cloaked love part 6

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What? *Looks at Jay, then Seth* "You let the woman who supposedly killed Calinda onto your ship?" [As Seth] "When we found out that she had killed Moirana's mom.....lets just say it wasn;t pretty." [As Cathy] Maybe they were two different people....but that is an uncommon she had a daughter who the Dominion claimed was dead.....I should ask her to come aboard. If nothing else, she could help with your...problem.
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You seem to have lost your mind. Please come back when you have found it.
*Jay frowned and looked up at Cathy*

"Either way, if you said that she could help me, there might be hope for my mind. My memories have deteriorated, and my psionic abilities are much much weaker. I can't even walk, let alone run anymore."
Faint vibrations echoed from the walls.

She is dead.
*Jay starts to get a headache*

"Moirana, this isn't helping my head..."
"I'll ask her to come aboard then."
Calm down Moirana. Wait until she comes aboard, she might be a different Calinda.
Moirana finally released Cathy's mind, and shot from the ship. She had finally accepted that her mother was dead, and now this.

Returning to the ship, Moirana slammed into Cathy's mind, locking it down.

hello, I was wondering it it would be possible for me to join. I have lately been Rping in Vuturlings thread, but am growing tired of its slow progress. Can someone respond with the guidelines?

I will check back in a few minutes, anywhere from five to 15 minutes.
I...I..In the Dominion's psionic hospital. I can't talk to her until she's done working.....
OOC: OOC: I'm ok, can I come back now? Btw, where is the roach?
Nick, I'm gonna try and dig up the guidelines.

EDIT: What happened to Moirana? Is she trapped outside of her body?
OOC:No guidlines. just follow the plot and screw it up in a big way.
Thundercrash:Gabriel(Spectre) and Moraina(Powerful psionic). And Digger the friendly roach
Me:Seth/CathyAdmiral Scourge
Zanon:A terran, I don't remeber his name(ghost).
Wfawwer:hydralisk named...dang it, dont remember
XdoomerX:Aldrak the dt
Oh, and would It be possible for me to be a zealot marine? I have a back-story if needed...
Hyperion you forgot meeee
OOC: not a problem Nick. Make up a character, reasonably insert into storyline, and be serious.


That will not be a problem. I will determine whether or not it is the person that I sincerely hope it is not.

Moirana shot out of the ship, and headed for the planet's surface.

OOC: I may need someone to play Calinda Arteno.
OOC:No guidlines. just follow the plot and screw it up in a big way.
Thundercrash:Gabriel(Spectre) and Moraina(Powerful psionic). And Digger the friendly roach
Me:Seth/CathyAdmiral Scourge
Zanon:A terran, I don't remeber his name(ghost).

How did I guess jay would be a ghost.... (long story)

1 second, I will fish up the back-story....


Nicks backstory-

Nick was born on the protoss homeworld of Auir. At the appropriate age, he enlisted to fight the zerg swarm. when the overmind took over Auir, he doubled his efforts against the zerg, aways the first to fight, always the first to kill. when his family were murdered by the zerg, he redoubled his efforts, disregarding any safety that all creatures should undertake. On one particularity bloody battle, they were ambushed by a force of roaches and hydralisks. a swarm of zerglings being lead by an ultralisk on the left, a circle of hydralisks surrounding the entire force of protoss, and roaches in between the protoss, Nick saw his commanding officer die right next to him. he was killed the second the ambush initiated with his legs burnt off by acid, his face with a hyrdalisk spine through his eye. his best friend was killed next to him, his last words were pitiful, whispered through a dying throught. "save meee... Nick instantly killed the first zerg to appear in front of him, a roach. he was to late to save his best friend, save from part of his torso and half of his face. Nick didn't have time to feel emotion, didnt have time to process what had happened. He lunged forward, but the zerg came in overwhelming numbers. he saw the ultralisk tear thrugh one of the two collosi, luckily one of the immortals took it out before it killed the second. the immortal was however overwhelmed by zerglings before it could contribute to the fight any more. the fight was over before it had begun. Nick thought he had no time left in his life, as the zerg advanced towards him, the lst surviving protoss of the battalion. he looked at the amulet his parents had given him before he departed. he looked up, and shouted with what he thought was his last breath " MY LIFE FOR AUIR!" while loking up however, he saw something, a glimmer, he couldn't tell what it was until he saw four others moving in a "V" formation. He curled himself in a ball and waited for the impact that might kill him. Bombs lit up the surrounding landscape all around him as specially equipped terran banshees flew all overhead, decimating the force of zerg. one of the last zerglings jumped thrugh the air at Nick, his shield now gone. It didn't make it halfway thrugh it's jump. The zergling turned into a red mist in the air, and splattered blood was all across nicks armor. A second later, a ghost materialized next to him. This is when nick decided that he would be better off with the Terran. He has rapidly climbed the chain of command and is now a elite soldier working for the Terran. recently he toured on char helping to get a land hold on the area, and helped locate fallen drop pods, rallying the troops inside.
OOC:We are landed on a landing pad in korhal's capitol. Plz acknowledge, people.

A tall figure in a marine suit watches as a ship descends apon the city of Korhal. He approaches the landing craft.

"What is your business in Korhal?"
OOC: Moirana is currently outside of her body, though is able to make a translucent body made of energy. She can go where ever she wants. And yes, I know we are landed on Korhal.
*Jay wobbles in her seat as they land. She looks up at Seth*

"Ack...where are we again?"
OOC:nvm then. I missinterpreted 1 of ur posts.
RPing a random rine:"We are a merchant shipping vessel hired by the Dominion for transport of goods through various hostile space lanes," said the marine in his dark purple armor., "Hear to unload our cargo. We are behind shedule, though, so we need to not have anything interfear with the unloading process."

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