cloaked love part 6

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08/28/2011 07:46 AMPosted by AsTiG
lol this guy is cussing he is cool

OOC: I know right!
So cool
OOC: Interesting story. Must study it further.


Gabriel watched the translucent body above him fade away, and turned just in time to see the girl crumple to the floor. Good. Now, here's hoping that some part of her mind was still intact when they got back.

Slinging her over his shoulder, Gabriel weaved his way through the halls of the Academy, dodging bullets, creating mayhem, and generally just having fun.
...i'm begining to regret telling you the name of the forum i was rping...
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I'll come back when there is more creativity in this lore.
Gabriel belted the girl into the copilot seat of the stolen Dropship. It wasn't looking good now, she was starting to shudder uncontrollably. He didn't know how much more she could take, if she was still there.

Jay, please let Seth know that we're coming in a Dropship the Dominion was nice enough to let us borrow, and to not shoot us down? And tell him I have need to talk to him about his old friend Scourge. Pompous !@# was stupid enough to name the project after himself.
OOC: we've got the Terran equivalent of an Archon. How much more creative do we need to be? Oh, and drop by the bar. We've got an interesting conversation going on about Jay and Ender. Look at Open for Business.
I reach the bridge. "How does it look capt.? Have the space forces decided anything about us yet?"

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Seth's pilot slowly boosted the engines, causing the massive ship to lift of the ground a few feet. "Don't lift any higher," he said to the pilot, "but be ready to get out of here."
OOC: I don't quite understand what's going on....Seth's already taken the ship, and Gabriel's stolen a dropship and is going to the ship, and we're just supposed to take Zanon's pheonix to get to the Pegasus? O.o'
OOC: I guess?

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