Mystery Rp Sign Up.... *Boogah!*

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I have no intrest in joining this chaotic of a thread.


See Zanon's Firebat RP for the continuation.

New people welcome.
race: what does ghost with extreme psionic powers count as i guess terran
unit: goliath but i can come out as ghost

i will post backstory and powers later
Name: Zarg
Race : Zerg Zergling
Game: Starcraft 2
Allegiance : Wild zerg tribe member (Bad)
Backstory : Zarg is a large viscous zergling which many others look up to, he helps his zerg tribals in fending off humans and eating them... They aren't very smart but they roam around looking for food most of the time
Gear : Standard Zergling Carprace
Alright I hope thats good enough and I get in if so look forward to this thread.
Simple elegent vicious.....I LOVE IT!
Sigh... it is so nice to see that simplicity is still appreciated by some people.
Name: Mike
Race: Tauren Marine (Hell yeah!!)
Game: Take a guess.
Allegance:(Good, Bad, Neutral) Hella' !@#$ing bad.
Backstory: You'll see.
Gear: A C-19 Destroyer Rifle, 2 M21362 Instant-Shrap Grenades, and a Cymbal Monkey.
File Purged.
umm it's tommorow lol
File Purged.
oi does anyone want to start?
Name: Korozain
Class/Race: "Project Fusion" Human, Dual Pistol Commando
Alignment: Lone Wolf
Gear: PSG-10 Custom Gauss Pistol, "Frost Rounds", Cobalt and Ice Reinforced Auger Power Armor, and Limited Ice Power.

Bio: As a child Korozain was very aggresive. He was agile, strong, and quite charismatic, his fear though, was the cold. He grew up to be a freelance assasin. He heard of Project Fusion and decided to sign up for it.

-Project fusion is an experimental process where scientists "fuse" human DNA and mix them with something. And Korozain wanted the power to control the cold to prove, he had no fear.-

The project was a success but he was really in Project Fusion for a target, Nathan Uromachi. A scientist who has "gone too far with his work" Korozain disagreed but the reward was big so he did it. Korozain went on a rampage and destroyed the Lab along with Nathan, but what he brought back looked nothing like Nathan, so ravaged and frostbitten... Korozain exiled himself, before he raged again, to an uncharted part of the galaxy and trained his abilites on a frozen planet where he lived in fear for years...

He developed "Frost Rounds" which are bullets made of ice. He also learned to summon ice spires from the feet of his enemies, which he calls "The Ice Ripper" he has also been known to make ice from regular water to make swords and such. Presently, Korozain nomadicly scours the galaxy doing assasinations wich are just masscres now... Then, he stumbled upon his old friend....Los, The Night Elf Druid...
Name: Ivan Stukov (cousin of Alexei Stukov)
Race: Terran
Class: Sniper mercenary (but not Ghost PI 4.5 all most)
Alliance: U.E.D.

Mission: to gain support and credits for the U.E.D. on Abaddon.
This thread was purged guys, remember? And Hai Koro.

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