cloaked love part 6

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dont use until 5 is full there is like 3 more pages
Holy sh*t it would be awsome if we flood the entire homepage.
OOC: ...I still don't like that we got random people making us threads, :\
OOC: it doesn't really matter, so long as the story continues. This just makes it more convenient.

*Jay sighs.*

"Whatever. I just wanna walk....*she glances at the fork in her hands, which she'd started to mess with again, floating a few inches from her fingertips*...and make this frinking fork fly around in the air. I don't know why i'm having so much trouble with this piece of crap..."

*Jay swears under her breath when it falls back into her hands, her glowing blue eyes flickering and fading back to their normal Icy blue.*
Moirana sighed.

Jay, calm down. She wants to help.

Noting what Cathy had said, she responds

That's too bad. What did you say her name was? Your friend I mean.

OOC: hint. Moirana's mother was named Calinda.
OOC: actually peoples, I will be back in a couple hours. Got to keep working on my neighbor's shed, and hopefully not step on another nail.

Meh, maybe i'll mess around for a while then...Unless Hyperion's here. Cathy could work with Jay.
OOC:Aw, I needed the hint. ty.

IC:"Her name is Calinda Arteno."
OOC: drop the bombshell if you want, Moirana 'll respond to it when I get back.
*Jay looks up at Cathy*

"So, you the doc?"

OOC: Hyperion, if i'd know you'd be here, i'd respond right after your posts, but sometimes you guys are a bit unpredicatable, and leave unexpectedly, :\

OOC: I'm here.

(Mouth full)"I oumsted to harb trobble wth tha *Swallow* sorry, I used to have trouble doing that to, nothing for it but practice. I can move a lot of small things at once now.
*Jay glances back at Zanon*

"But I could lift up people and still have energy to do other things, like my evasive teleporting...speaking of which..."

*Jay closes her eyes, then blinks out of vision and appears 5 inches away from where she was. She sighs*

"I can't even do that anymore. This is frinking horrible...only 5 inches? I could easily do 5 feet, even meters..."
"I'd love to be able to move even two inches. That's the different between a fatal wound, and a non fatal one."
OOC: I thought Hyperion said he'd be here till 5. Is it 5:00 in EST?
OOC: I'm on Pacific standard time. Seems no one is in the same time zone.
OOC: Ender is EST, but sadly he isn't here. :\

*Jay sighs*

"I can feel myself getting a bit more powerful, I might be able to teleport if I wanted to, but I don't think I'll try. In the meantime, I'll throw the knifes at anything dangerous, and you can drop forks on them" *Smile*
*Jay rolls her eyes*

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