cloaked love part 6

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OOC:Sorry, dinner was earlier then expected. I got band practice til 9.

IC:"I'm the doc, but I don't know if I can help you. Maybe Calinda can."
A love story that got really, really sidetracked. Jay/marks love is more prominent then moirana/gabriel's, for which this is named.
OOC: It's a action romance series that started as a comedic 'To anyone who recieves this message' thread, but the creator of said thread decided to make a series of it since people had an obvious interest in it. Halfway through we broke the system by having more replies than views.
OOC: Got to figure out how to get on the ship...QQ
I realize that the roach is getting ahead in the eating contest while I'm talking to Jay. It doesn't really mater, he probably has a bigger stomach anyway.

I turn back to Jay. "Seriously, lighten up. You are back to the basic level, but you know a lot about advanced psionics. That will help way more than you suspect. I know! Make that apple hover in front of the roach. Make learning a game. Watch."

I make an apple hover. The roach considers it, then jumps to swallow it.

"If you feel like it make him chase it just a little."
OOC: That was so scary.... I thought IAreLemons had joined the thread when I saw the hydralisk portrait.

See his work from (I think page 15 on) in ROTARGholy's Text adventure (the 1st part).

He just made a new thread for the whole story. Read it!
OOC: OMG. Hyperion here?

!@#$...i take a break for just a little while, and i already missed you guys, -_-'

I'll come back on a bit later, prolly around 7:00, :\
OOC: A large plothole sucked Agni and Aldak onto the ship.
"Did you feel that Roach? A plot hole opened. We gota do something about it."

"I was victim to a plot hole once, some idiot zerg with thin armor and shields (Elite from HALO) came through and killed several people. Fortunately the shields were depleated, and the armor wasn't thick."
OOC: Greetings peoples, and before you ask, no, I did not step on a nail this time. And tell IAreLemons that if he ever sets foot on this story and does anything like he did on ROGtarholy's, I will kill him myself.
OOC: and to answer your question, Freeto, yes this is an awesome story, partially because of a few epic scenes (you'll have to look back over the previous five threads, it's getting kind of long), but the reason it keeps hitting the popular threads is because everyone involved in the story is updating it every 1-2 minutes.
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Careful. I almost agree with you though.
"We gota find what ever came through the plot hole."
OOC: if they were going to to come after me, they would have done so already. Besides, I wouldn't actually kill him. Ninja's don't kill people simply because they ruined their story. Most of the time.
OOC: anyway, where did I leave Moirana? Oh yeah......


Moirana froze inside Jay's mind. She wasn't sure if she had heard correctly, and she really hoped that she hadn't.

You said Calinda Arteno?
OOC: I occaisonally check in, but I'm not currently needed in this RP right now, so I kind of have to wait my turn.
OOC: *shrug* You could always wait till we land, we're hovering over Korhal i think...
Agni stretched-The cargo hold was designed for terrans, not 9 feet tall hydralisks. He cautiously extended his mind, trying to avoid any psionic contact with anything else besides other zerg. He accidentally brushed past someones mind, but he hoped they wouldn't notice. After finding the roach, he descended into his mind. The roach had lost all sembalance of a zerg, it had become nothing more than a mindless animal driven by primal desires. He called out to the roach-
<Brother! How have you fallen so, child of the overmind?>
The roach responded with an overwhelming desire of food.
Agni struggled to contain the mental onslaught of terran bodyparts that flew through his mind, then called out to the roach again.
He felt as if his message just bounced off the roach's thick skull. He inspected the roach's mind, and found the feral part of him dormant. Agni would save this roach from the madness that had befallen it.

He slithered out of the cargo room, right into a ghost. The ghost let out a startled yelp, but was effortlessly impaled by a flaming spike. Agni gnawed on the ghosts arm, then dragged it to a research lab and deposited the ghost in a tank of feederlings.

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