Marine
Alliance: Neutral
Game: ? (What do you mean)
Back story: Ex Dominion Marnie defected after information received on a mission. He left the planet with a protoss Immortal a fellow soldier and a Spectre. He is now wanted by the Dominion for possessing extremely sensitive material and aiding the enemy.
Gear: Marine power suit with speed and optical enhancements, the metal used to make his armor is a hardened alloy, learning from Aximus, the protoss he was with, he has a weak shield that will allow for minor damage deflection. He is armed with shredder grenades, and a modded C-14 Gauss riffle.
@Firebat you can do both kinda like I've seen and trying in A New Open RP. join if you want.
Character Background

Name: Aximus
Nickname: Army of One
Race: Protoss
Unit: Immortal (modified)

Last Personal Log: My name is Aximus, I was once a High Templar... I was wounded in the battle against the overmind on Aiur, I was among the last Dragoons to be made on Aiur. I served in many battles during the brood war and survived to see the upgrade of the Dragoon into the Immortal. I mourned the loss of my ability to destroy mutalisks, and though it is shaming for a protoss to use the technology of terrans, I have added Gassues rifles next to my phase disruptors for smaller targets, as well as air, and acquired the hellfire rockets of the Goliath. The only Protoss addition to my immortal is another immortal shield generator. I am the Army of One. I leave for the planet within the hour. May I die with honor, in defense of the Protoss.

I have survived the cleansing of yet another planet. Since my last log I have added a point to point warm system. I also received repairs from an scv. My armor is far more durable now. The marines in the transport seemed terrified of me, only the specter seemed to be willing to aid me in adding armor to my immortal. I do not wish to be humbled by anything less a marauder if my shields come down because of a ghost. We will see what this new planet brings.


I still live. I held out against the zerg onslaught yet again. I have further added a graviton beam as well as another generator to support it. I look back at my logs and I realize that I have neglected to mention one of my armaments. The Neural-Pulse, it stimulates random synapse activity in specific parts of the body, and renders those hit by it immobilized. It is extremely effective for ending arguments with terrans. I will continue the battle against the zerg.

Entaro Tassadar

Log ends.
For those of you who are curious:
Each entry on this log is one of Firebat's RPs that my character has survived. This is the third Firebat RP that I have joined.


Name: Marcus Flinn
Race: Terran
Class: Sniper Marine
Alliance: Neutral
Game: Starcraft?
Backrgound: Ex Dominion Marine defected after information on a mission. He Lieutenet Hawk, a protoss Immortal and a spectre are now wanted by the dominion for possessing extremely sensitive info and aiding the enemy
Gear: Latest Armor in the dominion Arsenal that shrugs off small arms fire, and Marcus also has a habit of spraying on new camo for each world they go to. He has a Sniper Rifle that uses 50 cal. missiles that explode a millisecond after penetrating for maximum effect. It has two triggers (The actual trigger and another one where the index finger goes on the handle) to ensure he doesn't aciddentally kill one of his own. He is also armed with a scythe pistol and a knife.
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Ah ok. I might revise though most of what ik is SC
wait wait wait can I be somethin that's a mix of units?
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the only blizzard game I have is Starcraft.
Also, I don't know if mixing the games like this will work, as the mechanics of the different games will have a hard time meshing together.
I would probably stick with Spectre 15. He happens to be my best character.
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08/30/2011 05:40 PMPosted by Firebat
sausage mystery

Made my day XD.

Night Elf.
Allegiance-The Creed. (Neutral)
Backstory: Los is a druid. (I won''t be on too much, so he won't appear very often. Thus, a Druid.) He mainly travels to "infest" new lands with trees and such. he has a wooden (but VERY sharp) blade, and a cloak as armor...and an Artifact (Nature).
The Artifact can be used daily to unleash 24 Nature Spirits, who attack with a weak attack. Spirits last 30 minutes.
Allegance:(Good, Bad, Neutral)
Any other stu
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Name: Yvonne
Race: Human
Game: Warcraft 3
Alliance: Neutral
Backstory: After the last "Patch" was released, the balance in the world slowly began to unravel. Grunts would effortlessly destroy Abominations, while the most mightiest of the Crypt lords would hardly faze anyone. Soon after that, reality broke into 2, and Yvonne found herself sucked in.
Gear: Yvonne is a Bloodmage. I will determine her gear upon a dice roll when the rp is released.
08/31/2011 02:59 PMPosted by Firebat
Oh my god, Vulturelings in my rp... I am so freaking happy right now... Oh my god..

hmmmmm only from blizz games though?
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Name: Zekai
Nickname: Void Blade
Game: Starcraft 2
Unit: Dark Templar
Sides with: Nearly any protoss or terran

Backstory: I served for centuries to protect Auir, after it was wiped out I was left behind with few survivors, after they died I departed to the world of Umoja on a prototype void seeker and sided with any protoss that required assistance.

Equipment: Energy blade, hardened shields, ability to blink, and micro phase disroptor.
This should be a interesting rp
Name: Irroan
Race: Zerg Tauren Ork hybrid
Game: Warcraft 3 and SC2
Allegance: Neutral
Backstory: Once upon a time there was the great war. During the great war the overmind had assimulated many species. Once during a warp jump he found an orc tribe. I was selected to assimulate the leader, a blademaster. After doing so however I was rid of the overmind's control. I escaped and have been living on Mar Sara ever since.
Gear: Hardened carapace Bone splitta (a perfectly balanced blade made carapace) zupa zappa (lazer pistol thingy) and hydralisk claws

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