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I just got the new mid 2011 imac 21.5 base model.
Installed SC2 from battle.net

I can log into battle.net from sc2 but the single player button is shaded
and the multiplayeris shaded in the join game button.
Also custom games arnt loading there just "..." and I cant join them :S

My internet works fine.
The game functions a little bit differently than the normal interwebs, how are you connecting to the internet? If you are going through a Wi-Fi or a Cellular Network (3G/4G), I would suggest connecting through the Ethernet cable directly hooked up to your modem by-passing the router.

Are you on a school home or work network?

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If you can't find it here, contact a rep direct :http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/contact.html
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I am having the same problem.

Was playing SC2 fine on my laptop just yesterday. Upgraded to anew iMac today, have it all set up, and Downloaded + Installed SC2...

When I log into my account in game however I can not select Single player, and no multiplayer games.

Also, when ever I try and hit "Exit Game" it auto freezes and the game crashes. HELP!?
Try running a repair located in the /Applications/Starcraft II/Support folder. That helps out a lot.

If that doesn't help, it may be your Battle.net Cache. Try deleting that to see if it helps.

Let's try clearing your Battle.net Cache.

1. Navigate to Mac HD/Users/Shared/Blizzard/
2. Move the Battle.net folder to the trash.
3. Empty the Trash.
4. Launch Starcraft II

What this will do will delete all your downloaded maps and Cache. Now the maps will still show up in your recently played list, however, the green checkmark icon will now change to the download required icon. Let me know if this helps.
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Running the repair tool AND clearing the cache fixed the above issue for me on my iMac. Thanks!
now my Starcraft on Mac doesnt have any Support folder:( I did try to reinstalled but i cant play Ladder Games. Can you help me??
The repair tool is integrated into the game itself now.

Can you try this and see if it helps?

Clearing your Battle.net Cache
    1. Navigate to Mac HD/Users/Shared/Blizzard/
    2. Move the Battle.net folder to the trash.
    3. Empty the Trash.

Repairing StarCraft II
    1. Navigate to /Applications/StarCraft II/Battle.net
    2. Delete the Battle.net.MPQ file
    3. Launch StarCraft II

This will force the game to see it is missing data and self repair.

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